Roblox Anime Online Codes (March 2024)

Some of the most used codes by the gamers in the game Roblox Anime Online are mentioned below:-

  • No working codes.

Anime Online Codes (Expired):-

These codes are no longer available and can’t be redeemed.

  • :code 10klikes – Redeem for 100 Bucks
  • :code itsasecret – Redeem for +5 Boss Raid Tokens
  • :code LExploiters – Redeem for 10 Free Wins
  • :code srryforshutdowns – Redeem for 10 Boss Raid Tokens
  • :code GOGOGOESTAR – Redeem for 25 Bucks
  • :code AKATSUKI—Redeem code for 50 Bucks
  • :code SHUTDOWN—Redeem code for Boss Raid Tokens (+10)
  • :code 1MILLVISITS—Redeem for 5 Boss Raid Tokens & 100 Bucks

Roblox Anime Online offers top class game of the platform. This game is having anime characters, and the anime characters have different powers according to their characterization. The players choose and become anime characters, train themselves and fight off opponents. They fight using their magical powers. Roblox Anime Online is an anime-themed fighting game.

After getting loaded into the game, plenty of other characters are assembled in a classroom. There are some figures with E on the top of their heads; they teleport the players to the training ground. First, they can choose the character they want to be in the training ground. There is a wide variety of character lists like naruto, Goku, Itachi, etc. In the training ground, the player has to discover and try out their moves and powers on the dummies.


After the completion of training, the player can move to fight opponents. They are teleported to a 1v1 fighting ground. There the fight starts where they can use all their power and abilities to win. While fighting, combo moves can also be used. The gamers have to continue with the combats and gain points by the number of hits. These points will help in leveling up and moving forward in the game.

Throughout the game, the players change their characters anytime they want. According to the character, the powers will also change. Completion of a set number of combats with unlocking another level and the fights and power will get upgraded and become more powerful. The gamers must constantly understand their moves and fight strongly with other players to become champions.

Benefits Of Roblox Anime Online Codes 

Roblox Anime Online provides freebies to their players in the form of codes. Codes in this game give you a lot of in-game cash, raid tokens, and many more. This money can be used upgrading your players or unlocking better fighters than you have.

How To Redeem Roblox Anime Online Codes?

Roblox Anime Online Codes are very easy to apply. Following some simple steps gives you a lot of freebies in this game.

SOURCE: RedTrite

The steps to apply codes in Roblox Anime Online are mentioned below:-

  • Log in or sign up to your Roblox account.
  • Start the game Roblox Anime Online.
  • After the game is launched, you have to open the in-game chat menu by entering the backslash button that is “/” on the keyboard or by clicking on the chat icon which is present in the left corner of the screen.
  • Type a code there or copy-paste.
  • Press the enter button on the keyboard and enjoy your rewards.

In order to get more updates about the latest codes, you just have to follow the official Twitter account of @xenostrology. All the future updates on the codes in the game Roblox Anime Online. You can also join their official Discord server.