Roblox Murder Mystery 3 Codes (June 2024)

The active codes for Murder Mystery 3 are listed below:-

Code Reward Status Release
V4L3NHeart Axeworking10/05/2023
!DUCK!Promo Knifeworking10/05/2023
LOLPOPCandy Cane Lollipop Knifeworking10/05/2023
P1ZZ4!Pizza Kunaiworking10/05/2023
G4L4XY!Galaxy Saber working10/05/2023
BAGUETTEBaguette Knifeworking10/05/2023
EDW4RDScissors Knife working10/05/2023
D34THKeeper Knife working10/05/2023
!CHR0M4LIF3!Chroma Slayer Sword working10/05/2023
T1NYPink Mini Hammer working10/05/2023
SK00LPencil Sword and Pencil Revolver working10/05/2023
S0RR0WBlade of Sorrowworking10/05/2023
CH13FChief Gavelworking10/05/2023
H1DD3NHidden Sparkletime Petworking10/05/2023
R3TURNReturn Knifeworking10/05/2023
B0XBox Cutter Knifeworking10/05/2023
V4P0RVaporwave Sword!working10/05/2023
UPD4T3Fortune Gun and Honor Knifeworking10/05/2023
P0T4T0Potato Knifeworking10/05/2023
LUG3RBlue Lugerworking10/05/2023
!T3N!10M Knifeworking10/05/2023
INF3RN4LInfernal Axeworking10/05/2023
INF3RN10Green Soul Knifeworking10/05/2023
M1DN1GHTMidnight Scytheworking10/05/2023
$!BL4Z3$!Dragon's Blaze Knifeworking10/05/2023
D4RK!EDDarksteel Knifeworking10/05/2023
H3LH4MM2R3DHell Hammerworking10/05/2023
!R3D!!Red Venom Knifeworking10/05/2023
PH4R40HPharaoh's Slayer Knifeworking10/05/2023
!SK311!Skeleton Slasherworking10/05/2023
GH05TGhost Scytheworking10/05/2023
PR1S0N3DBlood Scytheworking10/05/2023
3DG3DVoid Scytheworking10/05/2023
!D4G!Dagger of Dimensionsworking10/05/2023
V4P0RVaporwave Knifeworking10/05/2023
R41NRainbow Setworking10/05/2023
Y3P!Pegasus Petworking10/05/2023
N00B3YOof Effectworking10/05/2023
WINTERCandy Spirit Knifeworking10/05/2023
PDJPDJ Knifeworking10/05/2023
S3NSen Knifeworking10/05/2023
TH0RThor's Hammerworking10/05/2023
TURK3YTurkey Knifeworking10/05/2023
V3NT3DCyan Deagleworking10/05/2023
3MPDom Swordworking10/05/2023
JRTentacles Jr. Petworking10/05/2023
W1Z4D!Wizard Staffworking10/05/2023

Roblox Murder Mystery 3 Codes (Expired):-

  • LUCK3Y—Redeem code for a Lucky Axe
  • $!C3LT1C!$—Redeem code for a Celtic Sword Knife
  • P1ZZ4—Redeem code for a Pizza Sword
  • C01L—Redeem code for a Chroma Coil
  • $!CR1MS0N!$—Redeem code for a Crimson Trident
  • SL1C3R0—Redeem code for a Slicer Knife
  • FR33—Redeem code for a Teal Scythe
  • MM3RETURN—Redeem code for a Green Heart Balloon
  • FR33! FR33!—Redeem code for a Mercy Knife
  • !SUNNY!—Redeem code for a Sun Grace Knife
  • !$LUCKY$!—Redeem code for a Luck o’ the Irish Knife
  • SK00L 
  • CUP1D—Redeem code for a Cupid’s Slayer
  • CH40Z—Redeem code for Athzea’s Chaos Edge
  • H4LL0WS—Redeem code for Hallow’s Slasher
  • R$@@—Redeem code for a reward!
  • FR4NK—Redeem code for a Frankenblade
  • 3Y3B4LL—Redeem code for a Chroma Eyeball Knife
  • SW0RD—Redeem for a Sword!
  • S4D—Redeem for a Sad Knife!
  • 200K—Redeem for a 200k Bat!
  • S33RRBLX—Redeem for a Rainbowseer Sword!
      • PENCILS—Redeem for a Pencil Knife!
      • PRINCE—Redeem for a Prince Knife!
      • K450—Redeem for a Lava Scythe!
      • Y3HBOI—Redeem for a Chroma Vintage Knife!
      • M00N—Redeem for a Midnight Blade Knife!
      • F15H—Redeem for a Mackerel Knife!
      • P0T4T0—Redeem for a Potato Knife!
      • FL4M35—Redeem for a Flame Thrower Gun!
      • HELLTRACER—Redeem for a Hell Gun!
      • FROMHELL—Redeem for a Hell Hammer!
      • GROUP—Redeem for a Easter Periastron!
      • CAT—Redeem for a Big Rainbow Hammer!
      • YEETED—Redeem for a Big Rainbow Hammer!
      • BIGGY—Redeem for a Big Rainbow Hammer!
      • GAMES—Redeem for a Big Rainbow Hammer!
      • HAMMER—Redeem for a Big Rainbow Hammer!
      • DIAMFASMIFAIGISHGIAHI—Redeem for a Divine Flame!
      • HYP3R—Redeem for a Hyper Knife!
      • 100K—Redeem for a 100k Knife!
      • ANT—Redeem for a Antster Knife!
      • FROST—Redeem for a Permafrost Knife!
      • YOUTUBE—Redeem for a YouTuber Knife!
      • N2GC0D3—Redeem for a Blue Mini Hammer!
      • LUCKY—Redeem for a Lucky Knife & Gun!
      • P1X3L—Redeem for a Pixelated Knife!
      • P0K3D1G3R—Redeem for a PokeDiger Knife!
      • T0FUU—Redeem for a Tofu Knife!
      • ADM1N—Redeem for a Admin Gun!
      • BOOST—Redeem for a Booster Luger Gun!
      • SL4SH3R—Redeem for a Chroma Voltage Knife!
      • DF13LDMARK—Redeem for a Dfield Mark Knife!
      • SGC—Redeem for a SGC Knife!
      • ONE—Redeem for a One Knife!
      • JOHNCENA—Redeem for a Shark Sword Knife!
      • XXGODLY—Redeem for a Sea Knife!

Murder Mystery 3 is a sequel to the popular Roblox game- Murder Mystery 2. Murder Mystery 3, at its core, is a PVP survival game. When the player first logs in, they get fifteen thousand coins. Additionally, the player gets a thousand coins, and a free Murder Mystery 3 knife for every friend they invite to the game.

There’re 6 game modes in this game: Classic, Juggernaut, Massacre, Sheriff Madness, TDM Murderer, and TDM Sheriff.

In Classic mode, there are three roles, of which one is assigned to the player randomly at the start of a match. These roles are Sheriff, Murderer, and Innocent. One player is given the Sheriff role, and another one is made the Murderer; the remaining players are given the Innocent role. The Murderer has to try and kill all the players before the timer runs out, while the Sheriff has to find and kill the murderer before he kills all the players. The Innocent players have to try to survive the onslaught of the Murderer, and in case the Sheriff is killed, an Innocent player can pick up the dropped revolver and is then given the Hero role. The Hero can attack the Murderer.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

In the Juggernaut mode, there are two teams- Sheriff and Juggernaut; juggernauts have enhanced abilities and use knives; both the team try to kill each other and come out on top.

In the Massacre mode, all the players are on their own with a knife for company. They have to kill everyone else and be the lone survivor to win the match.

Sheriff madness is the same as Massacre mode but with guns.

TDM Murder and TDM Sheriff is a team deathmatch, one with knives and the other with guns.

Benefits Of Murder Mystery 3 Codes

Almost all the codes in Murder Mystery 3 give the players cosmetics, aka Weapon skins. With these, the player can rampage in style.

How To Redeem Roblox Murder Mystery 3 Codes?

If the player follows the below steps thoroughly, then the code redemption will be done in a jiffy.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem the codes in the game, follow the steps below:

  • Start upthe Murder Mystery 3 game after signing into your Roblox account.
  • When your character finishes loading completely, Look for a small Twitter iconin the menu at the left edge of the screen.
  • Hover on that icon, bringing out a small code redemption menu.
  • Click on the [ enter here ] and enter your code.
  • Now, just press the Enter key.
  • Check your inventory for the reward; it will be added to your inventory if the code is active and entered correctly.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

Follow @AthzeaRBX, the game developer of Murder Mystery 3, on Twitter for the latest codes and game updates.