Roblox Project X Codes (April 2024)

The new title Roblox Project X is a modern category game of anime series created and maneuvered by the developer Aspect Productions.

Roblox Project X is a game that puts and sets up a number of anime concepts and amplifies them into one single game. Project X game currently is aiming to be an RPG, to race from one of your favorite animes.

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Players can also assemble and build their own custom move set in the game. The players can have weapons and countless powers obtained from different anime.

Various icons in the game may help the players in many ways like Arrows grant the abilities, Grimoires grant the skills, Souls grant the races, Defeat NPCs to gain mastery, and the players can Awaken their ability at 25 mastery.

Roblox Project X Codes are also available for the players that can give them items, pets, gems, coins, gold, and much more. While other players are busy making money, you can collect these coins and accessories through codes and make the game quite easier for yourself.

Benefits Of The Project X

The Roblox Project X game codes are essential for the players as with the help of these codes; the players can redeem some new experience, boost, cash, and mastery XP. It will also get you quite a bit of currency within the game and the ability to purchase things that will boost and improve your character.

Following are some of the codes that are mostly used by a number of players in Roblox Project X:-

Code Reward Status Release
SubToJohntoon0250,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToCastobus50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToEtheralMiracle50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToKelvingTS50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToNoclypso50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToTerraBlox50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
45kLikes250,000 Gold, 30 Minutes 2x Experience, 50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToInfernasu50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToKiddStan50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
15kLikes30 Minutes of Double Experienceworking10/05/2023
GodHelpUsAllOne Hour of Double Experienceworking10/05/2023
SubToibemaine50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToAspectProductions50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToKarma50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToTheSalehm12150,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023
SubToBuilderboyTV50,000 Mastery XPworking10/05/2023

Always type in the code exactly as it is written, or it may not work and fail to claim the rewards.

How To Redeem Roblox Project X Codes? 

There is a process in the game that players need to go through to redeem their working and activated Roblox Project X codes.

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To redeem the codes, you need to follow the simple steps given below:  

  • Sign in to the Roblox account
  • Launch the Project X game through this platform
  • After the player creates their character in the game, head towards the menu option.
  • Once you are done, go to the area labeled “Enter Code.”
  • Now copy/paste the code and Once you have entered the code correctly, just hit the “Redeem” button
  • Finally, you will receive a reward.

SOURCE: OhayoPepeGaming

If you want to stay regularly updated regarding the game and its features. Follow the discord group. The benefit of following this discord group is that you can get quick information on active code and updates.