Roblox Clicking Havoc Codes (June 2023)

Listed below are the Clicking Havoc codes that are currently active: –

Code Reward Status Release
SECRETMythic Lava Elemental Petworking05/13/2023
15MILLIONMythic 15M Petworking05/13/2023
UPDATE542x Luck Boost and a 3x Luck Boostworking05/13/2023
VAPORWAVEnew Petworking05/13/2023
UPDATE52Luck Boost and an Egg Boostworking05/13/2023
EASTERSmall Easter Dominusworking05/13/2023
UPDATE51several Boostsworking05/13/2023
UPDATE50several Boostsworking05/13/2023
RANKUPCloud Dominus Petworking05/13/2023
UPDATE47free Boostsworking05/13/2023
UPDATE46free Boostsworking05/13/2023
DEVELOPERMini Toxic Petworking05/13/2023
JOLLYx2 & x3 Luck Boostsworking05/13/2023
UPDATE33free boostworking05/13/2023
AURICMini Auric Petworking05/13/2023
CORRUPTMini Corrupt Dominus Petworking05/13/2023
4MILLIONVISITSAll Boosts (15 minutes)working05/13/2023
SPINTHEWHEELPrize Wheel Petworking05/13/2023
LAVAChilled Lava Cat Petworking05/13/2023
POWERFULa Grim Reaper Petworking05/13/2023
BATTLEa Sword Petworking05/13/2023
RELEASELava Elemental Petworking05/13/2023
GEMS1500 gems &1500 clicksworking05/13/2023
CLICKS1500 gems &1500 clicksworking05/13/2023
BOOSTx2 Click Boost (15 minutes)working05/13/2023
UPDATE29x2 Luck Boost (20 minutes)working05/13/2023
QUESTSa Starry Dominus Petworking05/13/2023
3MILLIONVISITSAll Boosts (15 minutes)working05/13/2023
VOIDa Void Star Shine Petworking05/13/2023
CHEST a Chest Petworking05/13/2023
UPDATE27x2 Luck Boost (15 minutes)working05/13/2023
MINIa Charged Dominus Petworking05/13/2023
200KVISITS an x2 Click Boost (10 minutes)working05/13/2023
28KMEMBERSan x2 Luck Boost (10 minutes)working05/13/2023
TINYGEMa Tiny Gem Pet and 1.5k Gemsworking05/13/2023
YOUTUBE a YouTube Play Button Petworking05/13/2023
BUG FIXESa Cool Hammer Petworking05/13/2023
2KLIKESan x2 Click Boost (15 minutes) and an x3 Hatch Boost (five minutes)working05/13/2023
B4N Havoc Hammer Petworking05/13/2023
500KVISITS a 500K Petworking05/13/2023
THANKYOUall boosts (five minutes)working05/13/2023
600KVISITS a free +1 Egg Boostworking05/13/2023
UPDATE10a Havoc Flame Petworking05/13/2023
HELLa Mini Hell Demon Petworking05/13/2023
10KFAVORITESan x2 Luck Boostworking05/13/2023
100KMEMBERSan x2 Luck Boostworking05/13/2023
UPDATE13a Shiny Pet Boost (five minutes)working05/13/2023
1MVISITSfree Boostsworking05/13/2023
CELEBRATEa Party Hat Petworking05/13/2023
PATRIOT free Boostsworking05/13/2023
FIREWORKSan American Flag Petworking05/13/2023

Clicking Havoc Codes (Expired): –

These Clicking Havoc codes no longer work.

  • 60MX2LUCKā€”Redeem for 60 minutes of 2x Luck
  • 2HOURLUCKā€”Redeem for two hours of double Luck

Clicking Havoc is a clicking simulator game on Roblox. The first time the player logs in, they find themselves in a village-style lobby. The player gains a click by clicking on the button. Clicks and Gems are the currencies in the game. Gems can spawn on the map randomly too. In the lobby, there is a place to get the daily reward once every day; alternatively, it can be accessed by pressing the Dailies button on the user interface. The player can opt for rebirth after obtaining a set number of clicks. Rebirths will reward the player with gems and give a permanent click multiplier.

The gems that the player obtains can be used to buy upgrades like the auto clicker, auto clicker speed, auto rebirth, boss damage, double jump, pet slots, storage, hatch speed, and some more upgrades. Additionally, the player can buy boosts like egg hatch, gold pet chance, speed hatch, shiny pet chance, boss damage multipliers, click multipliers, and other boosts.

SOURCE: RedTrite

Every twelve hours, the player can spin a lucky wheel to try their luck at it. The other important element in the game is Pets. The player can buy pets using clicks or Robux. There are three types of eggs that can be bought at the starting area: regular egg, striped egg, and elemental egg. Regular is the cheapest at 1k clicks, and elemental is the costliest at 100k clicks. Eggs give pets when opened, and these give the player a permanent boost for clicks and gems.

Benefits Of Clicking Havoc Codes

The codes in Clicking Havoc can change the status quo in an instant. This is because the codes also give pets other than gems, clicks, and boosts. Mythic pets at that with overpowered multipliers. If the player uses those pet codes and equips those pets, they will instantly be propelled through the earlier stages of the game.

How To Redeem Clicking Havoc Codes?

Redeeming the codes in Havoc Clicker is easy; the player only has to follow the below steps.

SOURCE: RedTrite

Steps to redeem the codes in Clicking Havoc are listed below: –

  • Start theĀ Clicking HavocĀ game after signing into your Roblox account.
  • Look for theĀ CODESiconĀ at the bottom right corner of your screen once you are loaded in.
  • Click on theĀ CODES icon,Ā and a code interface should pop up.
  • Click onĀ Type Hereand enter your code.
  • Now click the greenĀ CLAIMĀ button right below it. A message would be displayed confirming the code redemption if the redemption was successful.

SOURCE: RedTrite

For the newest game codes, check the game page of Clicking Havoc on the Roblox site.