Roblox Project Hero codes (May 2024)

Following are some of the codes mostly used by players in Roblox project hero:-

Code Reward Status Release
SPOOKY10 Spinsworking10/05/2023
PHSPINS Spinsworking10/05/2023

Roblox Project Hero Codes (Expired):-

  • VERISONV42NEW—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • THANKSFORNEWCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • ROBLOXDOWNSTATRESET—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • SHYUTDOWNCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • NEWVERISON42—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • NEWESTSTATRESET—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • THANKSMRUNRIO—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • FINALLYSTATRESET—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • 20SPINCODEYES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • BIGBUGPATCH—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • UPDATE4SPINS—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • UPDATE4DOUBLESPINS—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • UPDATE4EXP—Redeem for XP
  • DOUBLEREP4—Redeem for Hero Rep
  • VILLAIN4REPUPDATE—Redeem for Villain Rep
  • STATRESETUPDATE4—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • NEWESTCODE—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • NEWESTSPINS—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • ShutdownCode1—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • Shutdowncode1—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • SORRYFORBUG—Redeem code for Quirk Spins
  • RESETMEASAP—Redeem for Stat Reset
  • PATCH1CODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • PATCH2CODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • PATCHINGCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • EVERYTHINGPATCHED—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • THANKSFORPATCH—Redeem for Quirk Spin
  • CODEDROPPED—Redeem for Quirk Spins & Rep
  • EXPCODE1—Redeem for XP
  • EXPCODE2—Redeem for XP
  • VILLAINREP—Redeem for Villain Rep
  • HEROREP—Redeem for Hero Rep
  • STATRESET35—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • NEWSPINS35—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • CODEGOTDROPED—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • LETSGOCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • STATRESETFI—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • ALLMIGHTISHERE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • NEWCODEEE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 4MVISITS—Redeem for a Stat Point Reset
  • 80KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • LASTSHUTDOWN—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • BUGFIXES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • MOBILEISLIVE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • CODEENJOY—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • UPDATEISOUT—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • NEWUPDATE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • COOLCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • RESETSTATS—Redeem for a Stat Point Reset
  • EPICCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • NEWCODE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • UPDATE—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • CHRISTMAS—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • 75KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • CHRISTMASEVE—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • CODEY—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 70KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 3MVISITS—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • CHRISTMAS!—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • UPDATE1—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • NasuuYT—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • SPINSYES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 60KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • WISEHI—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • 55KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 2MVISITS—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 50KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 45KLIKESRedeem for Quirk Spins
  • 1MVISITS—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • 40KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 35KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • MORESET2—Redeem for Stat Point Reset
  • 25KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 20KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 500KVISITS—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 15KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • UNRIOCLUTCH—Redeem for Quirk Spins + XP
  • 10KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • 5KLIKES—Redeem for Quirk Spins
  • MOGIFT—Redeem for Quirk Spins, Rep, Cash, XP
  • RELEASE—Redeem for Quirk Spins

Project Hero is based on a famous anime called My Hero Academia. This anime is well-known to veteran weebs and is considered one of the most basic animes to watch; the project hero has the same storyline and can expect similar character building and plot.

The story revolves around a student called Izuku Midoriya, who happens to be a middle school student who has no superpowers. The plot goes on to show it can achieve the superpowers and help restore peace and stability in the world.


Where the weak needs support and defense. It’s a power play of a game, and you must select which character you want to play to your advantage.

Such a strong character arc rings a bell to every underdog, and to portray such in a game is all the more exciting and can be attained to live! So to be a hero in this world and find against all the odds and support the weak takes a lot of gameplay and time.

Each stage has different codes to redeem and reclaim, so certain codes give the needed lift. It is advisable to check which and what avatar you want to base yourself in the game as.

Benefits Of Blox project hero 

It is not easy to have to play a character of this nature and win simultaneously and race with friends in a competitive state. To make your characters strong, one must require strong strength and conditioning till the very end.

If you have already started the game but somehow ended up losing it, you can always start the game with these strong codes. These codes can come in handy, upgrade your position, and put you on top of the game.


How To Redeem Roblox Project Hero codes? 

All game players have to go through a very Plain and easy process to unlock all the codes and use them to the best playing ability. All one has to do is copy-paste the given codes in the place for it and enjoy a stress-free, foolproof gaming experience. So leave no stone unturned and make use of these codes to your advantage!

Here are the steps you can follow to redeem the codes in the game:

  • Sign in to the official Roblox account and launch the project hero game
  • To start the game, you can pick which side and characters you want to play first.
  • Next, press play on the menu
  • In the corner of the screen, you will see an icon where you can select the codes button
  • Enter any code from above
  • Click on redeem
  • Enjoy your free codes and powers.


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