Roblox Unboxing Simulator Codes (October 2022)

Unboxing simulator codes are a great way to enhance your gameplay experience in this exciting game. Unboxing simulator is all about finding new boxes, unlocking new areas and finding rare hats. You can also hatch eggs in this game and amass a powerful army of pets that can help you become the best in the game. So the codes are pretty much a great bonus to have when you’re looking to play the game a lot.

Unboxing Simulator Codes

There are several Unboxing Simulator Codes that give extra coins. The general rule of thumb is that you have to multiply your damage with 12 to know how many coins you’ll get. For example, if your damage is 3 then putting in a single code will get you 36 coins. It is a great way to get extra coins without doing much and if you have higher damage, the codes will give you a lot more coins. Overall, the free coin codes for Unboxing Simulator are working but they can expire anytime so make sure you use them straight away.

Code Reward Status Release
ETHEREAL2 hours of +25% Hatch Speedworking10/01/2022
Update82hour of +100% Damageworking10/01/2022
JULY4TH2022+25% Hatch Speed Boostworking10/01/2022
Update81hour of +100% Damageworking10/01/2022
UPDATE3RELEASE24 hours of +100% Damageworking10/01/2022
3Years24 hours of +90% Hatch Speedworking10/01/2022
2022Anniversary24 hours of +100% Hat Dropworking10/01/2022
Zombie&dvboost+50% Damage for 20 Minutesworking10/01/2022
NinjaRobzi +50% Damage for 20 Minutesworking10/01/2022
Ashl3yD4S+50% Damage for 20 Minutesworking10/01/2022
MasterLuka+50% Damage for 20 Minutesworking10/01/2022
TGSquad +50% Damage for 20 Minutesworking10/01/2022
UnicornSophia +50% Damage for 20 Minutesworking10/01/2022
JeffBlox20 minutes of +50% Damageworking10/01/2022
Sub2MarcosDrumom20 minutes of +50% Damageworking10/01/2022
Sub2RandemGamor20 minutes of +50% Damageworking10/01/2022
MissingMind20 minutes of +50% Damageworking10/01/2022
iBugOu20 minutes of +100% Hat Dropsworking10/01/2022
VeyaramaoBiano20 minutes of +15% Hatch Speedworking10/01/2022
StatickBetero20 minutes of +15% Hatch Speedworking10/01/2022
EGGHUNT2022+100% Attack Damage for 24 hoursworking10/01/2022
LOCKEDCRATES+100% Attack Speed working10/01/2022
UPDATE83+25% Hatch Speedworking10/01/2022
900KFAVORITESr Coins, 1 Common Crate, and 5 Ticketsr Coins, 1 Common Crate, and 5 Ticketsworking10/01/2022

Unboxing Simulator Codes (Expired):-

  • Metaverse – Redeem code for a damage boost
  • 2years – Redeem code for a boost
  • AnniversaryPet – Redeem code for a reward
  • 200M – Redeem code for a 200 minute 200% Event Boost
  • Easter2021 – Redeem code for a 24-hour damage boost
  • PumpkinSmasher – Redeem code for a 1 hour 100% damage boost
  • 200K – Redeem for a Egg boost for 20 Minutes
  • Abilities – Redeem for a Hat boost for 1 Hour

There is a very complicated method of knowing how much gems you will get with these codes. There is even a complex formula to calculate the gems but in all honesty, we recommend that you just enter the codes and get whatever gems you get. Usually, each code will get you 15 to 10 times the number of areas you’ve unlocked. Don’t worry, these codes will net you a lot of gems.