Roblox Anime Storm Simulator Codes (July 2024)

The working codes for Roblox Anime Storm Simulator, which will help you gain some gems and golds are listed below:

Active Codes-

Code Reward Status Release
tenkamazing Yen and Gemsworking10/03/2023
5000KL1kes Yen and Gemsworking10/03/2023
sushiwashere 1K Yen and 100 Gemsworking10/03/2023
Release!!!1K and 100 Gemsworking10/03/2023

Anime Storm Simulator is a jackpot for anime lovers, as it is an anime-themed Roblox game. Players are prompted to pick a starter when they first play the game. They can add the starter champion they picked into their squad. There are seven slots in the squad, out of which only one is unlocked in the beginning. The first quest they get is a part of the tutorial, and it is a simple one. Completing it leads to another one that rewards the player with their second champion. In addition to the regular quests, the player can complete the daily quests to rake in some extra rewards.


The gameplay mechanics are fairly simple. The champions assigned to the player’s squad accompany the player. The player only has to click on enemies to command their champions to attack them, and they can just wait for the champion to finish them off or click on the attack button, which will do additional damage to the enemy.

Killing enemies rewards the player with Yen and Gems, which are the in-game currencies. Additionally, the player gets exp for them and their accompanying champions.

The player can get new champions by opening treasure chests. There are two types of treasure chests, the regular chest, and the rare treasure chest.

The regular treasure chest costs a hundred yen to open, while the rare treasure chest costs fifty gems. At the Yen shop, the player can exchange Gems for Yen. Then there’s a weapon shop, where you can purchase swords. Equipping weapons increases the player’s damage.

Benefits Of Using The Anime Storm Simulator Codes

These codes help get the player some quick Gems and Yen in Anime Storm Simulator. With these Gems and Yen, the player can try their hand at summoning new Champions to bolster their squad from the Treasure chests.

2. How To Redeem Anime Storm Simulator Codes?


The code redemption method is very easy in Anime Storm Simulator. Follow the instructions below, and the codes will be redeemed in no time.

To redeem the codes in Anime Storm Simulator, follow the steps listed below:

  1. Download and install the application of Roblox on your device.
  2. Log into your Roblox account and launch the Anime Storm Simulator game.
  3. Look for the golden Twitter icon at the left edge of your screen after your character has loaded in completely.
  4. Click on the “Twitter” icon, and the Codes interface will open up.
  5. Click on Type Code Here and enter your code.
  6. Now click the blue “REDEEM” button below it. A redemption message will be displayed if the code was successfully redeemed.

For the newest game updates, follow the game developers on Twitter. Their Twitter ids and the working codes are listed on the Anime Storm Simulator game page on the Roblox website. You can also get information about other Roblox games on our website. Don’t forget to check them as well.