Roblox Anime Tappers Codes (June 2024)

Some of the active codes for Anime Tappers are listed below:

Code Reward Status Release
LUCKYDUCKY Boostworking10/05/2023
YEN 15 Yenworking10/05/2023
SAO 580 Taps and 15 Yenworking10/05/2023
LUCK 10 Minute Super Luckworking10/05/2023
UPDATE x3 Yen for 10 Minutesworking10/05/2023
RAGE Purps petworking10/05/2023
RUSSO Russo petworking10/05/2023
AOGIRITREE 200 Coins and 45 Yenworking10/05/2023
JUZO Spooky Juzo Petworking10/05/2023
PUMPKIN Pumpkin Cursorworking10/05/2023
WITCH Witch's Hat Cursorworking10/05/2023
BROOM Broom Cursorworking10/05/2023

Anime Tappers Codes (Expired)

These Anime Tappers codes no longer work.

  • SAIYAN – Redeem for 250 Yen
  • HALLOWEEN – Redeem for 250 Coins and 25 Yen
  • GHOST – Redeem for Ghost Cursor
  • POWER UP – Redeem for 900 Taps
  • FEAR – Redeem for Gone Freecs Pet
  • SLEEPY – Redeem for Zenitu Sleeping Pet
  • TITAN – Redeem for 500 Taps and 25 Yen
  • ONEPIECE – Redeem for 350 and 15 Yen
  • NOFEAR – Redeem for Adult Gon Pet
  • BRAWL – Redeem for Rock Lee Pet
  • TOADBOI – Redeem for ToadBoi Pet
  • RELEASE – Redeem for 1K Taps

The Roblox Anime Tappers game is all about clicking to gain taps, but with an Anime twist. The player starts in a lobby filled with stuff to buy, but they won’t be able to buy anything initially unless they are prepared to spend some Robux.

Not only does the player have to click away to gain taps, but they also have to collect Yen which spawns around the map randomly. These are the two currencies; taps can be used for Rebirth. Once the player has a certain number of taps, they can choose Rebirth. Undergoing a Rebirth will give the player a permanent tap and yen multiplier.


Then we also have dungeons; dungeons are a feature that requires pets. Pets can be bought from the lobby and other maps using taps. A range of eggs is available at different pricing on every map. Once the player purchases an egg, they obtain a pet of a random rarity like common, rare, epic, legendary, mythic, and so on. Duplicate pets can be combined to form a more powerful variant; this can be repeated a few times. But it costs yen to combine them.

Without a game pass, the player can equip four pets. Once they enter the dungeon, they can click on the enemies to set their pets on them; they have to tap to attack the enemy. The dungeon has a time limit; within that time, the player has to proceed into the rooms as much as they can. Once the time limit ends, they are rewarded with Taps and Yen; if they are lucky, they can get a spin too. Dungeons are the way to farm yen instead of roaming around the map looking for them. There are plenty of locations in-game; they can be accessed by going through portals at the start location.

Benefits Of Anime Tappers Codes

The codes in Anime tappers can completely change the player’s gameplay initially.

These codes can get the player Pets that are way overpowered for starters, yen, taps, and boosts.

How To Redeem Anime Tappers Codes?

Code redemption is quite straightforward in Anime Tappers. Just follow the provided instructions.


Steps to redeem the codes in Anime Tappers are listed below: –

  • Open theAnime Tappers game after logging into your Roblox account.
  • After your character has finished loading, look for a Twitter icon at the left edge of your screen.
  • Click on the Twittericon that will bring up the code interface.
  • Enter your code in the space provided and click on the blue CLAIM button.
  • A message will be displayed confirming the redemption of the code if all the steps were followed correctly.


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