How To Fix Roblox Error Code 277 (May 2024)

Roblox has an extensive network of servers to support its humongous platform; after all, it has millions of games on its platform and must provide a seamless gameplay experience to thousands of players simultaneously every day. Everything in the digital world is susceptible to errors. And Roblox is no exception to it, especially with its giant digital infrastructure.

The player is very likely to encounter at least one error during the course of their entire gameplay. If the player has not encountered any error yet, then they can consider themselves lucky. And if perchance they do encounter an error due to some unfortunate reason, then the Error would be accompanied by a string of text along with a code. This is the error code that comes in handy in identifying and even resolving that error.

Now coming to the topic, the one that the player is actually here for, Error Code 277. Error Code 277 is among the many error codes of Roblox that the player may be unfortunate to encounter if they tick the wrong boxes. This error code is purely a connection-related error. It is accompanied by a text alert informing the player that they have been disconnected and to check the player’s internet connection.

What Is Error Code 277

The players can use the following handy bit of information to ascertain the type of error they are facing. The error codes usually start with either of these four numbers, 2, 5, 6, or 7. Each of them signifies a different thing; take the error codes starting with the number 2; for example, it denotes a connection-related issue. If the error code starts with 5, then it is a player-related issue; an error code starting with 6 indicates HTTP issues, while error codes starting with 7 indicate a place teleportation error.

Now the player should know the type of error we are discussing. Yes, this error is due to a connection-related issue. But we do not know what the exact issue is yet; it could be caused due to a variety of reasons. And any one of those reasons is enough to kick the player out of the game with an accompanying error code. This error can pop up in any operating system, including Windows, Android, XBOX, MAC, and IOS. The core issue could lie at the user end or the server side. Read on further to identify on which side the error is, the various possible causes for this error’s appearance, and the common resolution methods to fix this error.

Possible Reasons For Error Code 277

In the previous section, we mentioned that there could be a multitude of reasons for the Error code 277 to manifest while the player is in the midst of their game. Here are some of the probable reasons that could have forced the player to mentally flip a table after being kicked out of the game.

Some of the most common reasons for the player encountering Error 277 are listed below:-

1. Corrupted Windows files: The player may encounter Error 277 if any of the windows files on their system are corrupted. Their windows files could have gotten corrupted due to a variety of reasons. Not only does it cause problems for Robox, but it could also cause other problems in the player’s system if not tended to as soon as possible.

2. Server-side issues: The player should be aware that the issues are not always at their side; they could be at the server-side too. If the Roblox servers are undergoing maintenance or if they are down for some reason, then the player will encounter this error. The player can also encounter this error if the game they are trying to access is down for updates. In either case, the player’s only choice is to keep a watch on the game or the platform while patiently biding their time.

3. Game Bugs: The player could encounter this error due to some games on Roblox. If a game has used more assets than the specified limit, the game could make the client freeze and hence cause connectivity issues. These issues will, in turn, cause the player to lose connection and therefore encounter Error code 277.

Common Steps To Resolve Error Code 277

There’re a variety of reasons why the player could encounter Error Code 277, and there are just as many if not more, possible methods of resolution to tackle them. We have listed some of the most common resolution methods to help the player deal with it.

The most common fixes to resolve Error Code 277 are listed below:-

1. Update the browser that is being used:Having the latest version of the browser that the player is using is essential. And we recommend using Google Chrome as it is very stable and compatible with Roblox. Although many browsers have the auto-update feature, in case it has been turned off for some reason or has not been updated, then the player will have to update their web browser manually. Keeping the player’s web browser updated keeps it secure from any bugs or security issues found in the previous versions. It also safeguards the player’s web browser from new threats. We are listing the procedure to update the Google Chrome web browser.

Steps to update Google Chrome:

1. Open Google Chrome & click on the three dots at the top right corner, just below the close button.

2. Now navigate to the bottom of that tab and hover over the Help option

3. In the Help menu, click on the About Google Chrome button

4. The player’s web browser, at this point, will automatically check for any available updates and update itself.

2. Run Roblox in compatibility mode:The player could encounter Error code 277 and be disconnected from the game even when the Roblox player is incompatible with their Operating System version.

To fix this incompatibility, the player could try running their Roblox Player in the compatibility mode to try and fix the compatibility issue. For this, the player has two methods in the windows operating system. One method involves changing the app’s compatibility directly, while the other method uses the windows compatibility troubleshooter to autodetect incompatible applications.

Method 1 – Changing compatibility settings for the Roblox Player:

1. Right-click on the Roblox Player shortcut or the main executable file itself and click on properties. If the player doesn’t know the installation location or the shortcut is deleted, click on the Windows button.

2. Now, in the search bar, search for Roblox Player

3. Right-click on it and click on Open file locationalternatively, the player can choose this option from the right side menu.

4. The player will be taken to the Roblox Player’s shortcut location.

5. Now, right-click on the Roblox Player shortcut and click on Properties.

6. In the Properties menu, switch to the Compatibility tab.

7. Now, the player can click on Run compatibility troubleshooter to run the troubleshooter, which finds the compatibility issues and recommends the settings and operating system which would best work for it. They can also manually select an operating system that will be used in the compatibility mode for running the Roblox Player.

8. Check the box next to the “Run this program in compatibility mode for:” option. Then from the drop-down menu, the player can select the operating system that will be used to run the Roblox Player in the compatibility mode.

Method 2 – Using the compatibility troubleshooter:

1. Click on the Windows button to access the start menu.

2. In the search bar, search for Run programs

3. The player will get a list of results for their search; from the search results, find and click on Run programs made for previous versions of Windows.

4. The Program compatibility troubleshooter will be opened.

5. Click on the Next button for the program to find and fix any problems that the player may encounter with running older programs on their current operating system.

6. The troubleshooter will start detecting issues. The time taken for this completely depends on the player’s computer. It could take a few seconds to a few minutes.

7. Once it finishes the detection process, it displays a list of programs. From here, the player can search and select the Roblox Player and then click on the Next button.

8. After clicking on the Next button, the troubleshooter will again try to detect any issues with the Roblox Player and then offers the player two choices. To try the recommended settings or to troubleshoot the program again.If the Player selects the Try recommended settings option, then the troubleshooter will choose the optimal operating system settings to run the Roblox player in. Choosing the Troubleshoot program option will ask the player more questions related to the issue they are facing and try to point out an optimal solution for them.

9. Whatever option the player chooses, they must restart their PC before launching Roblox to check if the error has been resolved.

3. Clearing the Cache and Log files of Roblox:Every program or application on the player’s computer generates Log files; they are not completely removed even after that particular application has been uninstalled. These also slow down the player’s computer and cause trouble with applications. The computer automatically clears them at set intervals.

These Log files could also be a reason for Error Code 277 appearance, as Roblox Player’s log files could affect the Roblox Player.

To clear the Roblox Log files, listed below are the steps:

1. Press the Windows + R keys at the same time. This will open the Run program.

2. Now type the following directory location there and hit the enter key or press the OK button.


3. This will open the location of the Roblox Log files.

4. Select all the files except the archive folder, and hit the Shift + Deletekeys to delete them permanently.

5. Now, once again, open up the Run program by pressing the Windows + R keys.

6. Type the following directory location and delete the files there as we just did in the previous step.


7. Once the player has finished deleting these files, they must restart their computer before running the Roblox player to check if the Error has been resolved.

4. Check the internet connection:Since the player already knows that Error 277 is a connectivity-related issue. They must not ignore the physical connection and completely focus on checking their computer. The player’s router could have an issue, so it is better first to check if the LAN wire is connected properly, and if it is connected firmly, then the next step would be to restart the router. This can be done by pressing the power button behind the router to turn it off and back on. Some routers do not have a power button; in that case, the player can turn off the power to the router by either switching off the switch to the socket that the router is connected to. If the socket has multiple other connections that the player does not want to turn off, then they can simply pull out the power cord attached to the router.

If the player is connected to a wifi connection from their computer, it is recommended to connect through an Ethernet connection if possible; if not, then they can turn off their wifi connection and turn it back on to check if that resolves the error.


We hope that the resolution methods listed above, along with the list of probable causes due to which Error 277 could occur, will come in handy for the player. The player could be facing the error due to any one of those issues. They would not have had to try all the listed resolution methods if the player was lucky enough. It is advised to the player that they keep tabs on the status of Roblox servers too.