Rolimons Complete Review

What Are Rolimons?

Rolimons is a community-driven source of trustworthy prices, information, and updates for Roblox restricted products, as well as valuable trade advice. Rolimons was created as a Roblox fan site to make learning about Roblox limited-edition items easier and get more information when trading.

Item data collection:

Standard item data (RAP, Best Price, Seller, Favorites) is updated every 30 minutes. Data points for the most recent 2 weeks are displayed 30 minutes apart, and older data points are shown 8 hours apart.

RAP data may be several minutes slower than other standards

data items because it is recorded separately. This is sometimes especially noticeable when a new limited edition is released or when an item is rarely sold out.

Extended item data (owner, clone, treasure) is updated approximately every 24 hours, and all data points are displayed.

Accuracy of data:

A lot of effort & time has gone into ensuring that item data

is collected as accurately as possible. Sometimes data cannot be collected correctly due to various reasons, so in these cases, no data is collected, and there is a gap in the graph because there is no data left. Then have incorrect data.

If anyone finds an issue with an item’s data on the site, you can contact the owner through the website.

New limited edition:

New limits are automatically added to this site every half hour. For example, if an article is published at 5:10 pm, it will be added to the site as soon as 5:30 pm.

It normally takes several hours for the extended data (ownership, copies, hoarding) to show up for new limited editions because it is only updated every 24 hours.


The treasure table on each item page will not show small treasures if the item has a very large number of treasures (for performance reasons).


Our leak feature was developed in collaboration between Rolimon and Kurookku. Kurookku provides actual item data for leaks and helps us in the development phase.

Limited release date:-

When a new limited item is “released” (a new limited U offered by Roblox or an existing catalog item becomes limited), this website automatically captures the release date.

Data stored on the Internet:-

To display as much article history as possible, data was also collected from Roblox article history websites collected by The Internet Archive. There are often big gaps in this data because not all article pages are persistently stored, so

history seems to be lost in known incidents.

Known issues:-

On October 2, 2019, Roblox disabled an API our website was used, which caused the RAP of all items to disappear for about four hours. This resulted in over 300 tables of player profiles with no RAP for that day.

These data points will eventually be removed.


As a Roblox fan site, Rolimon strives to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations as well as the Roblox Terms of Use.

Popular Features of Rolimons:


Using filtering and sorting, browse things with thumbnail photos, and focus your search on this feature.

Check your item inventory, value, and other statistics, or use our player history chart to keep track of your advancement in this feature.


Use Rolimon’s game analytics to find comprehensive Roblox game statistics in this feature.


For Roblox groups, membership graphs and other statistics are included in this feature.

Trade ads

Use trade advertising to identify active sellers of the products you’re looking for quickly in this feature.


View forthcoming Roblox products before they go live in this feature.


Discover fantastic savings on Roblox limited products in this feature.


Watch live deals and get useful pricing information in this feature.

Trade Calculator

Easily calculate the value and RAP of every Roblox deal using this feature.

Value changes

See recent alterations in Value, Demand, Trend, and other factors in this feature.

Market activity

Live sales of limited-edition products in this feature.

Item table

In a single, personalized table, compare the specifics and statistics for each limited edition item in this feature.

Is Rolimons Real Or A Scam?

According to, Rolimons has existed for 4 years and 11 months. It is currently ranked #23,756 globally in terms of traffic. It is a domain that ends This website has an estimated worth of $ 751,680.00 and makes about $ 1,044.00 every day. is SAFE to visit as no recently active threats have been reported by users.

Security Alert

Recently, the number of fake Rolimon websites and other scams attempting to compromise Roblox accounts has increased significantly. Read the following list of the common security risks your users face, and always be aware of the security of your Roblox account.

Rolimon Item Checker Scam

Many fake Rolimon websites claim to have an “item checker” or “poison checker” to check if a Roblox item has been stolen. These are all fake Lorimon websites! There is no item status checker. Probably not. These websites don’t really work, and using them can lead to the theft of your Roblox account.

Browser Extensions

Rolimons does not provide browser extensions. We also do not recommend any of them. Extensions that use Rolimon values ​​or data are not affiliated with us. Be aware that malicious extensions or extensions with security holes can steal your Roblox account.

Fake Rolimons Website

Their only website is Other websites that claim to belong to Rolimons or are affiliated with Rolimons are fake. These websites are probably malicious. Using them can lead to the theft of your Roblox account.

Fake Rolimon Discord Server

There are fake “Rolimon’s Support” servers and other types, usually designed to deceive unsuspecting users. There are only

three official Rolimon Discord servers, each listed below, so don’t join the other servers.

Rolimons Social Media 

The only social media accounts they’ve are the ones that are mentioned on their official website. Everyone else who claims to be us is wrong.

These are everything you need to know about Rolimons. Have a safe gaming experience!