Todoroblox Complete Review

What Is Todoroblox?

TodoRoblox is the most popular UNOFFICIAL Roblox video game community. Join their page to get the best tips, cheats, and guides for our favorite game. Todoroblox is a community where the players of Roblox get together here to discuss, explain and play together. Todoroblox has the best guides on how to download Roblox for PC, how to sew clothes in Roblox, and the best Roblox reviews and curiosities, for example, this Minecraft vs. Roblox promo codes, orders, and comparison.


Todoroblox provides guides to Roblox players on a variety of necessary topics. All the guides are demonstrated to be easily understandable for the players with pictures and examples.

Some of the Guides you can see in Todoroblox are listed below:

  • Roblox code list
  • How to get a free robux?
  • How to earn money in Mad City?
  • How to recover your Roblox account?
  • How to uninstall Roblox?
  • How to prevent getting banned?
  • How to create a Roblox game?

How To Get Free Robux?

Todoroblox has a dedicated section on how to get free robux!

They have a few sections under this to earn robux. They are;

  • Safe ways to earn robux on Roblox.
  • Best apps to earn robux.
  • Best games to win free robux.
  • Gamehag to win free robux rewards.

Some Of The Safe Ways Suggested By Todoroblox

Sell items:

You must be a Roblox Premium subscriber to sell items. Then you can sell and make some items.

Sell Gamepasses:

Game passes are special tickets that provide superior skills and advantages to players in a given game. For example, it can be stronger, faster, and more resistant. When you create your first video game, you can buy a Game Pass and resell it for the price you want. You will get a 70% profit if you belong to Roblox Premium. Otherwise, you will earn 10% only.

Sell Game access:

Access to the game is linked to the previous section. These are tickets that entitle the user to a game. In short, you have to pay to play. Here it is important that the game is good; otherwise, the winnings will be insignificant. You can set the price of Game Access between 25 and 1000 Robux.

Promo codes:

These promo codes give Robux, and all you have to do is enter the codes wherever needed and Redeem them. The problem is that they don’t appear often, but taking advantage of them is not bad. Receiving gifts is always good.


Gamehag’s page is one that is enjoyed by Todoroblox. You have a lot of fun winning Soul Gems, and it is completely safe. After that, you can convert them into Google Play Cards. Up to $15.

You have these options to win gems:

  • Play video games and minigames.
  • create essays, submit YouTube videos, chat about gamehack, finish missions, invite friends, and take surveys.
  • Get applications
  • Get the GameHag app.
  • turn on your emails
  • discussion forums
  • post material on Facebook

App To Earn Free Robux

There are several approaches to free Robux. Even so, you will need to put in some effort to acquire even little sums of this priceless currency.

Some smartphone apps offer rewards for putting in countless hours performing specific tasks. Even though you may find it to be incredibly engaging, you will eventually realize that it is not worthwhile.

Google opinion rewards:

Survey completion is frequently a difficult process. However, things are alright if the prize is 50 Robux. The only issue is that it takes Google a long time to reload the survey system, so one might have to wait a while.

You receive a deposit of Google’s earnings, which you may use to purchase Robux on Google Play. Thanks to Google Opinion, get free Robux here!

With all these alternatives, income is quick. You will still need to spend hundreds of Robux even after working hard on the platform for a week.

App karma:

The App Karma app is another option to use smartphone applications to receive Robux for free. To obtain a Rixty Card, you must swap 9500 Karma points in it (like in Cash For Apps). Once you redeem this card, you will receive 1000 Robux to use in Roblox. You must complete surveys in this application to get Karma points. Applications for testing and other features are in the same vein as the prior application.

Roblox Name Generator Of Todoroblox:

Your name, which no one else has in Roblox, is what makes you unique. Because of this, Todoroblox designed a Roblox name generator that offers several alternatives in an effort to assist you (super useful for those who have no imagination).

It is simple to use; all you need to do is enter the name you want to change in the box and select “Generate.” The generator will generate versions of it automatically and display a list for you to copy and paste into Roblox.

Some Username Restrictions:

The following cannot be included in the names:

  • improper language
  • spaces
  • names of other users
  • names less than three characters
  • Symbols
  • Underscore at the beginning or end


The Todoroblox has a complete guide on commands like what commands are, how to use them, a list of commands, and more.

The character can carry out an action, typically an emote, using the commands in Roblox, which are brief codes. These instructions are listed in the chat.

  • You must first open the chat in Roblox before you can use the commands. You can do this by pressing “Shift” + “/” on the keyboard or by clicking the messages symbol in the top left corner.
  • The preceding key combination must then be used to enter a “/.” Then, you can type “/?” or “/help” to request assistance. If you want to use an emoticon, you must type “/and,” leave a space, and then type the emoticon’s name.

It’s vital to remember that you can use emotes instead of orders. A rag doll may be seen in the top left corner. You may view the emotes you’ve previously equipped by clicking the symbol.

Using commands has the benefit that you can use them all without wearing any equipment. Although it seems difficult, you will realize it is easy with practice.

These are all you need to know about Todoroblox.