All Potions And Recipes In Roblox Wacky Wizards

Roblox Wacky Wizards is a magical game where the players create numerous enchanted potions. These potions are made by mixing various unusual ingredients in the magical wizard pot to brew a mystical potion. Putting different ingredients will lead to the creation of different potions with exciting characteristics.

There is a grimoire or a brewing book that gives all the instructions about the preparation of the potion. The book gives the names of the ingredients and also tells the use of the potion. Each ingredient has its kind of effect. Instructions about the amount or quantity of ingredients are also mentioned, and slight modification leads to the creation of different potions.

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Free Potions And Recipes In Roblox Wacky Wizards

Here are the names of the potions, how they are prepared, and their effects are mentioned below:

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Potions Recipes Description
Noodley Pool Noodle It gives you noodle arms
Camouflage Chameleon Camouflage your surroundings
Banana Beans + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof + Fairy BECOME A GORILLA!
High-heel Giraffe Hoof + Giant’s Ear + Giraffe Hoof Wear high heels!
Premiumsalad Premium Salad Become PremiumSalad!
Ratty Spider + Witches Brew BECOME A RAT!
Hot-Punch Chilli + Boxing Gloves Punch them on fire. WHO
Spaghetti Chameleon + Fairy + Chameleon + Pool Noodle Spaghetti Arms!
Letss-goooo Chameleon + Pool Noodle + You DA BABY ARMS!
Sweet-arms Chameleon + Pool Noodle + Eggcano + Honey Get sticky arms!
Parasite Rotten Sandwich + Alien Parasite AHHH A PARASITE IS ON YOUR FACE
Rainfro Disco Ball + Robux + Chameleon Get that bling-bling rainbow afro
Pumoodle Chameleon + Pool Noodle + 2021 Pumpkin Get pumpkin noodle arms
Glitter-fart Star Shard + Rotten Sandwich Fart glitter!
Flame-rolling     You + Pool Noodle + Chilli FLAMING ROLL!

Premium Potions And Recipes In Roblox Wacky Wizards

Premium Potions are the potions when one of the ingredients of the recipe is a Premium Ingredient. You have to buy those ingredients with gems. They provide more power than the normal potions. Some of the premium potions with their recipes mentioned below are in the form of a table.

SOURCE: Nightcreeper4567

Potions Recipes Description
Accelerating Zeus’s Beard + Giraffe Hoof Getting faster and faster
Boombox Hat of Gears + Zeus’s Beard Play music!
Infectious Zeus’s Beard + Rotten Sandwich Infect players around you with warts
Teleportation Zeus’s Beard + Fairy Teleport wherever your heart desires!
Flying Poo Hat of Gears + Bird + Rotten Sandwich Create a jetpack from poop
Goldify Robux + Fairy + Chameleon + Zeus’s Beard Turn players golden!
Icy-arm Chameleon + Noodle + Frozen Egg Fire Noodle Arms
Fire-statue Chameleon + Zeus’s Beard + Eggcano Turn players golden!
Blastoff Mr. Cauldron + Bird Become a rideable rocketship
Laser-strike potion Alien Parasite + AirStrike ORBITAL STRIKE!
Green-dude potion Superhero Cape + Giant’s Ear Become the big green dude who’s mad
Ghost-penguin Frozen Egg + Pet Tags + Ghost Get a pet ghost penguin!
Airbender-glider Anime Sword of Destiny + Bird + Anime Sword of Destiny Get the air glider!
Flame-sword Walking Cane + Corn + Anime Sword of Destiny Equip a powerful sword
Old-candycane 2021 Snowman + Walking Cane Become an old person!

How To Use Potions And Recipes In Roblox Wacky Wizards?

  • If you want to use the Potions and recipes in Roblox Wacky Wizards, you will have to obtain your cauldron when the game starts.
  • After that, start completing different quests and gather a lot of ingredients that you will need to mix your brews.
  • Once you gather the required ingredients, you only need to mix them in your cauldron and brew your desired potions.

Then you can enjoy being the Wacky Wizards.