Roblox East Brickton Commands

Roblox East Brickton is a command-based simulator game. On this platform, gamers build their character and customize them. They roleplay the character and control its destiny. This game has numerous rules, commands, and procedures. Knowing the commands for a specific action is very crucial and necessary.

Players are instructed to play according to the rules and regulations; otherwise, they will be disqualified or banned from the game. Communication is the main element of this game. The gamers have to provide commands so that their character and the opponent decipher them. If the communication is undefined, it will lead to conflict and trouble; it may create combat situations with the opponents. Inappropriate commands can lead to the player getting banned from the platform. Hence it is very important to know the commands and controls.

Here is the complete list of commands of Roblox East Brickton: 

Phone + chat command East Brickton Commands

To opt for the phone command option in the game, the gamers need to have a phone in their character’s hands. Players can click on the phone button on the gaming screen’s bottom part. The phone option can also be activated by clicking a new player’s key on the keyboard. Then the specific command for communication can be entered in the chat box. Gamers just need to replace “contact” and “name” with the name of the player they want to communicate with.

  • /call [contact] – This command will help to call the contact.
  • /pm– this command is to be used for text messages
  • /wi– this command is to get whispers
  • /s – this is the shouts command

East Brickton Dance Commands 

The dance commands in this game help to make the character dance. You can enter controls that will turn into moves.

  • /e no– this command will shake the head to no
  • /e sit – this will make the character sit on the floor
  • /e dab– this command is for dabbing
  • /e hdf– this command is for dancing in one place.

East Brickton Emote Chats Commands 

Emote commands are different from phone commands. It does not require the phone to be activated. These controls can be simply entered in the chats box and will work Directly.

  • /e crossarms – this command will make the character cross its arms.
  • /e hs1 – the character will make a formal handshake with this control.
  • /e shoot– this command will make the character jump on one foot.
  • /e hs2– this control is for a casual handshake.

East Brickton Roleplay Actions Commands 

In the roleplay action commands, the character does specific movements. The player can enter the controls, and the character will move and work accordingly.

  • /acceptservice– this command will take the money from the RP job.
  • /e lean– this control will make the character lean on the walled surface.
  • /startservice– this command will make the character start a job.
  • /finishservice– this control code will end the job.

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