Roblox Impostor Codes (May 2024)

The gamers who use some of the most important codes in Roblox Impostor are mentioned below:-

Code Reward Status Release
ilikeyacutgMohawk cosmeticworking10/04/2023
GAMERCap Cosmeticworking10/04/2023
ROCKTOBERHigh Noon Halloween Event Hat Cosmeticworking10/04/2023
BETAAnimal Hoodieworking10/04/2023

Roblox Impostor Codes (Expired):-

  • socialdistance—Redeem for a free Mask.
  • sorryforthedelay—Redeem for a free reward.
  • halloween2020—Redeem for a Circus Attendee hat.

Roblox Imposter is an Among us inspired game. There is a crew of astronauts, and there is an imposter among them who kills other members. The crewmates have to identify and vote for the poster to win. If the imposter successfully kills all the crewmates without getting caught, he/she becomes the winner.

The safe crewmates have tasks to complete. The group of tasks is listed and displayed on the left top corner of the screen. The players need to finish each task to defeat the imposter. Even if someone dies, they can complete their task being a ghost. The map of the game is too copied from the original Among us game.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

There is an option of calling an emergency meeting. When a dead body is found, it is reported. In the meeting, the discussion takes place to find the suspect. Voting takes place in the meeting, and the member with the highest votes is ejected from the game. If the innocent member is ejected, the game continues. If the imposter is caught, then the crewmates win.

There is an option to increase the number of imposters in one game. The imposter’s main task is to kill other members and sabotage the area. There are events available in various corners that help the Imposter to run away.

Benefits Of Roblox Impostor Codes 

Impostor needs to hide himself by disguise in this game, Roblox Impostor. To Disguise themselves, players need to have different cosmetics. Codes in this game provide free cosmetics that can help you hide in the game, save yourself and win.

How To Redeem Roblox Impostor Codes?

Unable to find the way to redeem codes in the game Roblox Impostor? Mentioned below is the process that you can follow to apply the codes and redeem all rewards for free.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

Follow the steps given below to redeem all the codes:-

  • Open Roblox in any web browser or directly in the Roblox app.
  • Log in or sign up to your Roblox account.
  • Launch the game Roblox Impostor Codes.
  • Start a game.
  • Sometimes, you will join a game from the middle, and you can not redeem the code there.
  • But when you start it in a lobby, you can see a textbox with Enter Code written on it on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the textbox and then type or copy-paste the code in there.
  • Click the blue Redeem button present just below the text box.
  • Now enjoy your free rewards.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

New codes are waiting for you on the official Twitter account of @ArcadeRockstar. Follow them on Twitter and stay updated with the codes in the game Roblox Impostor.