Roblox Counter Blox Codes (April 2024)

The codes for Counter Blox expire quickly; hence there are currently no active codes. Listed below are some of the expired codes for Counter Blox:

  • BESTOFCB – This code is used to give the player an Imaginem case.
  • ILOVECB – Redeeming this code gave the player some Funds.
  • SPOOK – On the usage of this code player used to receive a Halloween case.
  • holiday18 – The player used to get Funds when they redeemed this code.
  • HOT
  • bloxy

Counter Blox is a First Person Shooter game on Roblox based on the insanely popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive game. This game is a fan favorite with almost a billion visits and a constantly active player base.

The game has undergone many name changes since its launch in 2014; It was first released as Counter-Strike: Source Roblox edition, then in 2015, the name was changed to Counter Blox: Global Bloxxing, and after a couple of more name changes, it was finally decommissioned in 2018. Later it was replaced with Counter Blox: Remastered, which is now the current Counter Blox.

SOURCE: AustinChallenges

The core gameplay and even maps are based on the Counter-Strike game, so it is exactly like a CS: GO match. For those who are not familiar with CS: GO, the gameplay of Counter Blox is explained in detail here.

There are two teams in the game, and the gameplay revolves around that. The two teams are Counter-Terrorists and terrorists. They both have different objectives and are equipped with different armaments. There are a certain number of rounds, and the team that wins the most rounds win the match. Completing the team’s objectives and/or killing the opposing team’s players rewards the player with cash. At the beginning of each round, the player can use this cash to buy better weapons and even explosives.

A match can be won by completing the team’s objective or by wiping out the enemy team. The objective of the Counter terrorists is to prevent the terrorists from planting the bomb, and in case they fail to do so, they will have to defuse it before it explodes. The terrorists’ objective is vice-versa.

Benefits Of Counter Blox Codes

Since there are no upgradeable stats or equipment in Counter Blox, the player should have a sense of progression, and that is skins. The player will need funds to get various skins, and gaining funds can be a chore. These codes help get the player some skins and even funds.

How To Redeem Counter Blox Codes?

The player only has to follow the steps below, and the whole redemption process will be over in a flash.

SOURCE: AustinChallenges

To redeem the codes in Counter Blox, follow the steps below:

  • Open up Counter Bloxafter you log into Roblox.
  • As soon as you enter the game, you should see a Codes section on the middle-right edge of the screen; it is right next to the Shop.
  • Click on the Codesbutton, and a simple pop-up will appear, click on Enter Code Here and enter the code.
  • After entering the code, click on the Black tickmark next to the text box.
  • The redemption result will be shown just below the text box where the code was entered.

SOURCE: AustinChallenges

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