Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator Codes (April 2024)

Below is the list of some of the most used verified active codes:

Code Reward Status Release
superfavorites 525k Favorites Slime Petworking10/05/2023
ty4favs500k500k Favorites Slime Pet working10/05/2023
ty4favs450k450k Favorites Slime Petworking10/05/2023
manylikes275k275k Slime Petworking10/05/2023
manylikes250k250k Slime Petworking10/05/2023
jimboishereJimbo the Farmer Petworking10/05/2023
daisytimeDaisy the Florist Petworking10/05/2023
cybertimeThe Cyber Slime Petworking10/05/2023
partyslime Party Slime Petworking10/05/2023
pinkyPink Slime Petworking10/05/2023
flowerpowerSunflower Petworking10/05/2023
tweetybird2020Blue Bird Mountworking10/05/2023

Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator Codes (Expired):

  • Petsomanyfavsโ€”The 250k Favorites Slime
  • ilikeslimes150kโ€”The Liked Slime Pet
  • lotsofvisits30mโ€”The Visitors Slime Pet

Roblox lawn mowing simulator, as the name suggests, is a simulator game where the gamers have to mow grass to gain scores and credits. There are long fields full of grads that are to be cleaned by the players, and according to the efforts, money is credited. Later on in the game, that money can be used to get updated tools and machines for better working. There is a large list of upgraded mowers and other tools to help you level up in the game.

On the beginning screen of the game, the players can customize their characters according to their gender. Players can add a personal touch to their character. This game is a multiplayer game; hence the gamers can find other players too on the lawn. Each grass imp is only one dollar at the beginning of the game. In the store, they can increase their speed of mowing, or the mower’s mowing capacity increases. They can also increase the bag capacity of the character. The gamers can move to the succeeding tier by collecting a specific amount of grass. After cutting the grass and collecting it, they have to sell it and collect money.


After reaching higher levels, the players can unlock different new lands like the candy land, pyramid land, etc. They can also buy pets which will help in the collection of more grass, flowers, and money. Throughout the game, just keep mowing the fields and receive money to level up in tiers.

Benefits Of Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator Codes

In Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator, the players have to cut the grass as fast as possible and gain the coins by selling those mowed grass. The codes come to great help in the collection of grass and gaining credits. Players can get pets, mounts, and other freebies that will support them to level up. The pets have the power to double the amount of collection of grass, flowers, and other things.

How To Redeem Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator Codes?

The process of redeeming codes in Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator is very easy and hassle-free. These steps below will guide you to put up the code and receive its benefits of it.


To redeem the codes in the game, follow the steps given below:

  • Launch Roblox Lawn Mowing Simulator after opening your Roblox account.
  • On the gaming, the screen locates codes ( on the right side of the screen).
  • A pop-up window will appear with an empty panel.
  • Enter the code you have copied into the panel.
  • Click on Enterย and enjoy the free reward.


ย Several new codes for this game are always being released with more exciting rewards. For all the updated active codes, follow the Twitter handle @PinkSlimeStudio and enjoy the freebies.