Roblox Titanage Codes (April 2024)

Here are some of the most used codes to get free rewards, used by many gamers before:

Code Reward Status Release
55K!5.5k Moneyworking10/05/2023
ArgIdol500 Money, 100 EXPworking10/05/2023
ParIdol?Jacketless Levi Clothing, 500 Moneyworking10/05/2023
Update600 Moneyworking10/05/2023
ItsBack50 EXPworking10/05/2023
BUSYBEEE Bee Buddy accessoryworking10/05/2023
OMGIGOTTABLACKTRIDENTBlack Demon Trident accessoryworking10/05/2023
YEAHIMABOSS!Boss Necklace accessoryworking10/05/2023
40KLikes 3,000 cashworking10/05/2023
LUXURIOUS!!!Luxury Hatworking10/05/2023
MFSA12F Body Pillow accessoryworking10/05/2023
KAWAIISUSSYBAKA Chick Mask accessoryworking10/05/2023
CoronaBack?Face Mask accessoryworking10/05/2023

Titanage Codes (Expired)

These Titanage codes no longer work.

  • 25KLikes – Redeem for 3K Cash
  • 15KLikes – Redeem for 3K Cash
  • 10KLikes – Redeem for 2.5K cash
  • 5KLikes – Redeem for 2K cash
  • Adurah&QueenIzzyLookThemUp! – Redeem code for BoomBox accessory
  • Testing! – Redeem code for Cash
  • MarshmelloDJY7 – Redeem code for MarshmelloDJ accessory

Roblox Tiranage is a game inspired by the anime-based story of the attack on titans. The players have to be anime characters and fight the quests to gain credits. The gamers have to be in a squad, or they can make their squad after reaching a specific level.

The initial game screen gives players two options; PvE or PvP. The players must choose PvE as the other option is not available currently. Then the player reaches the lobby, where a guy named Levi is present. Levi asks the question, “What do you want?”It is displayed with the answers on the screen. Before entering the actual game field, the players can see the number of players queued and the time left to get teleported. Later, the instructions and steps required to complete the quest are mentioned on the bottom left side of the screen during the quest. When the titans spot you, then you have to defend yourself and kill them.


A player can create a squad only if he/she has a prestige level of three or above. To reach prestige level, the gamer needs to have 1000 kills and need to be on the maxed level.

The player’s reward is displayed on the bottom left of the screen with the completion of each quest, and the level of skills increases. If the player loses the quest, then the gain is zero. The castle mission is one of the most lost quests of all.

Benefits Of Roblox Titanage Codes 

Roblox Titanage comes with a lot of codes that provide the gamer with a lot of freebies. The code gives different accessories and a lot of in-game cash, which the player can use to do whatever pleases them to get forward in the game.

How To Redeem Roblox Titanage Codes? 

Roblox Titanage comes with a very simple process to redeem the codes. Do you want to know the steps?

SOURCE: Bloxy Village

The steps are given below that can be used to redeem codes:

  • Log in or sign up for your Robox account
  • Open this game Roblox Titanage
  • After the game launched, search for a Gear Cog settings button.
  • Click on the button, and a menu will pop out with settings written on it.
  • Click on the white box with Code Herewritten on it.
  • Write the code or copy-paste the code in the box.
  • Press the button with Redeem Code written on it.
  • Enjoy all the free rewards.

SOURCE: Bloxy Village

Roblox Titanage provides a lot of new codes. Do you want to stay updated and enjoy all free rewards? Follow the official Twitter account of @ExpelStudios. They keep on uploading codes to their account. Follow them and get all the rewards as soon as possible.