Roblox One Piece Millennium 3 Codes (May 2024)

Following are some of the codes that are mostly used by a number of players in Roblox One Piece Millenium 3:

Code Reward Status Release
JoinRobloxGroup!6 million Beliworking10/05/2023

One Piece: Millennium 3 Codes (Expired):

  • HalloweenCode!
  • SpookyReset!
  • FridayTime!
  • BeenaWhile!
  • MkitRain!
  • JoinGroupForReward! – Redeem for 9m Beli
  • 100kmembers! – Redeem for 13m beli
  • BossIsCool! – Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • 45kLikes!
  • LikeGameForCodes! – Redeem for 14.9m beli and 3 fruit spins
  • EasterTime! – Redeem code for 2x XP boost
  • 100kMems! – Redeem code for a free stat reset
  • 3milVisits! – Redeem code for a free stat reset
  • Re0pen! – Redeem code for 2x XP for 15 minutes

Always type in the code exactly as it is written, or it may not work.

The codes expire after a certain period when a new update comes out, giving rise to new codes and new content as well.

The popular gaming platform Roblox has come up with a new game called One Piece Millenium 3. It is inspired by the titular anime and based on Eiichiro Oda’s manga series.

This new game enables the players to join the pirate or marine division before getting into fights with powerful enemies and completing quests to strengthen and make their characters substantial.

SOURCE: Bloxy Village

To build up their character to win the game, the players will have to fight their way through strong enemies and complete challenges. The players can also find Devil Fruits in the game to increase their powers!

As players get stuck into the game, they will be in need of fresh One Piece Millennium 3 codes to reset their stats & Beli along the way. They can use this additional experience and buffs from our One Piece Millennium 3 codes to up their ability and unlock or boost their character to become stronger.

Benefits of One Piece Millenium 3

The Roblox One Piece Millenium 3 codes are very beneficial for the players as the codes will help to give them in-game freebies, such as stat resets and beli. That’ll help you on your way to leveling up and getting the most out of the game.

How To Redeem Roblox One Piece Millenium 3 Codes?

There is a process that players need to go follow to redeem and claim their working and activated Roblox One Piece Millenium 3 codes and earn their benefits which is very easy and convenient;

SOURCE: Bloxy Village

All they need to do is follow these simple steps given below:

  • Sign in to the Roblox account
  • Launch the One Piece Millenium 3 game by pressing the green Play button on the landing page.
  • After opening the game, look at the bottom-left side of your screen for the Twitter icon
  • Now, Click on this twitter icon, copy the codes and paste it into the box.
  • Click’ Check Code’.
  • And redeem to get your reward!

SOURCE: Bloxy Village

If the code is not working and you are not able to claim it, then the code must be expired and has become deactivated.

To stay updated and get more codes, make sure to follow TheBoss on Twitter, who is the developer of the game. You will find all the upgrades, info about activated and expired codes, get credits, and lots of other important news about the game.