Roblox Shindo Life Eye ID Codes (September 2023)

Listed below are some of the Shindo Life Eye ID codes: – 

Code Reward Status Release
7910886413Shindo life demon eyesworking06/15/2023
8044317067Shindo Life, Isabella Eyesworking06/15/2023
7758710221Temari Eyes Shindo Lifeworking06/15/2023
5889868271Shindo Life Boruto EYESworking06/15/2023
7716850764Eye Custom Rinnegan Akumaworking06/15/2023
7852349307Tensura Diablo Eyes/Faceworking06/15/2023
7851730614Sage of Six Paths Eyesworking06/15/2023
7695433083Yoriichi's Mark on Left Eyeworking06/15/2023
7241436647Dark Void Eyes w/Scar on Right Eyeworking06/15/2023
6027640237Custom Mangekyou and Ketsuryuganworking06/15/2023
7808787529Spider Gold Rinnegan x Sukunaworking06/15/2023
7832644525Forge Rengoku and Minikaze Azureworking06/15/2023
7703785482Right Blue Flower Eye & Left Blinking Eyeworking06/15/2023
7808623695Purple Friendly Eyes & Face Blushworking06/15/2023
7760651351Naruto Sage Mode Eyesworking06/15/2023
6194204693Sengoku Shindo Lifeworking06/15/2023
7719303153Shindo Life Inferno Eyesworking06/15/2023
7719323052Shindo Life Inferno Eyes (With Scar)working06/15/2023
7698554002Shindo Bankai Akuma Reanimation Eyesworking05/13/2023
7756012728Senken-Sei Eyesworking06/15/2023

Shindo life has almost two billion visits and a lot of active users. All these can be attributed to the huge amount and combination of customizations it offers. In Shindo life’s character creation menu, the player can customize their Hair, Face, Beard, Outfit, and shoes. Face and outfits have further options, like the eyes in the face option. In the eye option, the player can customize each eye separately, allowing them to use two different eyes.

Other than the massive number of choices in abilities, bloodlines, elements, and the default character customizations, the game allows the use of face and eye ID codes. This unlocks a whole new range of customization options for the player’s avatar in Shindo life.

SOURCE: RabbiToPoliS

To get your in-game avatar the eyes you like, this guide will walk you through the process of utilizing eye ID codes.

What Are Eye ID Codes?

The player will most certainly be familiar with the Game codes. They are used in the game to obtain in-game items, boosts, and/or currencies. And these are game exclusive, meaning one game’s codes cannot be used in another game.

Meanwhile, Eye ID codes are a completely different story; they can be used in any game, provided the game’s developer has made provisions for it. And Shindo Life allows the player to use Eye ID codes, along with Face ID codes.

This is the essential ingredient to cook up your dream character. Now you can have the Mangekyou Sharingan in one eye and the Rinnegan in the other; your imagination only limits the possibilities. The player has to not that the eye change is only inside the game; their avatar will be unchanged outside the game.

How To Use the Eye ID Codes?

Now you have some Eye ID codes and know what they do. Time to learn how to use them.

SOURCE: RabbiToPoliS

Follow the step below to use the Eye ID codes in Shindo life: –

  1. Sign in to your Roblox account and start the Shindo Life game.
  2. Open the character customization menu. Find the Face customization option; you’ll find the eye option under it.
  3. Click on the EYE COLOR option; you will see a small menu to the right. Here you can enter the code for the right or left eye.

After entering the eye ID of your choice, hit the green buy button. Once the required Rell coins are paid, the changes can be seen.