Roblox Cursed Islands Codes (April 2024)

Following are some of the codes mostly used by players in Roblox Cursed Islands:-

Code Reward Status Release
200KLIKES300 Coinsworking10/03/2023
250KLIKES200 Coins & 100 Rubiesworking10/03/2023

Always type in the code exactly as it’s written, or it may not work.

Cursed Islands Codes (Expired):-

These codes for Cursed Islands no longer work.

  • krakenisland—Redeem for 300 Coins
  • happyholidays—Redeem for 30 Rubies
  • CHEST—Redeem for 80 Rubies
  • SampleCode—Redeem for 200 Coins, 10 Rubies, and Gear
  • Secret
  • CursedCandy
  • UFO
  • sp00ky

If you are a fan of exotic themes and stuff, then Cursed Islands is the game for you that Roblox has come up with.

It will take you to the islands that tend to be destroyed. Players need to overcome every barrier and leave the island before everything falls. It is like a Ninja Warrior TV show with more lava and death traps.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

Cursed Islands is a plate-based survival game using naval-based thematic props such as islands, octopi, and bays.

As the round begins, all players that are ready will be teleported into the area on an island, appearing as the players wake up from their swoon. There are a total of sixteen plates for each round.

The players will only have a few seconds to move onto an island if they want to. After some time, the opportunity is gone, having water fill up the arena and killing any player who falls into the water.

Technically, there is no time limit for any round; it continues until one person is left standing or all islands have been destroyed. Depending on what place players get, which is dependent on how long the player survived, you’ll get a currency called “Appas” and “Pearls.” You’ll also receive a key, which depends on the place you get for the round, which will open up chests you can buy with these Appas.

Now To improve your possibilities in the game, or at least look great while you fight for your life, you’ll need Cursed Islands codes.

Benefits Of Using Cursed Islands Codes

The Roblox cursed islands codes are very important for the players as the code will help the players to get on the ladder instantly. And some other advantages allow players to get skins, voices, Coins (regular money), Rubies (premium currency), valuable equipment, and much more. These freebies will help you in your quest to defeat opponents and survive island curses.

How To Redeem Roblox Cursed Islands Codes?( Steps Involve)

There is a process that players need to go through to redeem their working and activated Roblox Cursed Islands codes.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

To redeem the codes, you need to follow the simple steps given below:

  • Sign in to the Roblox account
  • Launch the Cursed Islands game through this platform
  • In the game, press the Rewards button on the right side of the screen.
  • In the text box on the top, press enter
  • Now copy/paste the code exactly as it appears
  • Press the Submit button to claim your rewards.

Stay regularly updated by following the Twitter handle of @cursed_islands. You will be updated about the information on active code. You can also claim even more freebies by joining the Cursed Islands Discord channel and community group.