How To Fix Roblox Error Code 279? (April 2024)

Roblox is a well-known online game where users can design their own games, worlds, and other things. Erik Cassel and David Baszucki came up with the idea in 2006. Their game gained worldwide popularity very quickly, attracting over 150 million players.

On occasion, players who attempt to join a game or world see an error message “DISCONNECTED: The game could not be accessed. Roblox error 279: (ID=17: Connection attempt failed)” This error is brought on by a number of different factors (listed below). This article will explain the significance of this error and how to fix it.

The connection issue that results in the Roblox Error Code 279 id=17 can be brought on by interference. You can’t connect to or load the game server, so something must be preventing that.

Everyone who attempted to load the game but was unsuccessful received the following message: DISCONNECTED: disconnected from the game. The connection attempt with ID=17 failed. (Error Message 279)

It is one of the most frequent and sporadic error problems experienced by Roblox players, preventing them from starting the game or making it take longer to load than usual.

What Causes Roblox Error Code 279?

Roblox error code 279 is a common problem that many Roblox players are experiencing. The causes of this error will be discussed in this section. You need to be attentive to this because your game might malfunction or crash if you aren’t.

Slow Internet connection

Your gameplay might not be as fluid and lag-free if you have a slow internet connection with low bandwidth or even an unusual wireless connection. That’s because people who don’t have fast enough connection speeds to support them during gameplay are more likely to experience the “DISCONNECTED: Failed to connect with the Game. (ID=17: Connection attempt failed) (Error Code 279)” error.

Massive Game

You are in charge of this brand-new world of virtual reality adventures. Roblox has everything, from roller coasters to tycoon games where only your imagination can determine success or failure. A sizable gaming platform, indeed.

The only drawback? For some reason, your internet connection is as slow as molasses (or maybe no internet at all). But have no fear, we can use VPNs and fast connections to make the error code 279 Roblox more tolerable so you can resume your activities as soon as possible without any problems.

Empty Game

Some things that can go wrong when you play Roblox. One is a problem with an empty game in which a crucial component of gameplay might be absent. There may have been an error in something the creator provided because there was no sound at all & only color on the screen.

This indicates that it must be resolved before other players become annoyed by errors in general. Therefore, if this occurs to you, stop playing immediately and report it so that others won’t experience syncing problems when they start playing too soon. Otherwise, find another game to play because you’ve already wasted enough time.

Many Roblox players are having trouble with Roblox error code 279. It can occur on any device, and it can be annoying to keep getting this message while trying to play your favorite games. Fortunately, the steps in the following section can help those who need assistance in solving the issue. To combat this annoying bug, we advise giving it a try.

How To Fix Roblox Error Code 279?

Do Roblox error code 279 interruptions to your gaming experience annoy you to no end? I can relate to how it feels to become irrational when an unwelcome pop-up ruin all of my fun. But don’t worry, my fellow players. These easy-to-follow instructions can help you resolve the issue without any difficulty at all.

It’s time to put on your game face. Don’t skip any of the steps because they are all vital. However, if you do omit a step, you might not be able to correct it as quickly and might produce even more errors in your system.

Therefore, be sure that every detail is carefully attended to because if you don’t, buddy, there will undoubtedly be issues down the road.

The steps to fix Roblox error code 279 are as follows:

1. Use a Trustable Browser:

Like the majority of your favorite games, I believe Roblox is much more enjoyable to play on the appropriate browser. Google Chrome is the best option, in my opinion, because no other browser enjoys the same level of whole-world acceptance and dependability.

Error Code 279 might appear for some reason if you’re using a browser that you don’t trust.

2. Refresh Your Web Browser

If you use one, make sure that your browser is updated. Checking for updates periodically, such as once or twice per month, is an easy way to quickly determine whether your browser needs to be updated.

When playing Roblox, occasionally, there will be errors, and we’ll get code Roblox 279 error messages that are challenging to understand without first knowing what they mean!

3. Windows Firewall 

Windows Firewall may be to blame for Roblox error code 279 by blocking Roblox games. Before starting your game again, make sure you go into Windows settings and disable the firewall.

To remove the Windows Firewall can be a little difficult, but we’re here to make it simple. You must carry out the following five easy steps in the correct order:

  • Windows Defender Firewall can be found by pressing the search button.

  • From the Turn Windows Defender Firewall on/off switch located on the right side of the panel, disable the Window Defender Firewall.

  • Go back.
  • Restart your computer now.

  • Now, play games on Roblox by opening them.

4. Turn off browser add-ons (Ad-Blockers)

Even though Roblox is a free-to-play multiplayer game, it still needs to make money. The main way that websites like Roblox make money is through advertisements.

As you may be aware, some people’s Ad-Blockers prevent them from playing games normally, so they can occasionally be distracting.

To turn on Pop Ups instead of the “Ad Block” extension or to disable extensions altogether, go into your browser’s settings before launching ROBLOX.

5. Reset Internet Configuration

An issue with Roblox’s settings? Not to worry. If all of your individual preferences are reset, you can restore them by deleting the original cause of this error code. Still unclear as how it took place? Check out the steps that will get you started on the path to better gaming.

  • Open your default Web browser (suggested Google Chrome).

  • Click the three-dot button to access the internet settings.

  • Open the advanced settings window
  • Select the reset button that is there.

  • Next, completely shut down the browser.

  • Check to see if the problem has been resolved in Roblox error code 279 by attempting to play Games in Roblox once more.

6. Open the Correct Ports

Error code 279 appears to be brought on by your network’s lack of open ports. Try opening every route to see if anything changes—other factors might be involved!

To resolve this situation, you should take the following easy steps:

  • Launch the router’s control panel.
  • To access your router panel, log in as an administrator.
  • Now, go to the port forwarding category.
  • Put in your IP address.
  • Enter the port ranges 49152–65535, then choose UDP as the protocol.
  • You must then restart your computer or laptop.
  • Open Roblox games now and see if the error code 279 problem has been resolved.

7. Turn off antivirus

It is frustrating when an antivirus program, such as Avast Anti-virus prevents you from playing a particular game.

Therefore, it’s crucial that the antivirus is disabled. If not, this might be a major factor in Code 279 Roblox errors.

Disabling may be done either permanently or temporarily. Regardless of which course of action you have taken, once you have done so, check what happens with your Roblox account to see if the problem has been resolved.

Why Do I See Error Code 279 “DISCONNECTED: Failed To Connect To The Game ID=17”?

As mentioned earlier, the last section of the article contains some blocking and interference that has led to the appearance of this error. The message “Connection attempt failure error 17” can also appear occasionally. You must now determine which of the following causes is related to your issue.

When a user tries to re-join the same server before Roblox disconnects you from the previous site and when a user’s internet prevents the Roblox server from loading.

Now, I do not want to shock you, but if your reason is reason number 2, it could be bad for you because all of your game-related files could be deleted from the server if the game process is lost.

ROBLOX authorization error code 524 isn’t a problem of ROBLOX itself. The game developers have set this server to VIP instead. That’s why you are facing this problem.

Now, you can easily resolve Roblox Error Code 279 after thoroughly reading the article and keeping an open mind. Hopefully, this post will have clarified all the lingering questions you may have about what it means.