Ninja Legends Codes (October 2022)

Want to get all Roblox Ninja Legends Codes right in one place? Then this is the right article for you pal! We have all the codes for Roblox Ninja Legends and we are keeping the list updated regularly, so you don’t have to visit other sites and get expired codes!

Using the Roblox Ninja Legends Codes is one of the easiest and quickest ways to earn currency that can aid you in faster leveling and obtaining additional upgrades for your favorite character all in one go! So let’s get started on the list, shall we!

Redeeming Codes in Ninja Legends 

The process of redeeming codes in Ninja Legends is straightforward and simple. Located on the side of the screen in the game, there will be a large blue button that spells “CODES”. Simply click on that and a new window will pop open!

From there simply tap on the area that says “Type Code Here” and type in the code. Then either hit the Enter button on the screen or the enter key on your keyboard to activate the code. That’s about it, this is all you need to do in order to activate codes in Roblox Ninja Legends. I think this is one of the easiest code entering methods in any game!

Code List

Here are some of the currently active codes that you can enter in the game to get rewards.

Code Reward Status Release
epictrain1515 Minutes of Auto-Trainingworking09/30/2022
roboninja1515 Minutes of Auto-Trainingworking09/30/2022
christmasninja500500 Gemsworking09/30/2022
zenmaster15K15k Chiworking09/30/2022
innerpeace5k5k Chiworking09/30/2022
skyblades10K10k Chiworking09/30/2022
darkelements20002000 Chiworking09/30/2022
silentshadows10001000 Chiworking09/30/2022
omegasecrets50005k Chiworking09/30/2022
ultrasecrets10k10k Chiworking09/30/2022
elementmaster750750 Chiworking09/30/2022
secretcrystal10001,000 Chiworking09/30/2022
skymaster750750 Chiworking09/30/2022
legends700m1200 Chiworking09/30/2022
dojomasters500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
dragonlegend750750 Chiworking09/30/2022
zenmaster500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
epicelements500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
goldninja500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
goldupdate500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
legends500m1000 Chiworking09/30/2022
senseisanta500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
blizzardninja500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
mythicalninja500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
legendaryninja500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
shadowninja500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
legends200M1100 Chiworking09/30/2022
epicflyingninja500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
flyingninja500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
dragonwarrior500500 Chiworking09/30/2022
swiftblade300300 Chiworking09/30/2022
DesertNinja250250 Chiworking09/30/2022
fastninja100100 Chiworking09/30/2022
epicninja250250 Chiworking09/30/2022
masterninja7501000 Chiworking09/30/2022
sparkninja2020 Soulsworking09/30/2022
soulhunter55 Soulsworking09/30/2022

Ninja Legends Codes (Expired)

Below you’ll see the Ninja Legends Codes that no longer work.

  • epictower350—Redeem for rewards
  • treeninja400—Redeem for rewards
  • shurikencity500—Redeem for rewards
  • epicturrets450—Redeem for rewards
  • powers500—Redeem for rewards
  • bossbattle300—Redeem for rewards
  • Firstplanet250—Redeem for rewards
  • epicturrets—Redeem for rewards
  • waterfall500—Redeem for rewards
  • newgame500—Redeem for rewards
  • autotrain15—Redeem for 15 Minutes of Auto-Training
  • epicsensei500—Redeem for 500 Chi
  • launch100—Redeem for 100 Coins

What Can I Do With Chi?

With Chi you can get pets, yes you will get cute companions who will increase the multipliers of how much coins and chi you can collect around the game. You can even use their multipliers when you sell the ninjitsu. The biggest advantage of the extra chi and coins is the faster leveling up, the faster you level up, and the faster you will be able to gain new abilities. Some abilities like the higher jump can aid you in reaching areas that were previously inaccessible as well, which is pretty sweet in my books.

What Can I Do With Coins?

The coins are used to purchase upgrades and loot which includes belts and swords. This is one of the most important resources in the game and it will really help you out if you hoard a lot of coins.

Conclusion:The codes are great for starting up and can provide you with a much-needed boost in multipliers and character upgrades. However, they become a bit irrelevant as you progress through the game, so make sure you use them as soon as you can for maximum benefits. If you find some new code that we haven’t included on the list, feel free to comment below!