Roblox Texting Simulator Codes (May 2024)

Some of the active codes currently available for the Roblox Texting Simulator game are listed below:-

Code Reward Status Release
APRILSURPRISE100 Diamonds, 1,000 Money, 85 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
FREEEGG500 Diamondsworking10/05/2023
ephonepro1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
Spookytime1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
HACKER500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
beatsheadphones500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
100K100 Diamonds, 1,000 Money, 100 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
gamingstation1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
rainbowpods500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
GrinningEmoji1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
TextingLord1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
Emoji1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
SoreThumbs1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
Wireless10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
Air10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
pods10 Diamonds, 100 Money, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
Texter1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
SpecialSurprise1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
GamePage25 Diamonds, 250 Money, 5 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
RickyTheFishy10 Diamonds, 1,000 Moneyworking10/05/2023
LovelyHearts50 Diamonds, 2,500 Moneyworking10/05/2023
OnTheGram500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023
instagram500 Money, 250 Diamonds, 50 Bitoneumworking10/05/2023

Expired Codes:-

  • ANTIMATTER: 1,000 Money, 100 Diamonds, 100 Bitoneum Code

Roblox Texting Simulator is a simulator game that Shark Fin Studios LLC developed. The goal is to click to receive texts, which may then be sold for cash to purchase phones, tablets, and laptops by gamers. To transmit messages, players must “Click,” and they can also buy and update their devices, hatch creatures, and complete a number of other activities as well as sell their texts for money (in-game) in the tower.

Players can buy phones, tablets, and laptops to receive additional texts. Every time a tablet or laptop is clicked, diamonds are awarded. (If they both own tablets and laptops, they will both receive twice as many texts and diamonds).

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

Emojis can be purchased with diamonds to boost the number of texts players get. Additionally, there is a store where players can buy a skin crate to acquire skin for their backpacks. For a set amount of Robux, certain phones can be bought.

Players must accomplish quests given by NPCs in order to win diamonds, money, or equipment. Players can run into three different NPCs as of March 29, 2019.

  • Find ten phones, Sad Tech Boi.
  • Find her drawing tablet, Evil Artist.
  • Deliver eight pizzas, Chef Seed (legoseed), a Roblox administrator.

At the Pizza Party event, this game is presented. Players can select either Team Apple or Team Droid in an event. The winning team receives $100,000 in cash and a unique gadget.

Benefits Of Roblox Texting Simulator Codes

These codes are also only good for a certain period before expiration. Players should attempt to redeem them as soon as practical in order to conveniently get free rewards and prevent missing out on the enjoyment.

How To Redeem Roblox Texting Simulator Codes?

It’s not too difficult to use your codes in the Texting Simulator.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem the codes you need to follow the instructions given below:-

  • Launch the Roblox app.
  • Enter into the Roblox Texting Simulator game.
  • When the game first begins, look for the symbol on the side of your screen that has a small white message icon with a heart inside it.
  • Clicking that button will cause the following pop-up to display.
  • By selecting the “Type your code here” link under the list of codes below, enter one of the codes from that list.
  • One need to do to redeem your prize is click the Redeem button once you’ve entered everything correctly.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

Follow @SharkFStudios on Twitter for the latest game updates; for the game codes, check out the Texting Simulator game page on the Roblox site.