How To Punch In Roblox East Brickton

East Brickton is one of the many roleplay games on Roblox. The city is modeled after Buffalo, New York. The player can choose to be and do as they like. There are various businesses where they can work, join law enforcement and enforce the law, or walk the path of crime.

And like all cities, money is the lifeline here. The player has to engage in the previously mentioned activities to earn money. This money can be spent on buying cars from the various vehicle dealerships spread across the map. There are apparel stores to buy a variety of clothes from, barbershops to style their hair, a house to stay in, and a lot of other stuff to indulge in.

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There’s an employment office where the player can get a job. They can pick from a variety of jobs, including Boxing Coach, High priest, Barber, Club Security, Clerk, and DJ.

This being a roleplaying game, it has a few combat mechanics in place too. With a gun license, the players can purchase guns; with guns, they can potentially start shoot-out roleplays, gang wars, and plenty of other scenarios. The most fun combat mechanic allows plenty of roleplay scenarios. Know what that is?

Fists are the most fun combat mechanic. But the player won’t find it or be able to access it when they first start playing. It is because it is hidden behind a prerequisite. It had to be done because fists were free, and new players coming in could ruin others’ roleplay activities by engaging in random fist fights or punching others for no reason. Keep reading to know what that prerequisite is and how to unlock and use fists.

How To Punch?

Fists are locked behind three hours of playtime to keep trollers and random fistfights from arising. Once the player plays East Brickton for three hours, they will notice that now they have fists unlocked.

Fists are not just a simple gameplay mechanic; they are well thought out and designed:-

  • The player can left punch with the left click of their mouse. Similarly, they can right punch with the right click of their mouse.
  • Pressing the R key will block, while pressing the C key makes the player’s character crouch.
  • The player can dodge, too, other than just attacking.
  • Pressing the Q key dodge left while pressing the E key dodges right.

A combination of these keys can result in an exciting boxing showdown. Take, for example, the crouch button. The player can crouch down and use a left or right punch to perform an uppercut. They can counter the opponent’s punches by anticipating and dodging them by using the correct dodge key.

As soon as they dodge, they can counterattack to land a surprise hit, as the opponent will be closer. The player can kill other players by punching them; this will take a few punches. The roleplay scenarios using boxing are sure to be thrilling.