Roblox Ninja Legends 2 Codes (May 2024)

Following are some of the codes mostly used by players in the Roblox Ninja Legends 2:-

Code Reward Status Release
powers500500 Shardsworking10/03/2023
bossbattle300300 Shardsworking10/03/2023
Firstplanet250250 Shardsworking10/03/2023
epictower350350 Coinsworking10/03/2023
treeninja400400 Coinsworking10/03/2023
shurikencity500750 Coinsworking10/03/2023
epicturrets450300 Shardsworking10/03/2023
waterfall500500 Shardsworking10/03/2023
newgame500500 Shardsworking10/03/2023

Ninja Legends 2 Codes (Expired):-

Down below are all expired codes for Ninja Legends 2

  • zenmaster15K

If you want to become the greatest warrior of all time and learn the skills of Ninjutsu, then Roblox has come up with a solution for you which is known as Ninja Legends 2; it is an action game created and developed by Scriptbloxian.

Ninja Legends 2 uses the Ninjutsu concept in-game and is all about learning and mastering it. One of the greatest gimmicks to win the character is improving the skills and stats since it will help the players to gain Ninjutsu points which can then be exchanged for exclusive items throughout the game.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

Players will be getting many opportunities throughout the game to earn plenty of free shards that can be used on pets and coins to purchase the needs, helping them gain more power a little bit quicker.

Later in the game, players will get to know that it’s not easy to reach such a pinnacle as there are various obstacles in between. It’s a long, complicated road filled with many assaults and brutal power grindings unless you get a little help from Roblox Ninja Legends 2 codes.

Roblox Ninja Legends 2 codes will provide the players some free in-game currency which will also help their journey of fundamental mastery and training become easier to lead.

Benefits Of Ninja Legends 2 Game Codes

The Roblox Ninja Legends 2 platform Codes are very popular and useful for the players as they will help the players by giving them various rewards and completing the game before their friends do. And some other advantages as it gives loads of in-game freebies, such as coins, yen, and various passes.

How To Redeem Roblox Ninja Legends 2 Codes?

Players must go through the process to redeem their working and activated codes.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem the codes you need to follow the simple steps given below:-

  • Sign in to the Roblox account
  • Launch the Roblox Ninja Legends 2 game through this gaming platform
  • Go to the Main Menu and search for the code icon on the right side of the screen.
  • Once you click on that, you will open up the code redemption window.
  • Now copy the code and paste it onto the text box.
  • To claim the rewards, hit the “Enter” button.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

Now, if you want to be updated, then follow  the developer on their Twitter handles @Scriptbloxian to get the latest codes in Roblox Ninja Legends 2. Players can reclaim these codes for coins and shards, which are valuable for inaugurating pet orbs and buying items.