What Is Arctic Reindeer Worth?

The Arctic Reindeer is an exclusive legendary pet that was introduced to Adopt Me! as part of the 2019 Christmas Event on December 14th. It has a pure white body, four legs, two ears with gray insides, and two beige antlers on its head. Its eyes are black and beady, and it also has a brown nose and a gray tail at its back.

On the same surfaces as the Neo Arctic Reindeer, the Mega Neon variation alternates between every colour of the rainbow, making it shine. The Neon variant glows bright white, highlighting its feet, antlers, tail, and nose, which results in the pet glowing completely white except for its eyes and antlers. All these features make this pet special and exclusive.

Trick And Stages

Adopt Me! offers an exciting way to nurture your virtual pet – the Arctic Reindeer. During its growth, the Reindeer will learn interesting tricks that can show off and entertain your friends. Let’s take a look at the tricks it learns along the way. As a newborn, the Arctic Reindeer starts with Sit – a simple trick that is easy to master.

As it grows into Junior status, it can lay down as well. Pre-Teen brings Joy – an excited leap of joy that puts a smile on everyone’s face. When it reaches the Teen stage, you’ll have your own personal jumper in Bounce mode! Post-Teen brings Trick 1, and Full Grown unlocks Trick 2. These tricks are a surprise and a great way to show off the skills of your beloved Arctic Reindeer!

How To Obtain A Arctic Reindeer?

If you are looking to get your hands on an Arctic Reindeer, there is only one way- trading or hatching a Christmas Egg. The Arctic Reindeer was added to Adopt Me! as part of their 2019 special Christmas Event, and it is now no longer available from the game itself. This makes it incredibly difficult to obtain without some help from other players or trying your luck with a Christmas Egg. When hatching a Christmas Egg, the chances of getting an Arctic Reindeer are 1.5%.

The Arctic Reindeer has similarities with the Albino Monkey since both pets share similar colors- white with brown accents- but that’s where the similarities stop; while the Albino Monkey has a neon body, the Arctic Reindeer only has a few areas that glow. If you are looking to add this limited legendary pet to your collection, you will need either luck or patience to get it!