What Is A Shadow Dragon Worth?

The Shadow Dragon is an extremely rare mythical creature found in the Adopt Me game. When the Halloween Event (2019) commenced, it could be found in the Candy Trading Shop or Shop Menu, where players could purchase it for 1,000. It has a gaunt and skeletal appearance with dark coloration and gives off glowing particle effects from its partially exposed rib cage.

It has signature features, including horns on its head, an arched snout, blazing lavender eyes, a long tongue, and wide wings, as well as visible spines and ribs protruding out of its body. This dragon can only be seen at night, and while not in motion, it sits humbly on the ground.

Players who managed to get their hands on this legendary pet during the event will be forever grateful for the chance to own this unique and visually stunning creature.

Stages And Tricks

The mysterious Shadow Dragon is an incredibly rare pet in Roblox Adopt Me, and players have been searching for it since its initial release. It has a unique set of tricks and stages that change as it grows. For those who are lucky enough to find this elusive pet, here’s what they can expect:

When first obtained, the Shadow Dragon is in its newborn stage. At this point, the only trick it knows is ‘sit.’ As it continues to grow, more tricks will be unlocked, such as ‘lay down’ at the Junior level and ‘joy’ at the Pre-Teen stage. At the Teen level, players will witness their dragon leaping into the air with a ‘jump,’ followed by an impressive dive maneuver at the Post-Teen stage. Finally, at full grown, Shadow Dragon owners can witness its signature move – ‘Shadow Breath.’

Unfortunately, unless Roblox Adopt Me, developers plan a special event for Halloween or other major events, finding a newborn Shadow Dragon in the game will be extremely difficult. However, players may still have luck trading with others to obtain a pet in its teenage or older stages. Be sure to stay updated on any news from Roblox Adopt Me to find out if this rare pet will make an appearance.

How To Obtain A Shadow Dragon?

Obtaining a Shadow Dragon in Roblox Adopt Me is no easy feat. The pet, which was initially available as a Developer Product, is now only obtainable through trade with other players. Until August 2021, keen Roblox Adopt Me fans could purchase it for 1,000 Robux from either the Candy Trading Shop near the Graveyard or from the Gamepass Menu.

However, since this event has ended, spending Robux on this pet is no longer an option. Despite that, many fans are still holding onto hope that the Shadow Dragon will make its return during a 2021 Halloween Event – but until then, they’ll have to part ways with some of their most valuable in-game pets if they want to get their hands on it. Obtaining a Shadow Dragon is definitely not for the faint of heart, but with enough determination and luck, it’s possible to get this coveted pet.