Roblox Slayers Unleashed Codes (July 2024)

The codes which work in Slayers Unleashed are listed below:

Code Reward Status Release
;code Breathing1SummerBreathingworking10/06/2023
;code Breathing2SummerBreathingworking10/06/2023
;code Breathing3SummerBreathingworking10/06/2023
;code NewBreathingReset1Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code NewBreathingReset2Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code NewBreathingReset3Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code Demon1SummerDemon Artworking10/06/2023
;code Demon2SummerDemon Artworking10/06/2023
;code Demon3SummerDemon Artworking10/06/2023
;code NewDemonArtReset1Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code NewDemonArtReset2Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code NewDemonArtReset3Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code ClanReroll1Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code ClanReroll2Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code ClanReroll3Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code ClanReroll4Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code ClanReroll5Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code NewClanReroll1Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code NewClanReroll2Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code NewClanReroll3Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code NewClanReroll5Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SummerPow1Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code SummerPow2Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code SummerPow3Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code SummerPow4Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code SummerPow5Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code breath_STYLE1Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code breath_STYLE2Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code breath_STYLE3Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code breath_STYLE4Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code breath_STYLE5Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code LimitedPride1Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code LimitedPride2 Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code LimitedPride3Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code LimitedPride4Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code LimitedPride5Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PREMFIRST1Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PREMFIRST2Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PREMFIRST3Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PREMFIRST4Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PREMFIRST5Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PBRoll1Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PBRoll2Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PBRoll3Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PBRoll4Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code PBRoll5Breathingworking10/06/2023
;code SummerSide1Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code SummerSide2 Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code SummerSide3Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code SummerSide4Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code SummerSide5Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code dem0nking1Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code dem0nking2Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code dem0nking3Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code dem0nking4Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code dem0nking5Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PRIDEPLAY1Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PRIDEPLAY2 Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PRIDEPLAY3Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PRIDEPLAY4Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PRIDEPLAY5Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PREMSECOND1Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PREMSECOND2Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PREMSECOND3Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PREMSECOND4Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PREMSECOND5Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PDRoll1Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PDRoll2Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PDRoll3Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PDRoll4Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code PDRoll5 Demon Artworking10/06/2023
;code SumClan1Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumClan2Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumClan3Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumClan4Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumClan5Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code clan_change1 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code clan_change2 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code clan_change3Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code clan_change4 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code clan_change5 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code prideclan1Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code prideclan2Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code prideclan3Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code prideclan4 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code prideclan5Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PREMCLAN1 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PREMCLAN2 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PREMCLAN3 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PREMCLAN4Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PREMCLAN5 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PCRoll1Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PCRoll2Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PCRoll3Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PCRoll4 Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PCRoll5Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PClan1Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PClan2Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code PClan3Clan Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumRace1Race Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumRace2Race Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumRace3Race Rollworking10/06/2023
;code SumRace4Race Rollworking10/06/2023

Slayers Unleashed Codes (Expired)

These Slayers Unleashed codes no longer work.

  • ;code 1yearreset
  • ;code 1YR_CLAN1
  • ;code 1YR_MARK1
  • ;code 1YR_RACE1
  • ;code 1YR_CLAN1
  • ;code 1YRBREATHING1
  • ;code Kibutsuji1
  • ;code CRoll1
  • ;code Clanez1
  • ;code RainbowClan1
  • ;code humanKing1
  • ;code muzan_art1
  • ;code DRoll1
  • ;code SundayRSll1
  • ;code PridezBDA1
  • ;code potential1
  • ;code BLOODSURGE1
  • ;code BRoll1
  • ;code Spower1
  • ;code PridePower1
  • ;code toppower1
  • ;code reset_all_stats—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • ;code PPReset—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • ;code SUNRESET1—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • ;code RESET1—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • ;code d3mon_leader—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • ;code NICHI1—Redeem for a Nichirin Blade Color
  • ;code stat_restart
  • ;code new_upd4te
  • ;code WATER_REWORK
  • ;code MAY_MONTH
  • ;code happy_saturdayy
  • ;code friday_r3s3t
  • ;code statz_redo
  • ;code thunderBOOM1
  • ;code fixinG1
  • ;code EGGSPLOSIVE1
  • ;code new_BRTHIN1
  • ;code YAMEII1
  • ;code broski1
  • ;code waterREWORK1
  • ;code giyuhashira1
  • ;code mrmorale1
  • ;code Kaigaku1
  • ;code darkness1
  • ;code easteregg1
  • ;code eggshell1
  • ;code charm1
  • ;code storymode1
  • ;code peak_GAME1
  • ;code dead_CALM1
  • ;code AKAZA_BOSS1
  • ;code maybda1
  • ;code infinitymaze1
  • ;code tomioka_pls1
  • ;code roofPIECE1
  • ;code crasher1
  • ;code trainfight1
  • ;code bunnyclan1
  • ;code stone_cl4n1
  • ;code NEW_BOSS1
  • ;code KamadoFamily1
  • ;code t0tem1
  • ;code back2human1
  • ;code maymay1
  • ;code dekooo1
  • ;code MAX_PRESTIGE1
  • ;code SU_Easter1
  • ;code i_playSU1
  • ;code pow3rUP1
  • ;code myRace1
  • ;code water_b0ss1
  • ;code markofwater1
  • ;code TATAKAE1
  • ;code ELOELO1
  • ;code sun_mark1
  • ;code GLASSYSKY1
  • ;code stuffstuff1
  • ;code STAT_RESET
  • ;code leroooy1
  • ;code sundaeM4rk1
  • ;code wowMARK1
  • ;code LESGOOO1
  • ;code LEVELUP1
  • ;code helloRac1
  • ;code gimme_mArk1
  • ;code plentyFISH1
  • ;code pureSLAYERR1
  • ;code pureSLAYERR2
  • ;code pureSLAYERR3
  • ;code pureSLAYERR4
  • ;code pureSLAYERR5
  • ;code pureSLAYERR6
  • ;code pureSLAYERR7
  • ;code pureSLAYERR8
  • ;code pureSLAYERR9
  • ;code pureSLAYERR10
  • ;code breathee_1
  • ;code breathee_2
  • ;code breathee_3
  • ;code breathee_4
  • ;code breathee_5
  • ;code breathee_6
  • ;code breathee_7
  • ;code breathee_8
  • ;code breathee_9
  • ;code breathee_10
  • ;code tgif1
  • ;code tgif2
  • ;code brah1
  • ;code brah2
  • ;code new_powers1
  • ;code new_powers2
  • ;code goodNIGHT1
  • ;code goodNIGHT2
  • ;code playRanked1
  • ;code playRanked2
  • ;code playRanked3
  • ;code playRanked4
  • ;code playRanked5
  • ;code playRanked6
  • ;code playRanked7
  • ;code playRanked8
  • ;code playRanked9
  • ;code playRanked10
  • ;code plsGyokko1
  • ;code plsGyokko2
  • ;code plsGyokko3
  • ;code plsGyokko4
  • ;code plsGyokko5
  • ;code plsGyokko6
  • ;code plsGyokko7
  • ;code plsGyokko8
  • ;code plsGyokko9
  • ;code plsGyokko10
  • ;code gambit_goat1
  • ;code gambit_goat2
  • ;code weRuling1
  • ;code weRuling2
  • ;code weRuling3
  • ;code weRuling4
  • ;code weRuling5
  • ;code weRuling6
  • ;code weRuling7
  • ;code weRuling8
  • ;code weRuling9
  • ;code weRuling10
  • ;code plsHantengu1
  • ;code plsHantengu2
  • ;code plsHantengu3
  • ;code plsHantengu4
  • ;code plsHantengu5
  • ;code plsHantengu6
  • ;code plsHantengu7
  • ;code plsHantengu8
  • ;code plsHantengu9
  • ;code plsHantengu10
  • ;code friday_spree1
  • ;code friday_spree2
  • ;code thursday_spree1
  • ;code thursday_spree2
  • ;code wed_spree1
  • ;code wed_spree2
  • ;code tuesday_spree1
  • ;code tuesday_spree2
  • ;code domaisBACK1
  • ;code domaisBACK2
  • ;code domaisBACK3
  • ;code domaisBACK4
  • ;code domaisBACK5
  • ;code domaisBACK6
  • ;code domaisBACK7
  • ;code domaisBACK8
  • ;code domaisBACK9
  • ;code domaisBACK10
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN1
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN2
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN3
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN4
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN5
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN6
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN7
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN8
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN9
  • ;code gyokkoCLAN10

Slayers Unleashed is another Roblox RPG based on the anime- Kimetsu no Yaiba, aka Demon Slayer. The player gets to pick a gender for their character when they log into the game for the first time. They can customize their character in the Customization tab. There are various parameters such as Demon Arts, Breathing styles, Clans, Race, Sub Race, and Slayer mark, all of these are randomly rolled for the player. They can be rerolled later on.

There are two game modes: the usual PvE mode, which is the main RPG, and the other mode is a PvP mode, which is a Ranked Arena deathmatch.


Every time they level up, the player gets stat points that can be assigned to their Strength, Defense, Agility, or Sword stats. Doing quests rewards the player with Yen, which is the in-game currency. There is also a huge skill tree with a plethora of lucrative skills which can boost the player’s overall abilities.

The Player will have to grind quests till they get enough Yen to buy a katana to arm themselves with. There are training areas where players can attack dummies/rocks to gain exp. A list of objectives provides the player with good rewards upon completion.

The player can unlock new moves for the breathing styles and demon arts that can unlock with stat points. There are around ten breathing styles and demon arts currently in-game. Slayers, i.e., the Humans use breathing styles, the Demons use Demon arts, while hybrids can use both types.

Benefits Of Slayers Unleashed Codes

Codes are essential to this game; not only do they allow the player to get new Breathing styles and Demon arts, but they can also reset the player’s stat point distribution; this comes in handy to explore new builds or correct blotched up distribution.

How To Redeem Roblox Slayers Unleashed Codes?

The code redemption in Roblox Slayers Unleashed is extremely easy and hassle-free. Even a new player can redeem these codes if they follow along with the steps below.

SOURCE: ItsShark

To redeem the codes in the game, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Log into your Roblox account, navigate to Slayers Unleashedand start it.
  • Once the game is started, wait for your character to load completely.
  • There should be a chat box in the top left corner, and if it is hidden, then press the Chat icon; thisshould bring open up the chatbox.
  • Alternatively, pressing “/“will directly open up the chat window.
  • Directly type in the code you want to redeem in the chat and then press Enter.
  • If you have performed the steps correctly and if the code is valid, then you will redeem the code successfully.

SOURCE: ItsShark

For the newest updates and codes, check out the official Twitter handle of the game developer- @GambitRuse, and the game’s official discord server: