Roblox Shindo Life Mask Codes (May 2024)

Some of the most used codes by the gamers are mentioned below:

Code Reward Status Release
6363195081Black Anbu Mask with Redworking10/05/2023
6386250681Traditional Japanese Waves Maskworking10/05/2023
6767752589Shindo Fox Maskworking10/05/2023
7004472054Blue Bankai Dark Maskworking10/05/2023
6386226906Lightning Sky Maskworking10/05/2023
5902860812Green Creature Maskworking10/05/2023
7696758224Many Eyes Maskworking10/05/2023
7134080523Creepy Maskworking10/05/2023
7606322686Obito Rainbow Swirl Maskworking10/05/2023
5894675538White Kakashi Character Maskworking10/05/2023
7729456245Black and White Dichotomy Maskworking10/05/2023
7741094907Roblox Noob Maskworking10/05/2023
7770707630Doge Maskworking10/05/2023
6386034759Blue and Black Abstract Swirl Maskworking10/05/2023
7696688191Static TV Maskworking10/05/2023
295743219Pink Floyd Maskworking10/05/2023
7602001271Pikachu Maskworking10/05/2023
5792391247Blue Demon with Tusks Maskworking10/05/2023
7456321Moose Maskworking10/05/2023
5789540122Spider Creature Maskworking10/05/2023
6692951901Japanese Flag Maskworking10/05/2023
7162240906Chibi Red and Black Maskworking10/05/2023
7056923329Blood Dragon Maskworking10/05/2023
6386030930Yellow Mask with Black Lightningworking10/05/2023
6449722364Black Mask with Red Lightningworking10/05/2023
5894383418Clown Face Maskworking10/05/2023
6529038534Flame Demon Maskworking10/05/2023
7769015935Curse Black and White Maskworking10/05/2023
7235704394Spider Blue Maskworking10/05/2023
6388505568Black Mask with Smokeworking10/05/2023
6902345884Red Details Black Dawn Maskworking10/05/2023

Roblox Shido Life is a ninja life-based game. Here the gamers play various mini-games with their ninja skills and weapons. This extraordinary game enables the option of making various customizations to the character by giving a personal touch. One of the customization options is changing the mask of your gaming character. This is one of the most loved features in the Shido Life game.

The player can change the character’s appearance however they want. By default, Roblox provides a catalog of pre-designed stylish masks. You can choose from the catalog and decide your character’s outlook. This feature of putting up your desired mask makes this game very interesting and exciting for the players. When the gamers can add small details of their choice to the appearance of the character, it creates a fascination within the gamers. Other than the catalog masks, hundreds of other cool stunning designs will enable you to create the personality of your ninja character.


If you want to get other exciting new mask collections, then apply the codes. These mask codes will give you a series of great-looking creative masks that will help you get an amazing choice for your gaming character.

Benefits Of Roblox Shindo Life Mask Codes 

This game completely involves ninjas in it, as the game’s name suggests. These codes are not similar to the codes we generally apply to win free rewards. These codes give you special masks based on different characters in the game. This mask does not contribute to your game but changes your character’s appearance to make you look different from the other players. This game provides all different masks to the gamers in the form of codes.

How To Redeem Roblox Shindo Life Mask Codes?

Are you confused about how to Redeem masks by codes in Roblox Shindo Life? Yes, it is a bit tricky. If you are trying to get a mask or change an old one, Don’t worry.


This step-by-step process is given below that you can follow to redeem all the codes:

  • Log in or sign up to your Roblox account
  • Open the game Roblox Shindo Life Mask
  • Press the M button to pull out the menu.
  • Select the 2nd last option, Customs
  • You have to buy the Customs Gamepass for 250 Roblox.
  • Click on the Mask section and enter the code there.
  • Confirm the mask design and pay some amount of real coins whatever the mask requests
  • Get the mask.