Roblox Dragon Blox Codes (February 2023)

The frequently used codes by many gamers in the game Roblox Dragon Blox are listed below:

Code Reward Status Release
400MPLAYS!3 Skill Resets and 2 Rebirths working01/28/2023
2023REBIRTH5 Rebirthsworking01/28/2023
GOLDCODE#250 Gold Zennyworking01/28/2023
JAN2023FREEREBIRTH!2 Rebirthsworking01/28/2023
JAN2023FREESKILLRESET!3 Resetsworking01/28/2023

Dragon Blox Codes (Expired):

These Dragon Blox codes no longer work.

  • AUG2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • AUG2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • JULY2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • JULY2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • JUNE2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • JUNE2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • MAY2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • MAY2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • APRIL2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • APRIL2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • 200MVISITS!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths and 3 Skill Resets
  • MARCH2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • MARCH2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • FEB2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for +2 Rebirth
  • FEB2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • January2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset points
  • January2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for +2 Rebirth
  • SEPT2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths 
  • SEPT2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset Points 
  • OCT2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • OCT2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset Points
  • XMAS22SECRETCODE!—Redeem for Stat Reser, 5 Rebirths, and 50 Premium Currency
  • XMAS22CODE!—Redeem for 5 Rebirths, 50 Gold Zenny, and 3 Skill Resets
  • FREE5REBIRTHDAY!—Redeem for 5 Rebirths
  • 2023ISALMOSTHERE!—Redeem for Gold Zenny
  • DEC2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for a Rebirth
  • DEC2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for a Skill Reset
  • FREE3SKILLRESETS!—Redeem for 3 Skill Resets
  • 5REBIRTHS—Redeem for 5 Rebirths
  • 1MGAMEFAVORITES!—Redeem for 100 Golden Zeni
  • NOV2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • 300MPLAYS!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths and 3 Skill Reset Points
  • 1MGROUPMEMBERS!—Redeem for free rewards
  • NOV2022FREEREBIRTH!—Redeem for 2 Rebirths
  • NOV2022FREESKILLRESET!—Redeem for 3 Skill Reset Points

Roblox Dragon Blox is a Dragon Ball Z-inspired game where the players have to fight against the opponent by using various powerful moves. Players in this game have to become Super Saiyans and go through multiple transformations to level up and move forward in the game. This game has a tough grind to level up, and the gamers can reach up to 350 million maximum power levels!

The most important thing in the game is power; it decides the transformation the characters can attain. Each transformation comes with a range of benefits; the first transformation provides the players with 200 health and plus 20 20 energy. Another way to get the benefits without transformation is through rebirths. Rebirths are very common in most Roblox games; in this game, it’s one of the core elements.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

The player first needs to choose an island on the initial gaming screen. Then locate the quest, which provides a choice between quest and further gives instructions about the challenge. Winning each quest provides rebirths, XPs, and powers. Players can fight the opponent with the help of blasts, magical powers, and sparks. When the gamer becomes decently strong and well trained, they can fight with the coolest. Defeating the coolest will give the highest amount of gains and power that will, later on,n help in rebirths. The player needs to fight quests and level up with the powers throughout the game.

Benefits of Roblox Dragon Blox Codes 

In this game, to become the Super Saiyan in the world, you need a lot of help that is provided by the game itself, i.e., codes. Codes in this game give you rebirth, skill resets, and many more rewards for free to help you get to the title of the strongest person in the world.

How To Redeem Roblox Dragon Blox Codes? 

A simple process that the gamers can follow to redeem codes in the game Roblox Dragon Blox is mentioned below.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To apply codes in this game, follow the steps given below:

  • Open Roblox and log in or sign up for your account.
  • Lunch the game Roblox Dragon Blox
  • Open the main menu on the left side of the screen.
  • Search for the setting button and click on it.
  • When the setting window opens, you can find a redeem code dialogue box on the left corner of the screen.
  • Click on the dialogue box and copy-paste or type any code there.
  • Hit the redeem button and get all the free rewards.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

In a search for new codes in the game Roblox Dragon Blox? You don’t have to worry much about that. You only need to follow the official Twitter account of @clothinggames. They keep you updated with the new codes available in the game, which you can access by following the above process.