Roblox Last Pirates Codes (March 2024)

Below are some of the few ongoing codes mostly used by players in Roblox Last Pirates:

Code Reward Status Release
FixBugStat Resetworking10/05/2023
BigUpdate5LP (You need to be level 300 to use this code)working10/05/2023
NewWorldStat Resetworking10/05/2023
bleak50K Beliworking10/05/2023
KongPoopStat Resetworking10/05/2023

Expired Last Pirates Codes:

  • Bleak_fat—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • Event—Redeem for 5 LP
  • Chxmei—Redeem for 10k Beli
  • Greed—Redeem for 10 LP
  • Update!—Redeem for 5 LP
  • OPZTV—Redeem for 5 LP
  • Checkmate—Redeem for a stat reset
  • Code—Redeem for 25k Money
  • LPLOVER—Redeem for 10 LP [Requires level 300]
  • Snappy—Redeem for 25k Cash
  • Juan—Redeem for 5 LP
  • NEOGAMING—Redeem for 10 Heart Gems
  • 111KFAV—Redeem for a Stat Reset
  • FreeGem—Redeem for 10 HeartGems
  • iSEN—Must be level 300 to claim
  • 100KFAV—Redeem for free Stat Reset
  • TECHO—Redeem for 5 LP
  • 5Chiba—Redeem for 20k Cash
  • UPDATE2—Redeem for a stat reset
  • CarinaCaxtez—Redeem for free rewards [Requires level 300]
  • PixelJoe—Redeem for a stat reset
  • N4Animation—Redeem for 30k Beli
  • Stranger—Redeem for a stat reset
  • SEAFOUR—Redeem for free rewards [Requires level 300]
  • Ruriair—Redeem for 20k Beli
  • Dream—Redeem for a stat reset
  • Odyssey—Redeem for 20k Beli
  • SmolEsan—Redeem for 10,000 Cash
  • XIEXIE—Redeem for 10,000 Cash
  • 10MVisits—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • DIW_TW—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • 3MVisits—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • NEOGAMING—Redeem for a Cash Reward
  • MIUMA—Redeem code for 20,000 cash (Re-added)
  • OatCasterCh—Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • JZ GAMMING—Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • MAOKUMA—Redeem code for 10,000 cash
  • KINGNONKD—Redeem code for 1,000 cash
  • WHITEKUNG—Redeem code to for 10,000 cash
  • UPDATE!!—Redeem code for 20,000 cash
  • Rosaki – Redeem for 10,000 Cash
  • snowman – Redeem code for a reward
  • Saber
  • Katana 
  • Bisento
  • Bisentov2
  • Yoru
  • Cathunt
  • 10KVisit
  • 25KVisit
  • Vezxter
  • HxW

Roblox Last Pirates provides a character from the anime series. This helps to set out the sea with the goal of being the most powerful character and lords of the sea, which draws the player into a land of tactful ideas to become the most powerful character. It is one of the most liked Roblox games and a perfect game that makes people enter into the dream of the most lovable animated series characters.

Last pirates have an interesting plot in which it gives more importance to the money and the character’s status to become the most powerful player in the animated series. It is indulged with a heart that belongs to the sea. If the player proves thirst, then the character becomes a fearsome pirate by being awarded a better place in the community of Last Pirates.


In order to become a powerful character, you have to set sail to become the powerful ocean warrior, explore the world to battle and defeat enemies in order to conquer the sea to make the Poseidon influence the player. These are the most important elements to achieve in this game to prove a powerful character.

If you admire the world of various emotions, then this is for you. If the player is more efficient, he can level up the game by making the steps to be a powerful warrior, explore the world and become an interesting player to conquer everything in one hand.

More hurdles lead to more skillful experience and a good end.

Benefits of Last pirates Codes

To make your characters participate beneficially, the character has to seek many adventures and fortune by traveling around with the help of maps to become the best pirate or marine in the game. For which you need to boost certain secret codes to achieve it. Roblox last pirates help the player explore more free gifts by entering into a new dreamland world.

How to Redeem Roblox Last Pirates Codes?

The players have to adhere to some amazing and simple processes in order to redeem their fantastic and craziest dream codes. If you are playing the game but have never redeemed any code, try these codes to enhance your experience.


To redeem the codes in the game, here are the steps you can follow:

  • Sign in to the Roblox account and launch the game Roblox Last Pirates.
  • Once it gets loaded in, locate and select the Menu button on the bottom screen.
  • Then, an option for the Twitter button will be available.
  • Then click on the area which shows enter code, and enter the code on the given space.
  • Once the entered code is submitted, with the help of pressing the submit button get a free reward.
  • If the code is active and correct, then you will be rewarded.


You can check the official Twitter handle of the game @Roblox. There you can get regular updates about the game features and secret codes.