How To Make a Neon Pet in Roblox Adopt Me

Adopt me in Roblox has become a popular roleplaying game in which you would be able to nurture your pets right from the time they hatch till when they are fully grown. It is a good learning activity because you would be rewarded with in-game gifts such as cash and other items as you take care of your pets properly. However, if you do not look after the pets that you have, they won’t grow properly, and they’ll end up falling sick every time, a situation no pet owner would like to experience.

With adequate kindness and following the game routines, you can add more pets to the ones you have, as well as get cash to personalize them, making your pets more beautiful. But, it doesn’t stop there. Adopt me also comes with a wonderful feature. After certain conditions are met, you would be able to make neon pets. This update would make your pet glow in the dark. Now you might wonder, what steps are used to form a neon pet? This article would provide the answer to that alongside the materials that you would need for this process.

What Are Neon Pets?

The first thing to do when you decide to make a neon pet is to know what they are. These pets are very similar to normal pets. The major difference is that they glow in certain areas of their body. Neon pets are also helpful during the nighttime, and you can show them off to your friends.

Common Adopt Me Pets Used To Make Neon Pets

These are ordinary pets that you can use to form neon pets. Examples of them are:

  • Cats
  • Bandicoots
  • Buffaloes
  • Ground sloths
  • Chickens
  • Otters
  • Dogs
  • Tasmanian tigers
  • Stingrays
  • Robins
  • Wolpertingers
  • Walruses

There are some rare pets present in Adopt me, but they are hard to get. Some of them can also be used to form neon pets. Examples of these uncommon pets are Wolves, Bats, Snow leopards, Snowcats, Pumas, Pink cats, Meerkats, Fennec Foxes, Dolphins, Crabs, Chocolate Labradors, Bullfrogs, Red cardinals, Snowmen, Uplift butterflies, Beavers, Bunnies, Cows, Elephants, Oxen, Pigs, Polar bears, Rabbits, Rats, Reindeers, Red foxes, Rhinos, Sea horses, etc.

Steps Used To Make a Neon Pet

Before you begin the steps, there are some items you must get. One of them is four (4) fully grown pets which means you would have to nurture each pet you have from when it hatches to when it becomes an adult. It is not a quick process, but it will be worth it when you finally acquire a neon pet.

In addition, the four fully grown pets that you’re grooming should be of the same kind. If not, the process would not work. These four pets will also merge to form one neon pet, so keep that in mind before you start this activity. After you have noted all the varying requirements, you can go ahead to follow the steps to make your neon pet.

  1. When you have gotten all these things stated above, head over to Adoption Island, it is beneath a bridge, and you can access it when coming from the neighborhood. The exact location is in the middle of the bridge, and you would wade in the water before seeing a door. This door leads to Nixie’s cave, where all the activities would take place.

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

  1. When you get to the cave, you can talk to Nixie to give you instructions. She will tell you about the entire procedure, which is the same as getting your four identical pets ready, and where to place them.

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

  1. After talking to Nixie, you can move further into the cave to see the pedestals. The pedestals are five neon circles. There are four small ones surrounding a larger one that is right in their middle.

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

  1. Put your four (4) fully grown pets in these smaller circles. Make sure the pets you use are complete and not half grown so that the neon pet would form.

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

  1. When you want to place your pets in these circles, click on backpack and then select the pets, you wish to use. It could be four cats, four dogs, four walruses, etc. It depends on which of these sets are completely grown. When all your pets are in position, a bright light will show, which indicates that your pets are merging to become one.

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

  1. When the neon pet is formed, you can pick it up and rename it. It takes only a few seconds for the process to happen.

SOURCE: Pretzel Etzel

  1. Please note that it is an entirely new creature, so it will require a new name. The same care that you showed the ordinary pets is the same routine that the neon pet should follow to be in good condition. Also, it is not all sets of pets that can be transformed into a neon one, so you are free to make multiple trials to find out which approach would work for you.

 Another tip is that if you want to create a riding neon pet. You can just use a single one that rides, and the other three can be pets that do not ride. E.g., One riding dog plus three non-riding dogs. In the end, what will form would be a neon dog that you can ride.

Furthermore, you can also trade pets with other players, especially if you don’t have a set of four (4) pets and you want to complete it. Neon pets can as well be placed in groups of four to make a mega neon pet. That would require more work because you have to start with ordinary pets, but still, it is a process that can be done. Give your pets all the care they need and watch them blossom.