What Does Xd Mean In Roblox?

Roblox is a popular multiplayer game played by players all over the world. In the Roblox world, there are various short forms used by its players to communicate with each other. These short forms are nothing but slang or short language to express their feelings and communicate quickly. Likewise, XD is also a short form, which gives the meaning of laughter, and it can be used in many circumstances in the game.

All the short forms used by the players are invented by themselves to communicate quickly rather than typing everything and wasting time, which can be time-consuming for the readers.

To know more about XD, surf this article and learn when to use the XD short form in Roblox games.

What Does Xd Mean?

XD is anticipated by all the Roblox players, which means laughing out loud and portrays happiness as an expression of the gamers. The XD is an emoticon that comprises the alphabets X and D, where X means the eyes of the smiley emoji being crumpled up and D means laughing. There is also an exciting element, where the small letter cases, x, and d, when used, meaning that the laugh is intense with scrunched eyes and a tongue-out reaction is given. If the alphabets are used in uppercase letters, the eyes of the emoji are crunched, and the mouth is open wide.

SOURCE: Edward Beach

Usage of XD in Roblox:

This emoji is used sarcastically by players, as mentioned above. Laughing out loud with scrunched eyes, the short form xd is used. Either smaller xd or uppercase XD can be used according to the players’ preference. The players can use xd or XD in the game chat to irritate their enemies or other players by laughing or showing the enemies their happiness when killing them without getting caught in the game.

If the Roblox players and/or their teammates are killed entirely by the enemies, they will likely receive xd from them as their expression of happiness to irritate you. These emoji short forms or slang can be used completely in Roblox personal chats or group chats but cannot be used in any other social media platforms representing Roblox, as Roblox will not convert them into an emoji.

SOURCE: Edward Beach

The impressiveness of Xd in Roblox:

The only purpose of using slang words or short forms on the Roblox platform is that the players can communicate easily and quickly, especially when they have to communicate while playing games. In the same way, these words or abbreviations can be used instead of expressing the whole feel of the players by typing or writing in the chat.

These slang words, xd or XD, can either be used in the middle of the sentences or at the end of the conversation, according to the players’ preference. The XD or xd can also be used separately just to express laughter. This makes it easily understandable for players what manner the opponent is typing.