Roblox Anime Clicker Simulator Codes (May 2024)

The codes mentioned below are currently active in the anime clicker simulator:-

Code Reward Status Release
Release 1k Yenworking10/03/2023
SuperYen6 Minute Yen Boostworking10/03/2023
X2CLICKS80K2x Click Boostworking10/03/2023
YenExtra22x Yen Boostworking10/03/2023
DemonClicker2x Click Boostworking10/03/2023
LuckyLikeGoal 10 Minutes of 2x Luck Boostworking10/03/2023
FeelingLucky 10 Minutes of 2x Luck Boostworking10/03/2023
SuperClicks 10 Minutes of 2x Click Boostworking10/03/2023
ClickBoost 5 Minutes of 2x Click Boostworking10/03/2023
TitanicLikeGoal 5 Minutes of 2x Click Boostworking10/03/2023
ClickingPower 5 Minutes of 2x Click Boostworking10/03/2023
MonsterYen 10 Minutes of 2x Yen Boostworking10/03/2023
LikeYenBoost 10 Minutes of 2x Yen Boostworking10/03/2023
SpradenCapped 5 Minutes of 2x Yen Boostworking10/03/2023

Anime Clicker Simulator Codes (Expired):-

These Anime Clicker Simulator codes no longer work.

  • GiftOfGiving

This game involves collecting your best anime buddies and finally getting rewarded with clicks, rebirths, and whatnot! There are different codes on redemption, of which you get several boosts.

As the name suggests, ‘click’ is what you ought to do. Just like the most clicking-based simulators on Roblox, the main aim of Anime Clicker simulator is Click and collect. There are thousands of anime characters to choose from in various shows; explore the wonder world and be friends with several of them. It not only boosts up your click speed but also unlocks several new maps to explore.

SOURCE: RedTrite

Not only this, upgrading your anime makes them equipped with more powers, rebirth, and landing on the leaderboard. One of the top games on Roblox, with its wonderland, makes your gaming experience worthy. There is something about this game that doesn’t let you give up. Just click, click, click, and these clicks unbox a world of buddies, unlocking companions, and also unlock new ways of clicking faster.

Eventually, it gives you several chances of earning prestige and rebirth to start your game afresh with extra charged-up boosts. It unlocks not only companions but also pets and the unexplored worlds. You can trade the anime and also purchase more clicks. So, what are you waiting for? A click, click, and click some more!

Benefits Of Using Anime Clicker Simulator Codes

The codes in the Anime clicker simulator help you in getting click boost boosts and yen. They reward the player with more clicks, powerful pets, yen, and updates on your anime character. All of these indeed boost you up to play more and eventually earn more. These codes give you more running time, speed, and whatnot! Earn your supporting characters, fight with monsters and enjoy an amazing journey into different worlds.

How To Redeem Anime Clicker Simulator Codes? (Steps Involve)

SOURCE: RedTrite

To redeem the codes for free rewards and an amazing gaming experience, follow the below-mentioned steps:-

1. Open the Anime Clicker

Simulator game after logging into your Roblox account.

2. After your character has finished loading, look for a Twitter icon with Codes at the right edge of the screen.

3. Click on the Twitter icon that will bring up the code interface.

4. Click on Enter Code Here and enter your code.

5. Now click on the CLAIM button.

6. A redemption success message will be shown if all the steps are followed correctly.

Also, join the Roblox group for free and get rewarded with pets in the anime clicker simulator game. Follow the game developers @do_bigR and @AnimeClickerSim on Twitter for the latest game updates and codes.