Roblox Weight Lifting Simulator Codes (May 2024)

Weight Lifting Working Simulator Codes

Here’s a look at all the working Weight Lifting Simulator codes.

Code Reward Status Release
640triceps650 Strength, Gems, and Buffsworking10/05/2023
cordexclusiveStrength, Gems, and Buffsworking10/05/2023

Weight Lifting Simulator Codes (Expired)

These Weight Lifting Simulator codes no longer work.

  • 620muscles—Redeem for Strength and Gems
  • fitness600—Redeem for Strength and Gems
  • lift580—Redeem for Strength and Gems
  • 560muscles—Redeem for 500 Strength and 190 Gems
  • 540triceps—Redeem for 650 Strength and 200 Gems
  • 520lifting—Redeem for 500 Strength and 190 Gems
  • 470work—Redeem for 500 Strength and 190 Gems
  • 460biceps—Redeem for 650 Strength and 200 Gems
  • 440kbuilder—Redeem for 700 Strength and 100 Gems
  • 430kg—Redeem for 650 Strength and 200 Gems
  • scorpy998—Redeem for a Psychic Scorpion Pet
  • 360kbuilder—Redeem for 700 Strength and 100 Gems
  • strength350—Redeem for 300 Strength and 140 Gems
  • build340—Redeem for 700 Strength and 100 Gems
  • 330kweights—Redeem for 650 Strength and 200 Gems
  • 320kbuff—Redeem for 500 Strength and 190 Gems
  • lifting310—Redeem for 300 Strength and 140 Gems
  • build300—Redeem for 700 Strength and 100 Gems
  • mrbufflifts—Redeem code to unlock Mr. Buff Pet
  • 270kweights—Redeem for 50 Strength and 120 Gems
  • 260kbuff—Redeem for 300 Strength and 80 Gems
  • 250biceps—Redeem code for an in-game rewards
  • secretpet21—Redeem code for a Mr. Buff Pet

With the launch of different kinds of simulator games, Roblox weight lifting simulator is also gaining popularity. The gaming experience offers you a chance to be a weightlifter who is fit and able to lift a lot of pounds.

The game was developed by Euro stimulators for the ever-growing Roblox platform and players of the game have to compete to be the strongest weightlifter. However, they would have to train, explore new worlds, and battle each other to do this. The goal is to become the champion, and getting working codes would help you achieve that.

Redeeming weight lifting simulator codes would also give you the chance to claim free in-game gift items that would help you be a master at weightlifting as well as a strong athlete. These rewards include boosts, secret pets, and gems that would increase your strength while you play. An excellent strategy would be to stockpile these codes, redeem them and use the rewards to win the game. Also, stay away from expired codes as they have no benefits whatsoever.


There are benefits that you can get when you access codes that work. These benefits include

  • Free gems
  • Psychic scorpion
  • Mr. Buff pet
  • Strength boost such as 300 strength, 500 strength, 650 strength, 700 strength, etc.
  • In-game boosts
  • Free pets
  • Rewards
  • Gifts

These boosters are used to power up your character as you play the game. To get more codes, you should also try to check the Discord server of the Euro stimulators to get the latest updates on what is going on in the game.


SOURCE: Gaming Dan

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem your Roblox weight lighting codes can be done easily if you follow these instructions

  • Open the Roblox weight simulator game on your device.
  • Click on the blue codes button on your screen.
  • Type in the working code in the dialog box that appears.
  • Select Redeem.
  • Claim your free rewards in the inventory.

Like many other Roblox codes, Roblox weight lifting simulator codes are often released when the developer wishes to celebrate a worthy achievement. Sometimes, this milestone can be a certain number of followers gained, new likes on the page, or an anniversary.

This is why you should always be on the lookout for these codes because new ones can drop at any time. While waiting for new codes to show up, redeem the ones you have before it expires. Another thing to ensure is that you are typing in the correct code in the box. For example, any code that is written in capital letters should be copied exactly as it is. Wrong codes that are misspelled would not yield any reward. Instead, it would be invalid.

In addition, as Roblox continues to release more mini-games to their enlarging community, it means that the quest for enjoying fun games will never stop. There is always an exciting new game or adventure that would catch your interest.