What Is A Frost Dragon Worth?

The Frost Dragon is an iconic limited legendary pet from Adopt Me! released on December 20, 2019, as part of the Christmas Update. This majestic dragon has icy blue scales, pastel-blue neon eyes, and a bright light-blue smoke particle effect coming out of its mouth. Its horns are shaped like those of a ram’s, while its back is lined with spikes that stand taller than those found on the Shadow Dragon. The wings remain unchanged except for the color, which adds to its beautiful appearance. It also features sharp teeth and a forked tongue rounding up this unique creature’s looks. All these features make the Frost Dragon one of the most desired pets in Adopt Me! today.

The 2019 Christmas Event began on December 14, a few days before the Frost Dragon was released. This makes it among the most in-demand pets at this occasion and even now. Its rarity and unique features make it an attractive addition to any player’s collection. So if you are looking for a majestic pet that will bring life to your game, then the Frost Dragon is definitely the pet for you!

How To Obtain A Frost Dragon?

If obtaining a Frost Dragon is something you’re interested in, trading has been the only way to do this since January 2020. This majestic pet can be difficult to acquire and usually requires you to part with some of your rarest pets in exchange for it.

Before January 2020, a unique method was available that allowed players to purchase the Frost Dragon in the Christmas Event of 2019 by spending 1,000 Robux in-game. There were no special tasks or quests you had to undertake – all that was required was some cash (or saved-up Robux), and you could have your own Frost Dragon!

For those of us who missed out on the opportunity due to lack of funds or time at that moment, trading is the only way to get a Frost Dragon. However, this method still remains one of the most reliable and sought-after ways to acquire this rare pet. So move quickly and get your Frost Dragon before someone else does.

Trying to Find Trades? (Why and How?)

Looking to add a Frost Dragon to your Adopt Me collection? Unfortunately, the Frost Dragon is no longer available from the game’s official store. That means you’ll have to look for trades in order to acquire one of these rare, powerful pets. To increase your chances of success when it comes time to trade, be sure to offer something of equal value.

Golden Griffin, Unicorn, Dragon, and Ladybug all make great additions to a worthwhile trade proposal. Other rare animals such as Cobra, T-Rex, and Sharks may also draw interest if combined with other valuable pets. As an alternative version of the Shadow Dragon, the Frost Dragon appears similar in shape and size yet holds its own unique power, making it a highly sought-after companion indeed.

With a little bit of creative trading, you’ll be ready to embrace this majestic pet in no time at all!