Roblox Noob Army tycoon codes (May 2024)

Following are some of the codes mostly used by players in Roblox Noob army tycoon:-

Code Reward Status Release
oneyearrelease10k Gemsworking10/05/2023
buildingskins2.5k Gemsworking10/05/2023
gamemode500 Money, 500 Research Points, and 4.5k Gemsworking10/05/2023
200Mvisits!!7.5k Money, 7.5k Research Points, and 2.5k Gemsworking10/05/2023
merry christmas!!7.5k Money, 7.5k Research Points, and 2.5k Gemsworking10/05/2023
formation and squads7.5k Money, 7.5k Research Points, and 1k Gemsworking10/05/2023
free3900gems3.9k Gems working10/05/2023
fusioncoil2.5k Money, 2.5k Research Points, and 500 Gemsworking10/05/2023
sdgfjkdfgfgyht654fcgxh89jhy2k Money and 1k Research Pointsworking10/05/2023
free moneyyyyy1k Moneyworking10/05/2023
free research points100 Research Pointsworking10/05/2023
350gems350 Gemsworking10/05/2023
600gems600 Gemsworking10/05/2023
free1070gems1070 Gemsworking10/05/2023
freegunnerskin5,000 Money, 3,000 Gems, and a Twitter Gunner Skinworking10/05/2023
dailyrewards2,500 Money, 2,500 Research Points, and 250 Gemsworking10/05/2023
good2500 Money, 2500 Research, and 500 Gemsworking10/05/2023
NOOB5000 Money and 5000 Researchworking10/05/2023
lol100 Money and 100 Research Pointsworking10/05/2023
noob2250 Money and 250 Research Pointsworking10/05/2023
christmas1k Gemsworking10/05/2023
free1kgems1k Gemsworking10/05/2023
free5000gems5k Gemsworking10/05/2023
sqdudfaz772qs1i39hazedqso36545da6z685qq64XSQZAZFFXdsfjSQCG1k Cashworking10/05/2023

Noob Army Tycoon Codes (Expired)

These Noob Army Tycoon codes no longer work.

  • noob—Redeem for 100 Money and 100 Research Points
  • merry Christmas!!—Redeem for 7500 Money, 7500 Research, and 2500 Gems
  • qsfdjkgfikfhbZQSSQDGherdfçzeig—Redeem for 2500 Money, 2500 Research, and 1000 Gems
  • qsfdjkgfikfhbZQSSQDGherdfçzeig2—Redeem for 2500 Money, 2500 Research, and 2000 Gems
  • free gems – Redeem for 1000 Gems
  • free money – Redeem for 100 Money
  • 100KLIKE – Redeem for 20000 Money and 20000 Research Points
  • 10M – Redeem for 10000 Money and 10000 Research Points
  • NOOB—Redeem for 5000 Money and 5000 Research

Roblox noob army tycoon is a fascinating game since the whole point of it is to build an entire base from nothing. All the adventure starts when you have to start it by buying a tiny piece of land, then purchase to earn money soon, and then you’ll have to build more out by hiring more workers for buildings and such. As you keep playing and building more lands and acquiring assets, you will have enough money to buy armies and people who will bring in new changes to the land. The coolest part is you can start buying air crafts and such!

This game not only helps with good cognitive impairment and an eye for style and structure, and design. Suppose you have an artful side to you and want to create your fantasy land with your taste of the likelihood of a living place. This game definitely will broaden your imagination and overall gaming experience!

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

This game is soon gaining popularity overall and has a great following on social media already. Since this game is a bit different and doesn’t need a war-like strategy, but building design and making things out of it. It needs a good plan to lay out the whole experience.

Benefits Of Roblox Noob Army tycoon 

Using these codes does just that. They enhance and create easy ways to make challenges less morbid. Use these codes to create more and a smooth gaming experience. For example, Gems, which is a currency that helps unlock pets, and hats. You can also convert these gems into money at money traders; gems are the only currency that can’t be multiplied. Gems noobs, gems miners, and gems chests are among other gems.

How To Redeem Roblox Noob army tycoon codes? 

This simple and plain procedure is very easy to use and follow. These codes can. Get you ahead and make and pave a sure way to win through. It doesn’t matter if you’re a gaming veteran or a new gamer. These codes are one of the surest ways to build your gaming world. Use them to your best advantage!

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem the codes in the game, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Sign in to the official Roblox account and launch the noob army tycoon game.
  • You will spot a blue Twitter bird icon on the right side of the screen; press it.
  • A drop box would appear
  • Enter the code mentioned above
  • Use all the benefits of the codes!

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To always stay and keep in touch and updated about the game, you can follow the official Twitter handle @Denetroll.