Roblox Star Codes (February 2023)

05/01/2023Following are some known and functioning codes:

Code Reward Status Release
3SB Games3sbworking01/28/2023
440HP 440hpworking01/28/2023
Aati PlaysAatiworking01/28/2023
Abbaok Abbaokworking01/28/2023
AbsintoJ ABJworking01/28/2023
AidanGamerHD Aidanworking01/28/2023
Alex Craftedworking01/28/2023
Aline GamesAlineGamesworking01/28/2023
Alonezinho XAlonezinhoworking01/28/2023
Alles Ava GamingAvaworking01/28/2023
AlphaGG AlphaGG working01/28/2023
AlvinBlox AlvinBlox working01/28/2023
Amberry Amberry working01/28/2023
Amy LeeAmyworking01/28/2023
Andre NicholasAndreworking01/28/2023
Angelazz Angelsworking01/28/2023
AnielicA AnielicA working01/28/2023
Anix Anix working01/28/2023
Annoying Orange GamingTootyFruitworking01/28/2023
Ant Ant working01/28/2023
Ant AntixxAntixxworking01/28/2023
ApplyingTM TM working01/28/2023
Argo PlayArgoworking01/28/2023
Armenti Armenti working01/28/2023
AshleyBunni Bunni working01/28/2023
Ashleyosity Ashleyworking01/28/2023
AshleyTheUnicorn Unicorn working01/28/2023
AtlasZero AtlasZero working01/28/2023
Avocado PlayzAvocadoworking01/28/2023
Awhxliv Livworking01/28/2023
Axiore Axiore working01/28/2023
Ayzria Ayzria working01/28/2023
Baconhair OriginalsBaconhairworking01/28/2023
Bananinha Delaniworking01/28/2023
bandi bandiworking01/28/2023
Bandites Banditesworking01/28/2023
Balekta07 Baletka07working01/28/2023
Baxtrix Baxtrix working01/28/2023
BeaPlays Beaworking01/28/2023
Bebe MiloBebeMiloworking01/28/2023
Benni Benniworking01/28/2023
Benx Benx working01/28/2023
Betroner y NoangyBYNworking01/28/2023
BiaGamer BiaGamerworking01/28/2023
BiancaNayi BiancaNayiworking01/28/2023
Biel HenriqueBielworking01/28/2023
bigbst4tz2 BIGB2working01/28/2023
BigDadT Cloverworking01/28/2023
BIGHEAD bigheadworking01/28/2023
BitSquid BitSquid working01/28/2023
Blah SquadIcyworking01/28/2023
Blam SpotBlamworking01/28/2023
Blue BlobBLOBworking01/28/2023
BlueBug Blueworking01/28/2023
Bluxxy GamingBluxxyworking01/28/2023
BolzarX Bolzworking01/28/2023
Bonnie BuildsTulipsworking01/28/2023
Bubbles bubblesworking01/28/2023
Builderboy TVBuilderboyworking01/28/2023
Buur Buur working01/28/2023
BramP BramP working01/28/2023
Brancoala GamesBrancoalaworking01/28/2023
BREN0RJ BREN0RJ working01/28/2023
BriannaPlayz Briannaworking01/28/2023
Brincando com a Keke Keke working01/28/2023
BrittanyPlays Brittanyworking01/28/2023
Bv0j Beeveeworking01/28/2023
ByDerank ByDerank working01/28/2023
callmehhaley CMHworking01/28/2023
Calixo Calixo working01/28/2023
Canal CahcildisCahcildisworking01/28/2023
Captainly Capworking01/28/2023
Captain CapiCapiworking01/28/2023
CaptainTate21 Captainworking01/28/2023
Carakuchi kuchiworking01/28/2023
Carbon Meister PlaysCarbonworking01/28/2023
Cari Cari working01/28/2023
Carol TVCarolTVworking01/28/2023
CatFer CatFer working01/28/2023
Catypink JuegaCatypinkworking01/28/2023
Caylus Caylusworking01/28/2023
Ceeberry Ceeberryworking01/28/2023
Celestial RobloxCelestialworking01/28/2023
Cerority Ceroworking01/28/2023
Cerso Cerso working01/28/2023
Cheo PowerCheoPowerworking01/28/2023
CherryAhrizona CherryBabyworking01/28/2023
ChillzCx Chillzworking01/28/2023
Chocoblox Chocoblox working01/28/2023
Chrisandthemike Chrisatmworking01/28/2023
Christocream Creamworking01/28/2023
Chrisu GamingChrisuworking01/28/2023
cKev cKev working01/28/2023
Claus Clausofcworking01/28/2023
Cleanse BeamCleanworking01/28/2023
Comfy SundayCutelyworking01/28/2023
Complex RobloxComplexworking01/28/2023
Cookie CutterCANDYworking01/28/2023
Conor3D Conor3Dworking01/28/2023
corny corny working01/28/2023
Cortesgo Chidoriworking01/28/2023
Cosmic Cosmicworking01/28/2023
CQQP cqqpworking01/28/2023
CraftedRL Craftedworking01/28/2023
Craxel craxelworking01/28/2023
CrazyErzy CrazyErzyworking01/28/2023
CrystalSims Crystalworking01/28/2023
Curtified Curtworking01/28/2023
Cute Cookie GamingCuteCookieworking01/28/2023
Cybernova Cybernovaworking01/28/2023
Daffa SuperDaffaworking01/28/2023
DandanPH Dandanworking01/28/2023
Danny JesdenDannyworking01/28/2023
DaPanda GirlPandaWandaworking01/28/2023
DatBrian DatBrianworking01/28/2023
Daylin's FunHouseFunSquadworking01/28/2023
deathvanessa Deathworking01/28/2023
DeeterPlays DeeterPlayworking01/28/2023
Devoun Mangoworking01/28/2023
DefildPlays Defildworking01/28/2023
DeGoBloX Degoworking01/28/2023
Denis Denisworking01/28/2023
Dexter PlayzDexterworking01/28/2023
DfieldMark DfieldMarkworking01/28/2023
DigitizedPixels Digiworking01/28/2023
Digito PlaysDigitoworking01/28/2023
Digopollo Polloworking01/28/2023
DimerDillon DIMERworking01/28/2023
Divine Divineworking01/28/2023
DogBon62 DogBonworking01/28/2023
DOLLASTIC PLAYS!Dollasticworking01/28/2023
Dom Domworking01/28/2023
Dr LabaLabaworking01/28/2023
Draconite DragonDracoworking01/28/2023
Dragonplatinum Dragonworking01/28/2023
DV PlaysDVworking01/28/2023
elemperadormaxiyt Emperadorworking01/28/2023
El MagnumElMagnumworking01/28/2023
El TrollinoTrollinoworking01/28/2023
elDanielGT DanielGTworking01/28/2023
Elite Eworking01/28/2023
elitelupus eliteworking01/28/2023
Ephicsea Ephicseaworking01/28/2023
Elemental Elemental working01/28/2023
Elyas360 elyasworking01/28/2023
Emily vs Evelyn GamingEandEworking01/28/2023
EmpireBlox EmpireBloxworking01/28/2023
ErikCarr ErikCarrworking01/28/2023
ErnieC3 ErnieC3working01/28/2023
Euri WingsEuriworking01/28/2023
Evanbear1 EB1working01/28/2023
EYYCHEEV Stronkworking01/28/2023
Fadedplayz Fadedworking01/28/2023
Faeglow Glowworking01/28/2023
FancySmash Fancyworking01/28/2023
FakerUp fakerupworking01/28/2023
FanaticalLight Fanaticworking01/28/2023
Fer999 Ferworking01/28/2023
Fera Ferabuxworking01/28/2023
FGTeeV FGTEEVworking01/28/2023
Fini JuegaFiniworking01/28/2023
Fishy Fishy working01/28/2023
Flamingo Flamingoworking01/28/2023
Flashii Flashii working01/28/2023
Flebsy Flebsy working01/28/2023
Flexer97YT Otakuworking01/28/2023
Flxral Flxral working01/28/2023
Flyborg Flyborg working01/28/2023
FoamyBubbles Foamyworking01/28/2023
Foncri Foncri working01/28/2023
ForeverSparks Sparksworking01/28/2023
Fraser2TheMax F2TMworking01/28/2023
Frenchrxses Roseworking01/28/2023
Frite Frite working01/28/2023
FUDZ FUDZ working01/28/2023
FunnyBunny bunnyworking01/28/2023
FunPiggy Piggyworking01/28/2023
Furious JumperFuriousworking01/28/2023
FusionZGamer Fusionworking01/28/2023
Futura Futura working01/28/2023
Gaby gamerGabyworking01/28/2023
GallantGaming Gallantworking01/28/2023
Gamer HexapodHexapodworking01/28/2023
Gamer Kawaiikawaiiworking01/28/2023
GamerNom GamerNomworking01/28/2023
GamingMermaid Mermaidworking01/28/2023
GamingWithKev GWKFamilyworking01/28/2023
GamingwithVYT Vworking01/28/2023
Geko97 Otakuworking01/28/2023
GianBlox GianBloxworking01/28/2023
GH0KS GH0KSworking01/28/2023
GhostInTheCosmos Ghostworking01/28/2023
Glitch Glitch working01/28/2023
Godstatus Statusworking01/28/2023
GoingLimited GOINGworking01/28/2023
GoldenGlare Goldworking01/28/2023
GonGon GonGonworking01/28/2023
gorygaming24601 Goryworking01/28/2023
grace kgracekworking01/28/2023
GraserPlays graserworking01/28/2023
GroovyDominoes52 Groovyworking01/28/2023
Gunslaya Gunworking01/28/2023
HandN HandNworking01/28/2023
hannahlovescows Cowsworking01/28/2023
haramics haramworking01/28/2023
Heorua Heoworking01/28/2023
Heyhana Hanaworking01/28/2023
HeyItsJames Jamesworking01/28/2023
Hey MistyMistyworking01/28/2023
HeyRosalina Rosalinaworking01/28/2023
hey santHeySantworking01/28/2023
HelloItsVG VGworking01/28/2023
HappyBlack happyblackworking01/28/2023
Hoops the BeeHoopsworking01/28/2023
HW5567 HW5567 working01/28/2023
Hxyila Hxyilaworking01/28/2023
Hyper Hyper working01/28/2023
I_lovejava Javaworking01/28/2023
iAirRon Airworking01/28/2023
iamSanna iamSanna working01/28/2023

What Is A Star Code?

Roblox is dedicated to helping Video Stars and influencers to expand their businesses and earn more money. The Star code makes it simple to show your support for your favorite Video Stars at no cost to you.

Roblox Video Stars is a program for the most talented Roblox video artists. Roblox offers Video Stars perks and tools to help them connect with their followers and grow their businesses.

SOURCE: Jeenius

The Roblox Star Code is a distinctive code obtained from a Roblox Video Stars member. When you use a Star Code to help a Video Star, they will receive 5% of your Robux purchase on the Roblox website. You’ll still get the full amount of Robux you paid for, plus the satisfaction of knowing you helped out your favorite Video Star!

Benefits of Roblox Star Codes

You can help and promote your Video Start while buying Roblox Start Codes. As mentioned above, they will be receiving 5% of your Robux investment, and they can also be converted into US dollars!

How to Redeem Roblox Star Codes?

SOURCE: Jeenius

While making a transaction, enter the Star code linked with your favorite Roblox Video Star on the purchase page. Video Stars will promote their Star codes on their Roblox profiles, group sites, and social media platforms, such as YouTube, Twitter, and others!

SOURCE: Jeenius

Through the use of a web browser:

  • Go to the Robux or Membership pages and choose the amount of Robux or Membership you want to buy.
  • After that, it will take you to the payment option selection page.
  • Click here to access the code entry window and enter your favorite Roblox Video Star code.
  • Add your code after you’ve entered it.
  • The individual you’re supporting will be displayed on the page when the code is accepted.

SOURCE: Jeenius

Using the App:

  • Make a note of your preferred Roblox Video Star code. To find the Star Code field, go to the Membership page and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  • To open the code entering the window, press Tap Here.
  • Add your code after you’ve entered it.
  • The individual you’re supporting will be displayed on the page when the code is accepted.

SOURCE: Jeenius

You won’t have to re-enter your code each time you make a purchase because it will be saved for two weeks once you’ve added it to the app or web browser.

You can check the official Instagram handle of the game @Roblox. You can get regular updates about the game features and secret codes on the account.

Why use a Star Code?

When purchasing Robux, using a Star Code is a terrific way to show your support for your favorited Roblox video content developer. There is no additional expense, yet you have helped an excellent influencer expand their business. As a result, there’s no reason you shouldn’t utilize code to participate in the engagement.

What is the Star Code group?

The Star Code (also known as a Video Code, Star Creator Code, Creator Code, and Video Star Creator Code) is a feature introduced on April 29, 2019. Its major goal is to promote and support the Roblox Video Stars Program.

Every Roblox creator with a Star Code is a Video Stars Roblox organization member. However, this group is very exclusive and private, and not everyone can be a part of the same.

A star code is not given to all Roblox YouTubers who participate in the Star Program.

It is also associated with many criticisms. Being a Star Program-only feature, the Star Code has been criticized for being exclusive to Star Program content creators. Individuals who do make Roblox video material are unable to have a code made to advertise themselves.

Star code FAQ

There’re a lot of common questions about this program. Let’s know them in detail!

1. How to get a Star Code?

As a Roblox video content creator, you must first be invited to join the Roblox Video Stars program in order to receive a Star Code. To do so, you must meet the following basic requirements:

Roblox videos have received a total of 10,000,000 views. The average number of views per Roblox video is 25,000. On the channel, there are 100,000 followers/subscribers.

2. How to get a Free Robux?

Don’t want to spend any money on Robux and instead obtain them for free or at a discount? Then use Coupert, a free and legitimate browser plugin that lets you know whether there are any available promo codes when you buy Robux or anything else. It compares them all to discover the best deal for you and then applies it to you.

You have to download the extension (which is accessible for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox and isn’t limited to specific locations). Then go to or another website and add whatever you want. The extension will notify you if any coupons are available when you’re checking out.

Then click Apply Coupons, and it will automatically test and apply the best deal for you. If you don’t see any alerts, simply click the extension in the top-right corner to see all of the available discount codes. Even if no codes are available, Coupert can still help you save money by allowing you to earn cash back.

You can also get $20 if you invite your family or friends to use this browser extension. That’s a total of more than $40!

3. Why is buying Robux not working?

The maintenance message occurred on October 29, 2021, that was for the first time in two years. This is why Roblox’s login and game status aren’t working. It occurred as a result of a technical fault with the majority of the game’s server components. According to Roblox CEO David Baszucki, the problem was caused by a tiny issue in the data center’s fundamental technology, which was created by the expanding number of servers.

“We’re making things more fantastic,” the current maintenance page claims as of late 2021. “I’ll be back soon.” Another alternative is a six-button editable text box that spells out “ROBLOX.” Any of these buttons will result in an inconclusive form being submitted. They performed the same thing in previous editions of the maintenance page. The alternative choice, on the other hand, only provides the image.

Builders Club, Premium, and Robux cannot be purchased during maintenance times. A new banner may emerge warning Roblox users that they would be unable to conduct any real-world transactions on the platform. Players may be able to teleport to different games/locations during maintenance without experiencing a connectivity issue. According to their instructions, all servers must be down within a few minutes of the maintenance team’s announcements.

4. How many days do you have to wait to buy Robux?

There is a high chance that Robux will appear immediately after the purchase. But in a few cases, it may take some time as pending. Sometimes it may vary with the amount of Robux purchased. But generally, the pending period is between 3 to 7 days. Roblox offers an amazing support system, and you can claim a report if your Robux is not showing up within 7 days of purchase.

Make sure you have checked the transaction history because there are chances that your transaction may have failed.