Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure Codes (May 2024)

Some of the most used codes in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure are given below for you to redeem and will all freebies:-

Your Bizarre Adventure Codes (Expired):-

  • ily¬†– Redeem for a free reward (Prestige must be 3+)
  • OMG700KLIKES¬†– Redeem for a free reward (Prestige must be 3+)
  • 600kLikesFTW¬†– Redeem for Redeemed Pure Rokakaka, Redeemed Ribcage, Redeemed Heart (Prestige must be 3+)
  • 200kLikesBruh¬†– Redeem for 4 Redeemed Rokakaka, 4 Arrows
  • 100kSubsLesGOO¬†– Redeem code for Requiem Arrow and Rokakaka
  • YES150kSubs¬†– Redeem code for Rib Cage and Left Arm
  • LUCKY_420k_LIKES– Redeem code for Lucky Arrow
  • 80kSubTHX!¬†– Redeem code for 4 Rokakaka and 4 Mysterious Arrow
  • ThanksFor50k+Subs!!!¬†– Redeem for Requiem Arrow, Redeemed Rokakaka, and Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Require 3+ Prestige]
  • 344k_Likes¬†– Redeem code for Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrow [Expires May 28]
  • ThxFor30kSubs¬†‚Äď Redeem code for Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrows¬†[Requires 3+ Prestige]
  • 325k_LIKES_DUB¬†– Redeem code for Lucky Arrow [Expires May 23]
  • SubToUzuForMoreCodes!!¬†– Redeem code for 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, 2 Redeemed Mysterious Arrow¬†[Prestige 3+ Required]
  • 262kStand¬†– Redeem code for a reward¬†[Prestige 3+ Required]¬†
  • Yay251k¬†– Redeem code for 2 Pure Rokakaka, 3 Rokakaka¬†[Prestige 3+ Required]¬†
  • Yay242k¬†– Redeem code for Ribcage of the Saints Corpse, 2 Rokakaka, 3 Mysterious Arrow¬†[Prestige 3+ Required]¬†
  • Yay237k¬†– Redeem this code for 2 Redeemed Ribcage of Saints Corpse, 2 Redeemed Rokakaka, and Redeemed Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige +3]
  • EXP4¬†– Redeem code for 2x EXP for 25 minutes
  • Le225kDub¬†– Redeem code for Pure Rokakaka, Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Rokakaka, Mysterious Arrow [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • EXP3¬†– Redeem code for 2x EXP for 25 minutes
  • sryForLeShutdownz¬†– Redeem code for 5 Redeemed Rokakakas, 5 Redeemed Mysterious Arrows [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • SorryForShutdowns¬†– Redeem code for reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • EXP2¬†– Redeem code for x2 EXP for 25 minutesThxVeryDelicious¬†– Redeem code for reward [Requires Prestige 3+]
  • ThxFor200k¬†– Redeem code for Pure Roka, Roka, and Arrow [Requires Prestige 3]
  • EXP1¬†– Redeem code for EXP
  • ThxFor188k¬†– Redeem code for Roka, Arrows, and 2x EXP Boost
  • GIMMETUSK¬†– Redeem code for Ribcage of The Saints Corpse, Redeemed Pelvis of The Saints Corpse
  • ThxFor185k¬†– Redeem code for Pure Roka, 3 Redeemed Arrows, and 2X EXP Boost [Must be Prestige +1]
  • GiveMeSixPistols¬†– Redeem code for a reward
  • Nostalgic¬†– Redeem code for a reward [Must be Prestige 1+]
  • Test¬†– Redeem code for a free reward [Must be Prestige 1+ or Level 10+]
  • Star Code Infernasu¬†– Redeem code for Rokakaka, Arrow, and 20 minutes of x2 EXP [Must be Prestige 1+]
  • THIS UPDATE WAS MADE IN HEAVEN¬†– Redeem code for Pure Rakakaka and Arrow [Must be Prestige 1+]
  • YummersOneMillionLikes‚ÄĒRedeem for free rewards
  • this code makes me soft and wet‚ÄĒRedeem for a Lucky Arrow

Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure is an RPG-themed game. It’s a game inspired by anime games like One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto. Here the player goes on an adventure, along with their game mates, and fights against other groups. This is a multiplayer game where the gamer learns various spiritual abilities and qualities, named “STANDS.” These spiritual abilities help the player fight against the tough gangs on the street.

This game is about fighting the other group of players with your powers. One can buy or gain the STANDS with the codes and move forward to higher levels in the game. Moving forward in the game, the gamer needs to collect various items and increase the character’s level to win.

SOURCE: SeerRblx

When the player begins with the game initially, there are no stands or unique abilities. The character, by default, has some fighting moves like kicks and punches. After having control over the moves, the player can move towards quests. At the beginning of the quest, it is instructed to kill three security guards, indicating the onset of the game. With the completion of each quest, the player gets some skill points that are supposed to be added to the skill tree, increasing the gamer’s level. Two skill points are provided per level.

Moving forward with each level, the gamer will receive a stand arrow after each quest.

To gain various stands and spiritual abilities, free codes can be used. Numerous codes will help you achieve different benefits in the game.

Benefits of Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure Codes?

In Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure, you start with no abilities and power. You will have to update them. But that is a very long process. Codes provided by the developers allow you to upgrade yourself easily. By redeeming these codes, you can boost yourself, increase your spiritual abilities to defeat and win, and get arrows and different types of equipment to succeed in this game.

How to Redeem Roblox Your Bizzare Adventure Codes?

The benefits of codes in Roblox Your Bizarre Adventure can be utilized if you know the procedure to redeem it. Are you confused about how to reclaim the codes? Want to know the processes of applying?

SOURCE: SeerRblx

To get the rewards you deserve by applying the codes, here are the steps which you can follow:- 

  • Log in to your Roblox account and open the Your Bizarre Adventure.
  • Click the menu button placed at the right bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the setting icon from the hoped menu.
  • Write the code in the box
  • Click on redeem
  • Enjoy your free prizes.

SOURCE: SeerRblx

Want to get a new series of codes? How to stay updated with the codes? You can follow the game makers in tweeters account @KeeUzu, where the developers provide codes frequently. You can also find codes in their official discord and youtube channel. Stay updated with the recent codes, get the freebies and make your gameplay easy and satisfying.