Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (April 2024)

Some of the fascinating codes in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator are:-

Code Reward Status Release
TheAbyss1 Dungeon Token, 1 Super XP Boost, 10 Passive Tokens, 1 Super Damage Boost, 3 Luck Boosts, 10 Requiem Tokens, and a dungeon cooldown reset!working10/06/2023
Insane1Millionx1 Super Luck Boost, x1 Super Drop Boost, x10 Passive Tokens, X1 Super DMG Boost, x1 Super Yen Boost, and x1 Defense Tokenworking10/06/2023
SoulAcademyseveral boostsworking10/06/2023
Thanks900kseveral rewardsworking10/06/2023
Sub2Codenex10 minute Luck Boostworking10/06/2023
Sub2Veyar10 minute Luck Boostworking10/06/2023
BronzePiece_free boosts and rewardsworking10/06/2023
RealDairebfree boosts and rewardsworking10/06/2023
ToadBoi10 minute Luck Boostworking10/06/2023
sulley1mLuck Boost and Damage Boost [Must Join Group]working10/06/2023
otrademarkDivine Fruitworking10/06/2023
1MilFavesYen and XP Boostsworking10/06/2023
DungeonRefund3several Boostsworking10/06/2023
SummerEvent2several Boostsworking10/06/2023
DungeonRefund2several Boostsworking10/06/2023
MiniUpdatePogseveral Boostsworking10/06/2023
SummerEventseveral Boostsworking10/06/2023
WorldAtWarseveral rewardsworking10/06/2023
UpdateDelaySadseveral rewardsworking10/06/2023
BillionVisits1 Super Luck Boost, 1 Super Drop Boost, 1 Illusionist Ticket, 50 Passive Tokens, 1 Dungeon Token, and 25 Requiem Tokensworking10/06/2023
BrazilOnTOP3x Avatar Coinsworking10/06/2023
KingIsBack15 min Luck Boostworking10/06/2023
SaopauloW1 DMG Boost, 1 Luck Boost, and 1 Shiny Boostworking10/06/2023
Update44!1 Passive Transfer Tokenworking10/06/2023
BlastOff20231 Super Time Boost and 1 Super Luck Boostworking10/06/2023
ResetDungeonCDfree dungeon resetworking10/06/2023
DungeonCDRESETDungeon Tokenworking10/06/2023
BuffPatch1 Super Time Boostworking10/06/2023
QOLPatch2 Super Time Boost and 2 Super Luck Boostworking10/06/2023
KekekeTime Boost + 1 Transfer Token + 1 Drop Boostworking10/06/2023
Update44Released1 Super Time Boostworking10/06/2023
SorryForDelay!!!2 Transfer Tokensworking10/06/2023
25kPlayers!25x Passive Tokens, a Shiny Potion, and a Dungeon Tokenworking10/06/2023
SubToFminusmic2x Shiny Potionsworking10/06/2023
!BOSSSTUDIO!15-minute Luck Boostworking10/06/2023
AFSComeback2 Dungeon Tokensworking10/06/2023

Anime Fighters Simulator Codes (Expired):-

  • AFSAnniversary
  • SorcererEmpire—Redeem for several boosts
  • FourthOfJuly—Redeem for several boosts
  • HalfBillion—Redeeming this code will get you free boosts and rewards
  • 800klikes—Redeeming this code will get you free rewards
  • TimeTravelTokyo—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • OrcaPrison—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • Update25.3—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • WorldOfGames—Redeem code for a variety of rewards
  • FashionEmpire—Redeem for a variety of rewards
  • AFSAnniversary—Redeem for several rewards
  • LandOfGuts—Redeem for several rewards
  • 2k22— Redeeming this code will get you various rewards
  • 700klikes— Redeeming this code will get you various rewards
  • PsychicCity—Redeeming this code will get you a Boost
  • TheHole— Redeeming this code will get you free rewards
  • NinjaCity— Redeeming this code will get you free rewards
  • NinjaCityRaid— Redeeming this code will get you 2 Tickets
  • PassiveBug
  • PassiveBug2
  • Christmas—Redeem for reward
  • Underworld—Redeem for free boosts and rewards
  • IceWastes
  • cyclxnee – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • FlameCity – Redeem for free Boosts
  • ThanksGiving – Redeem for free Boost
  • KingdomFour – Redeem for rewards (NEW)
  • DivineColosseum – Redeem for rewards
  • Thanks600k – Redeem for free Boost
  • SlimeyIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • LuckIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • AlchemyLand – Redeem for Luck and Yen Boosts
  • DestinyIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • Gold500k – Redeem for Boost
  • SpookyIsland – Redeem for free Boost
  • ShutdownCode – Redeem for Boost
  • CrimeIsland – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • SCity – Redeem for Yen and Luck Boost
  • Pog400k – Redeem for Yen and DMG Boosts
  • RealDaireb – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • CurseHigh – Redeem for DMG Boost
  • BronzePiece_ – Redeem for EXP Boost
  • Craftbug – Redeem for 5 Raid Tickets
  • TicketCode – Redeem for a Raid Ticket
  • EmptyWorld – Redeem for Boost
  • Sulley500k – Redeem for Luck and Yen Boost [Must Join Group]
  • Nice200k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • VirtualCastle – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Yeet250k – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • 100kRecord – Redeem for Yen, Luck, and DMG Boosts
  • UpdateDelay – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • Almost100k – Redeem for Luck and Yen Boosts
  • ChimeraIsland – Redeem for Boosts
  • Sulley300k – Redeem for Yen Boost [Must Join Group]
  • GhoulCity – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Pog125k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Magic100k – Redeem for Boosts!
  • SlayerCorps – Redeem for a Boost
  • AttackOfGiants – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Sulley100k – Redeem for Reward [Must Join Group]
  • Super75k – Redeem for Luck Boost
  • Awesome50k – Redeem for Boosts!
  • Lucky30k – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • ChuggaChugga – Redeem for Boosts!
  • Sulley – Redeem for Reward [Must Join Group]
  • HeroAcademy – Redeem for Boosts!
  • EpicCode – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • MegaLikes – Redeem for a Yen Boost
  • SuperLikes – Redeem for Yen Boost
  • ManyLikes – Redeem for Yen Boost

Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator is a game that is based on various anime. Here players have to unlock different anime-based worlds and fight in every place with the enemies, get money and upgrade themselves.

You have to kill NPCs in this game, and NPCs drop yen. The main currency in the game is the yen. With these yens, you can open stars by which you can obtain units. There are, in total, 7 different types of units that are differentiated by their rarity. They are common, rare, epic, legendary, mythical, secret, and craft-able units. Every unit has a shiny version of it, like shiny common, shiny rare, etc.


This game has 13 Islands based on an anime environment. Every Island has 3 different types of NPCs. They have small NPCs like force 1, force 2, and force 3. Then there is a mini-boss that is generally placed at the island’s start. And finally, there is a boss with the highest life on the total map. Defeating the boss will give you the highest number of rewards in this game.

This game also contains time trials and quests, which do not affect your original health in the game but give various rewards like increasing yen percentage and adding power to the units. You need to collect as much yen on an island and move forward to another Island. The higher islands will give you units with more power. Keep your units updated. Eating yen by killing NPCs and using your yen in the right place will be the main key in this game.

Benefits Of Using Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator has a lot of enemies in it. Updating your unit needs a lot of yen every time. Here the utility of codes comes to play. The company provides a lot of freebies, yen, and special abilities to the units by some free codes. The codes update and expire shortly, so be quick to redeem the codes as soon as possible.

How To Redeem Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator Codes?

Are you unable to apply codes in Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator? Want to enjoy all rewards by redeeming tweeter codes? This easy processor is written below for you.


Here are the steps which you can follow to redeem the secret codes of Roblox Anime Fighter Simulator:-

  • Login to Roblox account and launch the game Anime Fighters Simulator.
  • Once the gaming interface appears on the screen you will notice a “Twitter” icon on the left side of the screen.
  • Click on the icon, and a pop-up box will appear on the screen.
  • Click on the typing space available for the code.
  • Enter the code in the box.
  • Hit the confirm button.
  • Enjoy!

Search for new codes in Anime Fighters Simulator? The best way to get Anime Fighting Simulator codes for Roblox Anime Fighters Simulator is to join the BlockZone Discord. You can also follow BlockZone on Twitter. They will keep you updated.