Pet Simulator X Value List

One of the most played games is the pet simulator X. In this game, players can find new and distinctive pets as well as gems. Additionally, they can buy new pets with the coins they earn. They are also able to grow them and induce ovulation in their eggs. Depending on their level, they can unlock a variety of pets. By trading with other players who are willing to part with their pets, players can also get their preferred pet. This list shows the values of the different pets in pet simulator X.

By advancing through the levels, players can access new worlds, and exciting new features, and enhance their gameplay.

How Can Players Get Their Pets?

Roblox players typically obtain their favorite pets by purchasing them with Robux. They can also be purchased by trading. When a player wishes to sell their pet, they want any specific pet of yours. That is how trading works. You can make of use this and get your favorite pet. They can also rely on any online website that provides codes for getting new pets.

Value of Common Pets

Common pets are more affordable than rare ones, but they also have significantly lower values. This can range from a few hundred coins to a few thousand coins. Uncommon, legendary and ultrarare pets are much more valuable because they provide the player with better stats, improved abilities, and better appearance.

Value of Rare Pets

Rare pets are the most sought after by players in pet simulator X values as they can provide them with a significant edge over other players. These rare pets are some of the most expensive that can be purchased or traded for in-game currency. Depending on their rarity, they can range anywhere from 8,000 coins to over 20,000 coins.

Value of Legendary Pets

Legendary pets have the highest value of all the pet types. They are extremely powerful and provide players with a great advantage over their opponents. Legendary pets start at around 50,000 coins and can even go up to 500,000 coins depending on their rarity.

Value of Ultra Rare Pets

Ultra rare pets are the most expensive and powerful type of pet in Pet Simulator X. They have the highest stats out of all the other pets and can be used to unlock a variety of abilities. These ultra rare pets start at around 1 million coins, but they can cost up to 5 million coins depending on their rarity.

These are the values of some of the pets found in pet simulator X. With these prices and their various stats, players can make their decision on what pet they should get and how much they should spend to get them.

How Often Do The Values In Pet Simulator X Change?

The prices of the pets in Pet Simulator X have changed over the course of the game. It is therefore challenging to estimate how frequently they alter. The values in Pet Simulator X change differently depending on the type of currency or item you’re trying to obtain.

Some items, such as coins and gems, increase each day while others, such as exclusive pet tokens, reset daily. Additionally, certain events or challenges may offer special rewards that can drastically change your overall value rating. You’ll need to stay on top of the game to make sure you’re making the most out of these opportunities.

Ultimately, Pet Simulator X is an ever-changing environment that encourages users to come back each day for new experiences and rewards. It’s a great way to stay engaged in the game world and enjoy all it has to offer.


The values of Exclusive Huge pets:

  • Huge Anime Unicorn – 650,000,000,000 gems
  • Rainbow anime unicorn – 12,000,000,000,000 gems
  • Huge Party Dog – 1,500,000,000,000 gems
  • Rainbow party dog – 18,000,000,000,000 gems
  • Huge Floppa- 145,000,000,000 gems
  • Rainbow huge floppa – 4,150,000,000,000 gems

The values of shiny pets:

  • Huge elf cat – 8,000,000,000,000 gems
  • Huge elf dog – 8,000,000,000,000 gems
  • Elf dog – 6,500,000,000 gems
  • Elf cat – 6,500,000,000 gems

The values of mythical pets:

  • Dark Matter A-36: 70,00,000,000 gems
  • Dark Matter Pixel Demon: 200,00,000,000 gems
  • Dark Matter Ghoul Horse: 150,00,000,000 gems
  • Rainbow Pixel Demon: 80,00,000,000 gems
  • Dark Matter Hellish Axolotl: 80,00,000,000 gems
  • Dark Matters Santa Paws: 30,00,000,000 gems
  • Rainbow Hellish Axoloti: 25,00,000,000 gems
  • Golden Pixel Demon: 20,00,000,000 gems

The values of exclusive pets:

  • Party Pig – 400,000,000 gems
  • Party Dragon – 500,000,000 gems
  • Anime Unicorn – 850,000,000 gems
  • Anime Corgi – 1,000,000,000 gems
  • Anime Monkey – 1,500,000,000 gems
  • Party Dog – 300,000,000 gems
  • Scary Cat – 500,000,000 gems
  • Lightning Bat – 15,000,000,000 gems

The values of legendary pets:

  • Rich Cat – 10,000,000 gems
  • Agony – 5 gems
  • Unicorn – 2 gems
  • Phoenix – 1 gem
  • Pixel Dragon – 940,000 gems
  • Sphinx – 2 gems
  • Stacked Dominus – 225 gems
  • Star Surfer – 1,500 gems
  • The Grim Reaper – 97,000 gems
  • The Easter Bunny – 5,200,000 gems

The Most Expensive Pet Of Pet Simulator X

The most pricey and valuable pet in Pet Simulator X right now is the rainbow variation of the exclusive toy pet Huge Chest Mimic, which costs about 150 trillion diamonds when all rarities are considered.

The Huge Cat currently has the highest standard price of any pet, costing about 19 trillion diamonds.

Strategies for Collecting Valuable Pets in Pet Simulator

Play the regular map – Completing levels on the regular map is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to collect valuable pets. As you progress, you will earn coins and experience points which can be used to purchase better pet eggs from the shop. Additionally, you may find rare or legendary pets through random drops in certain levels.

Play the Halloween map – The Halloween Map is a special event that runs in Pet Simulator during October and November each year. During this time, you can collect specific rare pets that are only available on the Halloween map. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity if you want to add valuable items to your collection.

Play the Christmas Map – The Christmas Map is another special event that runs during December and January each year. Just like with the Halloween Map, you can collect specific rare pets that are only available during this time period.

Participate in limited-time events – Pet Simulator often hosts limited-time events where players can earn coins, experience points, and other rewards. Make sure to take part in these events as they can be a great way to get valuable pets for your collection.


Q1. How do I get rare pets in Pet Simulator?

A: There are several ways to obtain rare pets in Pet Simulator. You can purchase them from the shop, use coins to buy pet eggs, or find them through random drops in certain levels. Additionally, you may be able to collect specific rare pets during limited-time events or on the Halloween and Christmas maps.

Q2. How much is a rare pet worth in Pet Simulator?

A: The value of a rare pet will depend on its rarity and type. For example, some legendary pets can be worth up to 150 trillion diamonds, while others may only be worth about 2 or 3 gems. Additionally, exclusive and mythical pets can also be quite valuable, with some costing as much as 200 trillion diamonds.

Q3. What is the most expensive pet in Pet Simulator?

A: The most expensive pet in Pet Simulator right now is the rainbow variation of the exclusive toy pet Huge Chest Mimic, which costs about 150 trillion diamonds when all rarities are considered. The Huge Cat currently has the highest standard price of any pet, costing about 19 trillion diamonds.