Roblox Base Battle Codes (May 2024)

Following are some of the codes mostly used by players in Roblox Base Battle:-

Code Reward Status Release
RAINSTERsupport Rainster on Base Battlesworking10/04/2023
300K50k Tokensworking10/04/2023
325K75k Tokensworking10/04/2023
LABORDAY2315k Tokensworking10/04/2023
OURBAD50k Tokensworking10/04/2023
350K75k Tokensworking10/04/2023
FREEMONEY10k Tokensworking10/04/2023

Base Battles Codes (Expired):-

These Base Battles codes no longer work.

  • SUMMER—Redeem for 50k Tokens
  • 200K—Redeem for 35k Tokens
  • 150KLIKES—Redeem for 25k Tokens
  • 100KLIKES—Redeem for 15K Tokens
  • Arctic—Redeem for 4K Tokens
  • DEVKING—Redeem for 3K Tokens
  • BETA—Redeem for 1,090 Tokens
  • CINCO—Redeem for 18,620 Tokens
  • SPRINGBREAK—Redeem for 25k Tokens
  • WHOOPS—Redeem for 25k Tokens
  • PREZ—Redeem for 50k Tokens
  • OVERTHEMOON—Redeem for 15k Tokens
  • RAINSTERGIVEAWAY—Redeem for 25k Tokens
  • DESTROYER—Redeem for 25k Tokens
  • 250K—Redeem for Cash

This game is all about Weapons, Killing Enemies, earning Diamonds and gems, and living the life of your dreams. The game offers every type of Gun you wish to use as a Kid.

A player can claim daily rewards in the game and earn more diamonds. Diamonds unlock crates that offer different player types of weapons, and defeating enemies earns you extra diamonds. Done with the enemies, you can even take down a helicopter with your weapons.

SOURCE: Gaming Dan

The Player starts level 1 with an AK-47 which he can upgrade with the diamonds earned by defeating enemies; a player can purchase different weapons as per the requirement with the use of diamonds. A player can ride a bike, helicopter, jeep, and many more things. A player can capture the base and lead the game among existing players and can top the leader board among friends and the world leader board.

Each level has new enemies and weapons; if the enemy player kills, you can restart the game from the last checkpoint with the choice of his vehicle. From upgrading equipment to unlocking new weapons makes the game interesting and gives the player a chance to experience a new level of fun; a player can enjoy many privileges provided in the game.

Benefits of Base Battle Codes

All the codes in Base Battle reward players with Tokens and other benefits. A player can utilize the codes at any level and unlock more weapons with the help of tokens; they can even afford upgrades, levels, and many such cool things in the game.

How To Redeem Base Battle Codes?

Codes give the player an added advantage in the game to earn some extra benefits from the game.

SOURCE: AustinChallenges

To redeem the codes in the game, you can follow the steps below:-

  • Sign in to the Roblox account and launch the game Roblox Base Battle.
  • Select your cool outfit.
  • Locate and press the Twitter bird icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • There will be an appearance of a new window on the screen, the redemption window.
  • You will get two boxes in the redemption window. One box for the code; type your code there.
  • In order to redeem codes, you need to follow developers on Twitter and verify the same by entering your Twitter username in the second text box and pressing the redeems button next to it.
  • Once the Twitter username is verified, then the code is activated, and you will be rewarded with all the benefits.

    SOURCE: AustinChallenges

To get more such interesting codes of Base Battle, you can check the Twitter handle of the creator @BaseBattlesRB. There you can get regular updates about the game features and secret codes.