When Does The Traveling Merchant Come In Pet Simulator X?

Traveler merchant in the pet simulator X is a faceless mobile vendor who travels to places to sell various pets to the players. It is a mini shop that has a variety of pets. Usually, the traveling merchant spawns in the shop and is way more expensive than the mystery merchant. Every time this vendor appears, he has three rare pets to sell, ranging from five million to seventy million diamonds. In rare cases, the merchant also brings rare pets like rainbow pets other than common ones.

The merchant usually sells pets according to the update of the game and the levels of the players in the game. He sells a good selection of pets ranging in rarity from Epic to Mythical. He also sells pets from a variety of the most recent eggs.

If the players require some items and have the diamonds, they can use them to get the items from other players without even changing the egg rates or uncertain trades.

Sometimes, the traveler merchant has an inadequate number of pets, so it usually works on a first-come, first-serve criterion.

What time does the traveling merchant spawn?

When the traveling merchant arrives, a chat message on the server appears saying, Traveling Merchant has arrived, and he stays for 10 minutes before leaving. A chat message stating Traveling Merchant has departed will appear on the screen. The Traveling Merchant offers three different pets in Normal, Golden, and Rainbow variations. These pets are always better or equal to their egg-hatched counterparts.


Every 50 minutes, the Pet Simulator X Traveling Merchant may spawn. The traveling merchant can appear from around 20 to 50 mins approximately. It is most likely that the merchant arrives past 50 minutes for every hour. However, it is entirely random according to each server of the players.


Rather than waiting for it, it is suggested that you simply play the game as usual and hope that the Traveling Merchant notice appears as you collect coins and hatch eggs.

He only stays for ten minutes after receiving the notice, so you won’t have a long time to teleport over to the Traveling Merchant spawn location to complete your trades before they vanish for at least fifty minutes.

It is safe to assume the Traveling Merchant appears at XX:50, remains until the hour’s turn, and then reappears at 50 minutes past the next hour if you’re lucky.

The Traveling Merchant gives you the advantage of selling pets that you would otherwise only be able to hatch from their respective eggs, avoiding the gacha element of obtaining them. The catch is that they are sold for Diamonds rather than the coins used to hatch their respective eggs, which means you must farm for Diamonds rather than the coins used to hatch their respective eggs.

Experienced players can get several uncommon pets without paying for pricey egg hatches by finding the traveling merchant. These are all the needed information about the arrival of the traveling merchant.