Treasure quest value list

Welcome to the Treasure Quest Value List, your go-to resource for assessing the worth of treasures, artifacts, and loot in the game. Whether you’re delving into dungeons or scouring hidden locations, use this list to gauge the value of your discoveries and optimize your treasure-hunting strategies

Hunting treasure is an exciting element that crazy players never want to miss. One of the hyped games of Roblox, Treasure Quest, promises something similar. The game Treasure Quest offers a whole world of weapons and armor to collect.

Completing quests becomes one step more exciting in this game as the players loot treasure along with battling monsters and dealing with complex challenges. But when players decide to trade items in the game, they need a guide to have an idea about the values. This article will be all about the treasure quest item values.

Value List:

  • Caprice Ears — Value: 330 Ultimates
  • Yolk Caster — Value: 300 Ultimates
  • Dyed Egg Cas — Value: 270 Ultimates
  • Doomsekkar — Value: 250 Ultimates
  • Spookyrie — Value: 150 Ultimates
  • White Sparkle Time — Value: NA
  • Ghosdeeri — Value: 100 Ultimates
  • Warlock  Value: 90 Ultimates
  • Dark Pumpkin Staff — Value: 85 Ultimates
  • Light Pumpkin Staff — Value: 80 Ultimates
  • Monstruosus — Value: 55 Ultimates
  • Toxic Pumpkin Staff — Value: 60 Ultimates
  • Eggbeater — Value: 70 Ultimates
  • Candy Corn Chainsword — Value: 45 Ultimates
  • Eerie Saber — Value: 40 Ultimates

Are The Values Accurate?

The values are accurate and true, but the players need to note that they should check the most recent value before making any trade. The values are unpredictable due to various factors, including game updates, events, demand, etc.

The players are requested to check and confirm the current price of any item. Crossing-checking various sites will provide you with clarity. At the same time, you will get an idea about the upcoming trend of this value.

What Is The Most Valuable Item?

The most valuable items belong to the categories of ultimate weapons. It is believed to be the most powerful and rarest weapon in the Treasure Quest. Trading is no doubt the best option to have these items quickly, but players can collect them by crafting them, raiding dungeons, or completing quests.

Apart from these, there are many categories of items available in the game. The major categories of items include weapons, armor, bundles, and crafting items. Always stay updated about events and try to predict future value. If Christmas is about to arrive, then all the products associated with Christmas themes will increase in demand in the future.

How To Win Trades In Treasure Quest?

The chances of winning trade will increase if your inventory is strong. What you are collecting and how you choose to regulate them become very important.

Always check your inventory, if your collection includes permas (permanent) these items are available in abundant amounts. So, always try not to collect these items, or if you already have them, try to trade these items as soon as possible. The limited items are more valuable than permas, make sure you have a good collection of limited items.

Demand is a factor one should consider while making any trade. A high-demand item has a higher chance of successfully being traded than a low-value item. You can check the demand and value list of a particular item.

Make sure you are not collecting any low-value items from a player while trading, even at a low price. A less valuable item can be less valuable with time, so you can’t even recover your money by selling that product.