Roblox Ro Slayers Codes (May 2024)

Here are some of the most used codes by the gamers in this game:

Code Reward Status Release
140kLIKES 3 Free Spins and 120 Yenworking10/05/2023

Ro-Slayers Codes (Expired)

These codes no longer work, and can’t be redeemed anymore:

  • 130kLIKES: Get 3 free spins and 120 yen by redeeming this code
  • HappyEaster: This code will give you x2 Exp Boost
  • 2xEXP: Redeem this code and get x2 Exp Boost
  • 120kLIKES
  • 110kLIKES
  • 2xEXPFromPolo
  • 100kLIKES
  • 2xEXP
  • 90kLIKES
  • 80kLIKES
  • 70kLIKES
  • DoubleEXP
  • 60kLIKES
  • MoreUpdatesToCome
  • 50kLIKES
  • 40kLIKES
  • 30kLIKES
  • 20kLIKES
  • 10kLIKES
  • 777

Roblox Ro Slayer is a fighting game among two groups, the demons, and the slayers. Players can choose to be either the evil demon or the defender slayer. This game has various customization options and exciting fighting moves. The gamer gets strong weapons for fighting that can be upgraded further in the game.

The game first gives an option of choosing a character for the player. Then in the next step, they can name the character, give it a great-looking outfit and change the hairstyle and hair color. This personal touch will enhance their character’s outlook. Then in the game, they need to find the NPC to begin the actual adventure. Players can find the NPC in the corners area or near several huts.

SOURCE: Bloxy Village

The NPC welcomes them to the game and explains the purpose of the chosen character. After the common instructions, the NPC gives a quest to the player. The player can level up in the game by fighting different quests and winning. Winning each fight gives scores and money.

After reaching level six, the player can move to the mountain area and fight the demon monsters. The fighting increases the character’s stamina, control, strength, and awareness. After completion of the fight, the player has to go to the NPC for further instructions. Before each quest and for moving to another level visiting the NPC is necessary.

Benefits Of Roblox Ro Slayers Codes 

In the game, Roblox Ro Slayers moving forward in the game is a very long, time taking and exhausting process. Here the developers provide additional help to the players by relishing codes. Codes in this game can give you cash, free spin to get more freebies, gems, different items, coins, and many more that will help you spend cash on your character to upgrade and move forward in the game.

How To Redeem Roblox Ro Slayers Codes? 

We got the codes, but how to use them? Do you know how to redeem codes in this game?

SOURCE: Bloxy Village

Below are the steps you can follow and apply codes to redeem all the free rewards you wish:

  • First, you need to log in or sign up for your Roblox account.
  • Then open the game Roblox Ro Slayers.
  • When the game is launched, click on the main menu
  • It will show you Team, Abilities, Customise and Play.
  • To the left corner, you can locate a Twitter icon with a type box “enter code” written on it.
  • Click on the type box and type or copy-paste the code there.
  • Press enter and get the rewards you claimed for.

Where shall we search for the new codes? Don’t worry. Here’s what you can do. Follow the official Twitter account of @xPoloBear and get all the updates and redeem codes as soon as possible.