Roblox Rocitizens Codes (June 2024)

Following are some of the codes that are mostly used by a number of players in Roblox Rocitizens:-

Code Reward Status Release
partypooperBathroom Boutiques Toilet Plungerworking10/05/2023
partytime$1k Cashworking10/05/2023
goodneighbor$2,500 & Trophyworking10/05/2023
discordanceDiscord Trophy & $3,500working10/05/2023
SweetTweetsTwitter Trophy & $2,500working10/05/2023
truefriendPet Rock & $4,000working10/05/2023

Roblox RoCitizens Codes (Expired):-

  • smokinghot—Redeem for $1.5k Cash
  • valentines22—Redeem for Cash and x3 Box of Chocolate
  • gifttoyou—Redeem for Cash
  • happy2022—Redeem for Cash
  • creepycode—Redeem for Cash
  • headlesscodeman—Redeem for 3K Candy
  • MILLION—Redeem for $2,500 & Trophy
  • letsdosomelaundry—Redeem for $5,000
  • xmas19—Redeem for 3x Gifts & $3,000
  • rocitizens6th—Redeem for Snowglobe & $6,000
  • 500million—Redeem for $5,000 & Trophy
  • 20valentine—Redeem for $4,000 & Crystal Rose
  • supdatember—Redeem for $4,000
  • cantthinkofcodenames—Redeem for $2,000
  • ilovefirebrand1—Redeem for $4,000
  • xmasbonus—Redeem for $1,500
  • bugsareannoying—Redeem for $2,500
  • gimmegimmegimme—Redeem for $750
  • allthemoola—Redeem for $1,000
  • canigetahottub—Redeem for a free Hot Tub
  • cornerpocket—Redeem for a free Pool Table
  • ggpd—Redeem for $10,000
  • goodluckspellingsovereignty—Redeem for a free Sovereignty Computer
  • rainyday—Redeem for $3,500
  • youwishyouhadafish—Redeem for $1,500
  • ihaveafish—Redeem for $1,000
  • coldhardcash—Redeem for $3,500
  • alittlesomething—Redeem for $4,000

Today Rocitizens is one of the most popular games on the Roblox platform. This game exists mainly for Roleplay; however, the players can play just for fun and can get Houses, Cars, Apartments, Careers, a Phone, and so much more within this gaming world.

As the name suggests, this game, Rocitizens, will allow you to live exactly like the citizen of Roblox since the players can do jobs, earn money, complete quests and various tasks for the people who live in your town, create and build a home and customize it, drive fancy cars and have a word with another fellow citizen, which is the most fun part of it.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

So If you want to interact with your fellow players, have a conversation, and learn more about them, then Roblox Rocitizens is the game for you.

To win and earn more, get the gems, coins, pets, items, and many more things in the game. Roblox Rocitizens codes will make it accessible for the players to reach their goals even when the other players will be busy making their money during the game.

The best thing about this game is that the game developer releases new RoCitizens codes whenever they achieve a milestone.

Benefits Of Rocitizens Codes

The Roblox Rocitizens codes are very useful for the players as the codes will help them to make money within the game and get free tokens, gems boost, coins, and many more other items.

Always type in the code exactly as it is written, or it may not work. The codes expire after a certain period when a new update comes out, giving rise to new codes and new content as well.

How To Redeem Roblox Rocitizens Codes?

The process that players need to go follow to redeem and claim their working and activated Roblox Rocitizens codes and earn their benefits is very easy and convenient.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem codes, follow these simple steps given below:-

  • Sign in to the Roblox account
  • Launch the Rocitizens game through this Roblox platform
  • After opening the game, on the bottom left of the screen, you will find a green color ‘shop’ button
  • Click on this shop icon to open the shop menu
  • Now click on the Twitter bird icon at the bottom of the left of this new window.
  • Now you are at the code redemption portion of the Shop
  • Click on the textbox, copy the codes, and paste them into the box.
  • Now, hit the enter button to get your reward

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

If the code is not working and you are not able to claim it, then the code must be expired and has become deactivated.

The best thing about this game is that the game developer releases new RoCitizens codes whenever they achieve a milestone.

You can find more working and activated codes the second they go live, and for that, be sure to follow @JB_Firebrand on Twitter. You can also receive regular game updates, info about activated and expired codes, get credits, and lots of other news about the game.