Roblox Speed Simulator Codes (May 2024)

The currently working codes in Speed Simulator are listed below:

Code Reward Status Release
speed880300 Gems and 600 Stepsworking10/05/2023
fast860140 Gems and 300 Stepsworking10/05/2023

Speed Simulator Codes (Expired):

  • lightning620
  • blueflame
  • run740
  • 700bolt
  • fast640
  • speed600
  • 590orbs
  • aquablue7
  • flash500
  • 430trails
  • bolt380k
  • speedy260k
  • 270ktrails
  • speedy230kĀ – 100 Gems & 500 Steps
  • 200ksonicĀ – Redeem for 80 Gems & 300 Steps
  • fast190kĀ – Redeem for 100 Gems & 500 Steps
  • big100kĀ – Redeem for Gems & Steps
  • 90marathonĀ – Redeem for 100 Gems & 500 Steps
  • secretforest39Ā – Redeem for a Forest Dragon Pet
  • freecodeĀ – Redeem for 25 Gems & 50 Steps

Speed Simulator is a Roblox Simulator game where the player’s goal is to become as fast as possible. There’s a daily reward system in place which rewards the player over a cycle of seven days. In the beginning, the player walks very slowly, like on a very high gravity planet.

They are equipped with a basic Energy drink. Drinking it increases the player’s speed stat; to drink, the player just has to left click with the Energy drink equipped; from now on, the player just has to spam left-click and run around the map collecting orbs. These orbs, too, increase the speed of the player. Gems rarely spawn around the map.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

There’s a shop where the player can sell all their current speed for cash; using cash, the player can buy Energy drinks that give more speed per click or buy pets that provide a bonus multiplier to the cash, gems, and speed gained.

Pets come in different rarities, starting from Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary, and finally Mythic. Pet eggs can be bought at the pet shop; there are four kinds of egg qualities, ranging from Common, Tainted, Spotted, and finally to Glowing.

Players can also trade with other players & those with a game pass can teleport to previously traveled areas. There are sixty plus trails in the shop; these are cosmetics that can be bought with cash. Areas other than the beginner area can be unlocked with cash; other areas have orbs that give more speed and a higher gem spawn rate.

Benefits Of Speed Simulator Codes

Increasing your speed to the max is a pretty tiring process in Speed Simulator; with the help of codes, that process can be eased at least a bit. Some of these codes give Cash, Speed, Rare, and even Legendary pets. These can help the players rake up speed faster.

How To Redeem Speed Simulator Codes?

To redeem the codes, all the player has to do is follow the steps given below and flex their fingers.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem the codes in-game, follow the steps below:

  • After you finish signing in to your Roblox account, start theĀ Speed SimulatorĀ game.
  • Look for aĀ Twitter iconĀ at the right edge of the screen after your character is done loading.
  • Click on the Twitter icon to open the code menu.
  • Click on theĀ Enter Code HereĀ and enter your code.
  • After that, press the Enter key.
  • Check your inventory and/or currencies to confirm the redemption of your code; it will be redeemed successfully if the code is active and entered correctly.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

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