Roblox Anime Warriors Codes (May 2024)

Some of the codes are listed below:-

Code Reward Status Release
UPDATE2250 Gems and Quest Beater Itemworking10/05/2023
Follow@dev_exile50 Gemsworking10/05/2023
Follow@EchoZenkai50 Gemsworking10/05/2023

Anime Warriors Codes (Expired):-

These codes for Anime Warriors no longer work.

  • BOOM350k—Redeem for 350 Gems
  • CRAFTINGSHERE—Redeem for 150 Gems
  • ULTIMATES400KMATS—Redeem for 40 Random Materials
  • ULTIMATES400KGEMS—Redeem for 400 Gems
  • TWITTERWENTCRAZY150K—Redeem for 250 Crystals
  • 2022RELEASE—Redeem for 150 Crystals
  • RELEASE—Redeem code for 150 Crystals
  • 125KTHUMBSUP – Redeem for 200 Crystals
  • UPDATE1MH – Redeem for 300 Crystals
  • THANKS4100KLIKES – Redeem for 150 Crystals
  • WOAHFiftyKLikes – Redeem for 150 Crystals
  • Twenty5kLikes – Redeem for 150 Crystals
  • 5kL1kes – Redeem for 30 minutes x2 Yen boost
  • Incredible10k – Redeem for a free boost
  • SeventyFiveK – Redeem for 100 Crystals

Roblox anime warrior is a game developed by Roblox by the company named Project. Players select and summon their favorite anime characters in this game to defeat the enemies. By opening some capsules, we can collect exciting and new anime characters. This game can be played between a team of friends. This game uses characters from manga or anime.

This game starts with an alone player wandering in the land of enemies, but by unlocking further levels, you can create a team of heroes to battle against the enemies. In this game, one can summon three anime characters and can easily switch between them. Choosing the correct anime characters is the most important task in the game. As we go into further levels of the game, the player has to face it.


The characters are summoned by using different units or crystals, and by using these characters, we can battle against the enemies. Enemies enter the world of the anime characters by making arm holes and start battling. The player also gets free spins one spin only for a specific anime and can only get the character from that anime. The anime heroes can also be summoned by completing some quests.

Fighting the enemies will help the player earn more currency, which helps get more currency. This helps to progress in unlocking new worlds, and players will also get to play new and exciting quests.

Enclamatic simulators develop new codes when the game hits a milestone or if there is a festival.

Benefits Of Anime Warrior Codes

There are many codes developed by the game which help us get many exciting rewards such as crystals, boosters, and freebies which help develop the character and play the game efficiently.

For example, to summon anime characters, we need crystals, and the boosters help gain the energy of the character. These codes are only useful for a specific period, so they must be used carefully and efficiently.’

The Process To Redeem Roblox Anime Warrior Codes


Redeeming the codes is a very simple process that can be done by following these simple instructions:-

  • Sign in to the Roblox platform and open the Roblox anime warrior game
  • Spot the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen and click on it
  • A new window will pop up with a code input box
  • Copy and paste the appropriate code and click on the redeem button; you will receive the reward.


The players have to follow the developers of the Roblox anime warriors game on Twitter, Discord, and other social websites to get updates on codes. The Twitter handles from which we get updates are @enclamatic, @AnimeWarriorsBZ. This game is played & loved by many, especially because of the anime characters.