Roblox Space Base Tycoon Codes (June 2024)

Following are some of the codes mostly used by players in Roblox Space base tycoon:

Code Reward Status Release
3000 2x Coin Boostworking10/03/2023
1000likes 2x Coin Boostworking10/03/2023
500likes 2x Coin Boostworking10/03/2023

Roblox space base tycoon game is a game where one can build your base in a far-off world. Where players can buy the latest upgrades that can increase the preset new colony you make, players can also hire workers that help increase income. This, in turn, will help one buy safeties and troops with which players can protect their bases or camps. Players have the chance to become the best owner of their space base in the galaxy.

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Players get to walk on buttons that help to build. One can also collect coins that are used to build. Have troops to fight for you, exciting battles that help control the map, amazing weapons and vehicles, and get good upgrades to your weapons and vehicles.

Here are some examples of key features from the game:

Flags: gamers can collect flags found around the planets and the planets’ moons. You also get cash for every 120 seconds. The information on where and how to find these flags will be shown under them.

Getting these flags gives you a teleporter that helps you with the power to teleport to that flag. If another player takes away your flag, you can no longer teleport. Something to remember is that the value of cash comes without any boost. You will find no double cash, no golden flag, or premium.

Earth: there are two flags on earth. The middle one gives you 10.5k cash, and the flag on the mountain gives about 85k cash.

Mercury: every two minutes, there’s on the flag that gives you 150k cash.

Venus: at the top point of the volcano, there’s a flag worth 85k cash every two minutes.

ISS: There is only one flag on the ISS. For that, one has to buy a capture point for about 150k cash to get it. It gives about 200k worth of cash every two minutes.

Moon: There is merely one flag on the moon, which can be seen as soon as you land on it. It gives about 45k cash every two minutes.

Benefits Of Roblox Space Base Tycoon

It’s essential to fill your character with all kinds of things that pull you throughout the game. For example, Mars gives out 60k worth of cash every two seconds. Saturn gives out 350k worth of cash every two minutes.

How To Redeem Roblox space base tycoon codes?

It is important to write the codes properly to have a smooth gaming experience. It is always advisable to copy-paste the codes instead of manually typing them.

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Here are the steps you can use to redeem the codes in the game:

  • Sign in to the official Roblox account and launch the game Roblox space base tycoon game
  • Press on the blue icon with the bird on it
  • A new window will open with the space to paste the codes.
  • After copy-pasting, then hit enter.
  • Enjoy all your free benefits!

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

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