What Is A Kangaroo Worth In Adopt Me

The Kangaroo is a limited legendary pet that was added to Adopt Me! on February 29, 2020. It is mostly brown, with a light beige underbelly hosting a pouch from which its joey appears when the second trick is unlocked. Its ears are also brown with tan interiors, while its eyes and nose are black. However, what sets it apart from other animals in appearance is its eyebrows which have a slightly darker shade of brown than the rest of its body. Players who unlock this pet will surely find it extremely useful both as an adorable companion and a helpful pet.  So don’t miss out on unlocking this little animal.

Stages And Trick

The Kangaroo, an adorable pet in the game Adopt Me!, starts its journey as a newborn and gradually learns tricks. When it is born, it can only Sit. As it grows into a Junior, it Lay Down and as a Pre-Teen it learns to Jump. Once it enters Teenage years, it masters the trick of Begging. Post-teenage brings Trick 1 while full-grown stage grants Trick 2.

When made Neon, the Kangaroo’s ears, nose, tail, and feet glow with pastel yellow color making it look even cuter! Taking this glow one notch higher is Mega Neon Appearance where its body parts cycle between pastel purple, pink, blue lavender and white adding an extra zing of cuteness to the pet.

No wonder the Kangaroo has been a popular choice among players of Adopt Me! as it just gets better and better with age. Its unique skills, vibrant colors and cuddly looks make it an irresistible pet.

How To Obtain A Kangaroo?

Obtaining a Kangaroo in Adopt Me! is only possible through trading or hatching one of the limited Aussie Eggs. Players must be lucky to hatch this rare pet, as the chances are slim with only a 3% chance of hatching a legendary pet from the Aussie Egg and an even lower 1.5% chance of obtaining a Kangaroo.

The most reliable way to obtain a Kangaroo is by trading with other players who have it in their inventory. Asking around in the game’s chat forums and groups will help you find someone looking to trade for your item or currency. However, caution should be taken when trading and make sure that you read all terms before agreeing to any deals.


Q. Is the Kangaroo a rare pet in Adopt Me?

A. Yes, the Kangaroo is considered a limited-time legendary pet and is one of the rarest pets to obtain in Adopt Me!

Q. Where can I find an Aussie Egg?

A. Aussie Eggs can be found through features such as the Cracked Egg, Pet Egg, and Royal Egg. You can also find them through events, giveaways or trading with other players.

Q. What are the chances of hatching a Kangaroo from an Aussie Egg?

A. The chances of hatching a Kangaroo from an Aussie Egg is very low, with only a 1.5% chance of obtaining one.

Q. What tricks can the Kangaroo do?

A. The Kangaroo can do 4 tricks, which are Sit, Lay Down, Jump and Begging. When made Neon, the Kangaroo can also perform Trick 1 and Trick 2.